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    Tunnel is alive!

    Yeah looking forward to try the tunnel once it gets released i hope island makers can put this tunnel to their islands too
  2. Commando84

    Nogovan police units v1.1

    a police unit with a american shot gun that the police always have in the trunk of their cars  and a chopper with a gunner site where the gunner has a m21, i remember the bas helos had some version with mp5sd , so i think that one with a m21 could be made , but maybe should change it to huntingrifle instead if you want it to be low tech, civlian , or a m21 or something similar if you wanna have it more modern day, swat style  the chopper could be a reskinned martin bell 206 i think would look impressive
  3. When i had my geforce 2 mx card and played ofp it was very ugly but the game played with some lagg in big missions and it didn't crash but could sometimes freeze a few secs. But now when i have a geforce 4 ti 4600 card it crashes every damn time i play during the smallest missions ever. My current card is a geforce 4 ti 4600 and i have 512 mb in ram but i wish i had more but i need to sell my old card to afford a new card so i can't get any ram right now. But wich card do you guys recomend if i want to play with addons and have many vehicles and soldiers and not crashing to desktop every time i play? im getting very desperate so i need advice, and don't say reinstall computer , ofp drivers , direct x because i have everything up to date even f*** windows service packs but the engine still can't handle the pressure, when i run with bas mod folder and mapfact and the e & suchey marines and mapfact and the editor addons and some other objects packs it crashes to desktop during editor testing , mp games ... if i don't fix my crashing problems i think my clan leader will maybe fire my ass it ain't fun to play a mission with 4 addons and the game crashes to desktop after 1-15 minutes.
  4. Great to se a new version i got a lot of more or less finnished mission using Group link script so when i update these one's to the latest version i should delete the parkingspots, blood splats? I was thinking on making a fdf escape the cops mission if i want to use a bunhc of civilian vehicles should i overwrite the original bmp and the values or add more lines there with the new vehicles? And do you got any clue how you can make the a.i activate the police sirens on the fdf mod police car? Would be cool in the mission to have them chase you around and playing siren sounds and all
  5. Commando84

    Hunt the intruder - out-flank him

    tried out the f-14 the other day and i liked it, the textures look great i think, the other older f-14 wasn't so good because the textures where to light grey, this one is imo perfect Footmunch you rule when it comes to making aircraft addons
  6. Commando84

    Unified zombie pack release imminent

    well i thought it was zombie mod and mig that had teamed up togheter? maybe im wrong then..
  7. Commando84

    what kind of player are you?

    yeah war sories, man i told those stories to my friends so much , some of them don't like ofp and they get very annoyed when i get all "rushy" and tell my war stories to them Sometimes you could make movies or books from your lan and internet gaming stories, i remember once in mfcti a english friend of mine didn't have any ammo left so he sabotaged the enemy base the one way ticket by flying his A-10 into their base steuctures killing a dozen enemies and trashing 1-2 buildings that where to close to eachother
  8. Commando84

    Fdf mod mission reporistory - open!

    I got a coastal defense mission lying around half finnished, whats the filesize limit,  i got to know so i don't make to big  can i use a few other addons togheter with fdf or is it like only fdf addons missions?
  9. Commando84

    what kind of player are you?

    I love guns and i love vehicles! I love addons too and features.. If a blackhawk has a uber rope ladder to extract your team with and Flares and AA alerts i will go into the hot lz where the rpg's are flying around me and evacing the team i'll gladly do it and scream in the mic when i get hit or near hit i fire those extra 30 rounds some times when i see many many enemies but if you have to be carefull and stuff with very few enemies and they don't have jam hd weapons i can do the sneaky metal gear solid style to when flying troop transports i try to fly somewhere between 50-20, because i don't wanna have lag and crash into a power line and kill the team if you have to run from A-C or go to B and get the bike and go faster to C i'll do the fast way i play many of my own missions i make mostly coop but they are fun because you can play them with your friends or alone with the a.i or just entirely alone. I always take sidearms with me even if i don't alwasy get to use them, its the extra safety feeling that you get when you know you got a few extra fire power on you. i could type in more but i have illustrator class now so i have to go.
  10. Commando84

