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    making a "do anything you want mission"

    yeah got experience with earlier missions made this one handles pretty well on my computer so far had a few issues yesterday when i was going to beta test it with a clan mate that tonal pack stuff had slipped in i thought the stationary aa turret was from the rusopfor pack that had the uaz and brdm with mg's Have to make a readme with thx to people and so on when and if i release it public when i iron out all bugs and make the mission perfect as i can
  2. Commando84

    Need to know which island for airport

    new land or newland has some big and intresting terrain with much detail but it needs a strong comp to run it thats the best island or at least its on my top ten list, mapfact nogova is great and also gaia island and snake man's snake island was good to. I think something else is out there but i can't remember the name of the island.
  3. Commando84

    Mapfact discussion thread

    man so its possible to have several airports landable by hte a.i's?? or is it just humans that can use 3 and a.i use only 1?? Screens look great, nice to see your latest stuff getting into mapfact nogova island. And thx for fixing the base lag issue too can't wait until the new version is released Looks very promising
  4. Keycat i got to try my mission in LAN with a friend today and out of 8 objectives we barely managed to finnish 2 and we died 6 times or something like that Your script really rules
  5. Commando84

    making a "do anything you want mission"

    okay i tried the mission with a friend today in Lan , but we only tried it like 6 times and we died trying every damn time first insertion we made was with chopper and parachuted to the main land near the coast, cheeze a mi-2 came along firing on us and landing and droping spetnaz on our heads the whole insertion went to the history books when we got detected and i took aim with my m60 that i somehow retardedly had grabed and started spraying at the chopper and everyenemy around it like nuts got 3 enemies and made the chopper cough black smoke and then got wasted by a wounded spetnaz soldier second attempt with a mark 2 bpr instead went decently until we saw a russian boat and my friend started firing at it with the m2 , short story a rocket flies above our heads and we tought it was a rpg soldier who missed so i step on it faster but to late boat gets smashed to pieces by a mi-2 that we failed to see when we were focused on chasing down the east boat okay third time we take the boat but instead we take a more sneakier way in and drive up the boat to the beach instead of go messing with other boats we disembark and then get to the factory area and we can hear the mi-2 flying around but we get past undetected and then shoot our way in to the industrial area where we meet a civilian and then we take a car and drive it quickly near the enxt stop wich is a artillery base but on our way there we get spotted by a sniper team and they call in backup!!! shit breaks loose once again and we abondon the car that gets poundead heavily by a mi-24 and we start fleeing to the nearest forest but we can't make it there before the mi-24 wasted our sorry asses in a ffar rocket spray after dying another time or two we actually did make it inside the base and we did manage to destroy the artillery gun but we then found ourself surounded , outmanned and outgunned the mission is a tough one were stealth and some fast moves and also a bit of good hearing
  6. Commando84


    hehe its okay it could be based on everon but imo the pics makes me droowll.,. i wonder when this cool island will get released?
  7. Commando84

    Military Tatics

    i think the built in ofp formations works just fine hehe but thats just me
  8. Commando84

    liberty to choose or realism?

    I think its most fun in missions when you face enemies carrying jam hw weapons what do you guys think about that "hot potatoe"? I just love it when you are really dodging bullets and getting to hear the bullets fly around you and hit the ground , objects , buildings, vehicles other soldiers around you getting flesh wounds and hearing the sounds fx really cool. Only negative is that when encountering many many say 25 + enemies and everybody is firing their weapons it gets very laggy sometimes it can be more fun to face enemies with original weapons because they have very good skill and can hit and waste you sometimes at extreme range and with no warning before either wich forces you to thread carefully and use binoculars and at least do a quick recon swap with the binocs before firing
  9. Commando84

    making a "do anything you want mission"

    yeah well boats are just patroling some of the shores , i haven't figured out the whole thingy how to get the a.i to cancel their patrol and go after the player Yeah well the mission is really tense and stuff even without any story on it yet. For now its just a couple of places that are built up and the super cool script that really enhances the mission. Im planning to add custom music to the mission maybe but i that will be added this weekend or sometime next week possibly. I haven't got it tested with players yet but only tried it alone in the editor and things worked pretty good.
  10. Commando84

    making a "do anything you want mission"

