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  1. Yeah this scrpt rules, what kind of other specialz are going to be released in the next version Keycat? made a smaller mission with the simple template and added 4 t72 tank groups and a ural group or 2 but the mission didn't lagg so much at all for me, but for the other guy he said i needed to reduce the number of tanks, i guess i'll haev to do it hehe the script is the best keycat, you wouldn't by any small chance make a boat squads avaible kind of like the bmp squads would be fun for mission where you need to do alot of island hopping.
  2. Commando84

    New Addon

    i see the difference here easily, man looks like there is different textures or smoother metal palting on those birds
  3. Commando84

    Some new Addons to toy with

    yeah the car looks great but the cargo ship would be very handsome to have i wonder if sigma-6 is making it or if its released
  4. Commando84

    Us presidential election 2004

    hahaha lol, really strange actually... just like hurricanes would hate republicans, dah god is just BS , the hurricanes probably just go their special paths that that are determined by the weather and a bunch of other math stuff I would vote Kerry instead of Bush if i was american hey its america so why not give Kerry a chance, he can't screw things up more than bush already has done. But i don't got all facts but what i've read in news papers here and read on different news and gaming sites and watched Jay leno show bush seems very unsmart and kerry has a hard time deciding something and sticking to it Well me just think usa should take care of internal problems like unemployment and stuff like that instead of fighting to hard fought wars. Would be cool though if Arnold would become president then it would be more cool. maybe people that have watched his movies maybe think more happily about him and america? Kerry or arnold i would vote or maybe some of the forum admins like placebo then it would be more justice for all
  5. Commando84

    a few new mfcti 1.16 maps

    mfcti and ecp worked fine last time i played them togheter until some stupid people online kicked me for having ecp well there is lot of cranky people out there
  6. Commando84

    Dynamic Interactive Buildings

    way cool i haven't seen many people trying to make something like this except that i heard in the Ecp thread at ofpec once that they where trying to make a system like this and replace the original bis houses with new damage models or something Hope you can make these stuff a reality one day in the near future
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    Bas tonal-tango pack

    haven't you seen in a movie where the blast doors and sometimes walls up? I dunno but the BIS walls aren't so though either i think, but i know the ak rounds can In real life go through walls when firing them because they are so big or something compared to m16 rounds
  8. Commando84

    many addons & whats best graphics card?

    omg omg omg!!! Got the new mother board and psu installed and the graphics card slipped into the slot easy easy well maybe i crammed out a few hundred kronors much but i never like E-shopping because you have to pay postal office fee's and they are very high i think and its much more fun to go to the store anyways i haven't had any problems yet with the new stuff Asus Socket A - ATX KT600 (A7V600) - Gblan Q-Tec PowerSupply (PSU) ATX 400W (Bigfan) geforce 4 ti 4600 amd xp 2000 512mb ddr ram discovered that the new mobo has gigabyte lan card built in
  9. Commando84

    many addons & whats best graphics card?

    guys what do you think about these one's? mobo http://www.webhallen.com/prod.php?id=18980 psu http://www.webhallen.com/prod.php?id=24208
  10. Commando84

    9 new ground textures by me

    looks very good! hope some island makers will use them
  11. Commando84

    Ofp Humour

    i think most people have crashed or landed the chinook or v-80 or oh-58 upside down or so, but a friend of mine who was kind of new to ofp a year or two ago somehow managed to land the cobra upside down on a mountain and was very happy and shouting BUGG.. it made me like how did you do that?? then i just starrted to laugh , only in ofp ...
  12. Commando84

    Ofp Humour

    Man mp stories...  all crazy stuff has happened there and more.. Well me and a buddy of mine and a another buddy where playing one of my coop missions which was basicaly about running around one of the large cities in cat shit one's afghanistan island as bas delta rangers and shooting and blowing rebels and milita stuff up with some help of choppers , anyways we had cleared out aprox. 70% of the city from hostiles and destroyed some hidden ammo crates when i was wathcing a "cross roads" that looked like this up street             | ! |             | ! |        --------   -----------   left  A -------  R  __ B             |   |             |   | when one friend stands in the left side and see's a enemy running up the street, he takes aim and friend number two is running towards friend number 1 who is aiming and firing on the running rebel... bt he misses and kills friend number two and the stupid a.i loon gets away  short story coop mission turned into DM when friend A and friend B goes and kills eachother 2-3 times to revenge..  that was really crazy just because friend A missed the target then friend B got very upset Â
  13. Commando84

    Mission Editing Competition

    Thx for replying and flashnews seems intresting if you don't have much time to browse through all sites
  14. Commando84

    Mission Editing Competition

    Whats the status on the ofp mission making competition? how many missions are rewieved and so on.. I got my buddy's up my ass asking if i won or somebody else did
  15. Commando84

    many addons & whats best graphics card?