    Unified zombie pack release imminent

    Hi zombie mod what i meant with the dude with rocket launcher and mingun is not that its built it! The minigun is like a m60 or whatever and in the movie in one place he drops the weapons sorry about spoilers, so i was thinking that it doesn't need to be a tank class. Well anyways love your work and the new bats, vampires beta was cool stuff, good thing that they aren't totally impossible to kill. I wonder if the vampires , bats are mp compatible like the zombies are? would be cool to show 'em to my rpg game loving friend. i watch buffy the vampire slayer tv-series and im thinking about making a small campaign when i get some time to do it maybe starting to work on it on friday, "runs and takes cover to avoid getting hit by flame balls from angry vampires"
  11. Commando84

    OFP videography

    Cool! Would be fun with more than 1 minute movies and more of them
  12. Commando84

    Soviet 1985 Afghan Infantry Pack

    they look great! Some updated afhans or some entirely new one's would be very nice.
  13. haha some fun stuff to read here and gettin some nice ideas to i think a good mission is also going to inspire me to make my own missions and try to make it better or a how i would have wanted it but a good mission is supposed to haev any or all of the above stuff from the other posts also
  14. Commando84

    AC130 Gunship

    great addon! I got shot down when i flied a su-25 and against 5 of these "battle fortresses" In the next version it would be very nice if you added flares so that you don't get shot down so easily by AA missiles , engine sound? I didn't hear any engine sound in the c-130 this is based on but it would be cool if you could use martins dc-3 civilian aircraft engine sounds because they are really good the aircraft got some great usability both in sp and mp i can really see the possibilites when your rangers are pinned down in a village and the enemy tanks are moving in mercilessly you call for airsupport and voila you get a very nice show with explosions and stuff when the c130 comes in to the scene and wipes out everything anyone here played command & conquer generals : zero hour expansion? The usa side there got one of these and its pretty cool to find it in another of my favourite games
  15. Commando84

    Unified zombie pack release imminent

    new textures look great! Now the crawling zombie doesn't have a white head and he looks more scarier now back to editing mission
  16. Commando84

    OFP videography

  17. Commando84

    Mission Editing Competition

    VBS for christmas doesn't sound so bad, even though i thaugt that the competition would have ended before autumn well maybe more nice to get it for christmas
  18. Commando84

    Unified zombie pack release imminent

    Yeah im downloading as we speak i saw resident evil 2 apocalypse movie and wondered if it was possible to make the Nemesis character with a bas chopper uh-60 minigun and a rocket launcher on the other arm, but not having the guy go prone to fire because in the movie he was mutated and very strong so he just stood up with the rocket launcher when he fired. just to make sure its not going to be impossible you could add jam HD ALL rocket so that the rockets doesn't always hit that way you get more effect trying to outrun him and having rockets landing around you or flying above your head
  19. Commando84

    WWII    U Boat

    the u-boat would be extremely useful and cool if colonel klinks multi gunner position scrpt would be used for it aswell as coc_torpedoes btw any one tried if they can be fitted to the sub in the init line field?
  20. this is probably very simple but what do i do to make the west side being "hunters" and a east side group being the hunted group?
  21. Commando84

    Mission Editing Competition

    I would love to test some missions, but i have submited so i can't test any, i know a friend that maybe could test but im not sure if he wants to do it
  22. Commando84

    Commercial Passenger Plane

    i did that to!! really crazy, i think the flight mechanics should be fixed a little so it doesn't make barrrel rolls so easy.. but other than that good plane, btw where do i get inside the plane when its parked when im not usi9ng static version. i can't find the get in pilot option anywhere..
  23. Commando84

    Beriev Be-32K

    looks cool! Now i can make a russian airbase really good got to go and give it a try now
  24. Commando84

    Player SetIdentity "JohnKerry"

    i have, i have... its a free world and its mostly democratic so i think you can make whatever games you want, except that you take the risc, will it sell or will it be a big flop i haven't tried kuma wars but i saw screens and it reminded me of ghost recon wish i thought felt like a non adrenaline verison of ofp i've never been in combat but i once took a walk out in the late hours of the night and felt that i was being pursuided but i never saw anyone but when i started to run i got a big kick and felt more like somebody was behind me but that wasn't the case at all well its fun that the brain can pull tricks on you sometimes
  25. Commando84

    go see this movie!

    I saw the bourne supremacy and it was really the best movie iv'e seen in weeks, awesome story and great car chase, and really great suspense in this one better fights than bond to , like more realistic maybe but still fun to watch. recomend it to everyone