    yeah i have fixed some more mobile squads and also added the brdm's uaz's with machineguns and also made a group of 3 mg uaz's that can come after you if you are unlucky really cool because they will drive close to you and disembark any soldiers not driving or being gunner and then everyone will move in for the kill i have added 2-3 boat groups that just patrol a small island in the south west and also patrol the north eastern - eastern coast lines. I have dem filled up with aditional soldiers btw does any one know of any easy way to make them go D-day beach assault on your team when they have dected you close to the beach. I want them to patrol and when they spot you they will drive fast towards your direction unload troops when they get within a safe distance to the shore and then go after the players..
  11. Commando84

    Hanger Pack 1 - Concept Pack

    very nice work on the hangars! Looks realistic but only downer is that i would've wanted to see openable/ closeable doors so i ran around the inside and tried to find the close doors switch but other than that good work, i haven't tried to drive any planes in there yet but i'll see if i can do some more testng later this week
  12. Im making a coop mission that features keycats group link script 1.91 and its on Everon and uses a bunch of the best objects and editor addons around for 1.96 and right now i got a airport that is in the making and i have made a small harbour and also a small artillery base and a convoy that is driving around and have stared on some checkpoints also. The mission is just to move around the island assaulting different positions or just do it really clean and stealthy without getting to much attention.. wich is going to be hard on some places when you encounter the special scripted a.i's. My question is , what do people want me to make in the mission, some small or big camps with tents or big bases wtih mapfact baracks and tanks parked and stuff like that or more boats patroling around the coastlines or just more scripted a.i groups that can be called in by the enemy a.i to fight you when they have detected you. Whats on peoples minds?
  13. Commando84

    Gta san andreas

    haha i got a friend who has ps2, gonna play it at his place maybe during the next 3 days because we gonna get 2 days autumn holliday
  14. Commando84

    making a "do anything you want mission"

    thx for replies i'll see if i can add the bas russian opfor uaz's and brdms with mg's. They are a bit more harder if things get very bad yeah good idea with having mobile squads waiting in some bases to go to the hot spots when the enemy detects you got a few chopper bmp squads ready to move in already
  15. Commando84

    making a "do anything you want mission"

    thx for replies i'll see if i can add the bas russian opfor uaz's and brdms with mg's. They are a bit more harder if things get very bad yeah good idea with having mobile squads waiting in some bases to go to the hot spots when the enemy detects you got a few chopper bmp squads ready to move in already
  16. Commando84

    Mission Editing Competition

    thx for quick reply placebo!
  17. Commando84

    Mission Editing Competition

    how many missions have you reviewd so far ? like 50 out of 80 or is 1/3 or what? My friend asked me so i have to ask here
  18. Commando84


    any ETA on when this will get released? pics looks good enough for me, and if i need anything walled in ill use whatever editor addon walls objects that i think looks good and put it into use
  19. Commando84

    Red Alert 2 Weapons

    i beta tested some laser shooting space ships once
  20. Commando84


    yeah sounds cool, i haven't tried wgl pack so much at all, but dust clouds sounds like a intresting idea.
  21. do all group leaders that are on the ground have the ability to fire flares during night or is it only officers? and also can a a.i that gets to be leader fire flares when he they discover the enemy group? wonder about that right now because i have a small night ambush mission schedueled for making next week
  22. Commando84

    AEF-Campaign: Train Trailer

    very nice train movie! Please make so that you can transport other addon vehicles and not only bis original stuff on it or that it can be done with some initline script that tells what works or not works maybe
  23. Commando84

    liberty to choose or realism?

    papy boington you said some very wise words there But just to be more flexible i will do different ways being able to choose gear before or not in every second mission i make or depends on the settings and all thx everybody for replying btw i won't stop making gear selction avaible but maybe make a few mission where you can't choose and weapons just to add varity..
  24. Commando84

    liberty to choose or realism?

    if i have a sniper team as players , a officer and a sniper, should they then be able to choose what sniper and m4 or xms , hk or g36 or dragunov they want instead of being forced to stick with their regular rifles?
  25. Yeah i can fix some bas and map weapons and stuff to it, i its gonna take me a couple of days maybe but if i get the time i need i can post the fixed stuff here on saturday sometime.