    Guys this is unbelievable but i think i haev gotten the problem fixed, the graphic card wasn't 100% inserted because its so big so i didn't want to push it in to hard, a buddy of mine pushed in the slots correclty now and ofp hasn't crashed yet after 3 hours of playing in lan but he detected another crisis on the horizon... some small stuff that i don't know their name in english but they look like batteries but in miniature size and are attached to the mother board have some corrosion on them.. the stuff inside is or have leaked out a bit but it isn't in fluid shape any more but he says that its very bad thing anyways.. thx for everyone's help, im thinking about a new mobo anyhow that doesn't look like a oncoming reactor breach..
  16. Commando84

    Fun to do

    yeah i think its fun to be surroundead by 10 squads with jam HD weapons with the lowest skill level and see how long time it takes for them to nail you nogova ruins are well suited for that kind of crazy stunt then get a buddy to come and pick you up with the bas blackhawk and hear him shout and curse you in the headphones through teamspeak or ventrilo when the enemy AA soldiers fire AA's and makes his chopper bounce around making him go crazy had that made in one of my biggest coops a year ago and we had a blast with it.
  17. Commando84


    Awesome!!! zombie mod and mig you guys rule!
  18. Commando84


    ohh cool project!
  19. Commando84


    riding horses would be extremely cool! Would be cool for any kind of missions.
  20. Commando84

    many addons & whats best graphics card?

    hey guys i think i found something out! what do you think about this one? http://www.ropla.com/product.asp?pid=355 a friend of mine says that my chassi maybe doesn't have enough with ventilation holes on the back but my other friends say that he is a retard.. should i buy a new chassi to or just the psu? really freaky about my chassi would be replaced because its a big server chassi that is like almost 1 m high or a bit less.
  21. Commando84

    Military Objects Pack

    the object pack rocks like the rest of the mapfact stuff does. Btw got a question: when does the ski-lift thingy going to be released? i have been wanting me one of those since before the screens was showed. What is the next mapfact project after this one? i got a friend of mine that makes bases in the mission editor, he will be thrilled when he gets to use these objects
  22. Commando84

    many addons & whats best graphics card?

    aw man i got to do something about the power supply then, i have to wait for money tha i don't know when i get them. Im gonna buy power supply first and then test and if it works better i say it works but if it don't work i will post here or if it works i will also post here and tell everyone
  23. Commando84

    many addons & whats best graphics card?

    AC 230 V it says on the lable on the back of the computer
  24. Commando84

    many addons & whats best graphics card?

    I got a adm xp 2000 processor and 512 mb with ram but how do i check my power thingy? I will check the fans out when i get home, yeah my room tends to get very hot ( getting hot in here ) because of my amd processor so i have had to remove one of the side plates so that the comp. gets more air directly.. so the problem maybe is only that it needs better power or cooling? Man i was so pissed i was almost going to sell my graphics card out, it works well in Doom 3 with low in settings and 800x and ofp runs pretty well. Well i don't wanna play ofp without addons, its like not having hot salsa sauce to your tacos
  25. Commando84

    many addons & whats best graphics card?

    yeah its the card i have the latest drivers and all... It got a tv in and tv out built in to it aslo really cool but i got big problems with my ofp wich annoys the hell out of me and everyone i play with.. should i format the hardrive and not only reinstall windows this time? i runed ofp a few mins ago and tried to play a fdf mod coop but it crashed to desktop after less than a minute, i was turnign around and it crashed to desktop.. got this from my flashpoint.rpt file ===================================================================== == C:\Program files\Operation can some one tell me whats wrong.... btw im running windows 2000 pro with sp 4 and i think the rest can be found in the dxdiag and rest of the stuff..