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  1. I dunno, i like what steam offers in ways of friends system and buying and downloading games is easy :)
  2. Omg nice work Bis! :bounce3: I know some people complained about the graphics in Arma 1 and the Lod's messing about, so this is a big improvement! Btw Nice gamestar vids, hehe cool with the T-34, I guess its for one of the rebel factions :D Arma 2 shows really much promise now and versatility :) Placebo where about in Sweden you staying? Is it near Stockholm or some place in the woods/country side?
  3. Commando84

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    horrible , if the rumour would be true, harsh times now during the financial crisis and all, I wouldn't put my money on Ofp DR but I feel sad if they would have to cut down to much or get out a premature release that could piss off people. The thing with console gamers are that they expect a higher level of polish and less bugs. As a Pc gamer you can accept some slack and know that usually things work out in the long run.
  4. Commando84

    ArmA2 needs to be advertised!

    I think Arma 2 will make both the realism huggers and fast pace online crowds happy, with the new camera and all. :)
  5. Commando84

    New ArmA II Pictures!

    lol Vilas whats with all the complaining? :P
  6. Commando84

    ArmA2 needs to be advertised!

    Maybe they could market Arma 2 as a mix of combat sim and little big planet style user created content awesome :D Mm the primary way the word of Ofp's greatness spread was with that Pcgamer demo and word of mouth Imo. :) Some people dislike the slow pace of the game but some people haven't found out that they like the game and never heard of it, its a bit sad cause Arma 2 really deserves to get the big sales imo. Some players apreaciate the tight coop feel of the game and some like the sometimes more frantic warefare and player vs player interaction missions. :)
  7. Commando84

    Developer's Blog

    pretty cool stuff everytime the dev blog is posted :) The new stuff in souunds really great.
  8. Commando84

    New beta patch 1.16

    Ohh got to try this, hope my internet works today :D
  9. Maybe Bis just wants to suprise everyone, first send out the preview/ beta version with not all the pieces in place to lower the expectactions and then when the send out the more final for review they will blow the reviewers away :D
  10. Commando84

    How Much Realism are you Content With?

    I like features alot like draging woundead, ballistic penetration through wood and similar stuff, I like realistic looking vehicles but im no nitpick if a gascanister is on the left side insttead of the right side. I really love Ofp/Arma's mix of sim and easy accessability like how easy it is to drive a tank or fly a chopper, even though i remember swearing alot when trying to learnt to fly choppers and planes the first time. Ofp/Arma's strong point is freedom really, for me realism has always come second, realism for has been the insta gibb factor or that you can drop troops from a chopper and then watch the chopper get shoot down by some machinegunner in the nearby village you are assaulting. Then when returning to base you can grab a civilian vehicle or left over opfor vehicle and drive back. Things that would add for me is like give civilian side aircrafts and variety so they can be used in all kinds of scenarios. Arma is a sandbox game and as such should give as much scenario possibilities as possible :) i.e a good selection of vehicles and equipment and other stuff in the editor will really help me and others i believe. Some things that are extra but I know needs more hard work from coders is walking inside ontop of moving vehicles like bigger ships or inside a c-130 for an example walking inside a train that is moving :) I dunno know how it is to operate a tank or reload a m16 but hearing the sounds and seing some of the animations and feeling the game engine struggle against me when i try to do crazy near ground strafing runs with my cobra is awesome :) one of my favourite things in ofp/arma is the tab fire air to ground missiles :D really a favoureite thing, its a bit imbalanced maybe but it sure is a hell lot more fun than Bf 2's dive bomber attacks than risc ending up crashin into the ground. But I would understand if Bis removed it due to 80% of all players complaining about it.
  11. the huey is on my lis to try :D also testing out random stuff in the mission editor :D then playing the campaign and get swept by my feet by the story that already by previews and teaser trailers feels intresting ) play Mp online :D have to see what changes are made to warefare mode :D
  12. The word on the street is that Bis don't edit screens! :D
  13. Doh its the same cardboard boxes that was in some civilian houses in Operation flashpoint 1 :D You know the really small fishermans houses that had white walls? :) hehe who knows maybe its the same dude that made 'em? I remember you could place the boxes in the mission editor under empty objects or something :D
  14. Commando84

    ARMA 2 : 18+ rating vs Arma 1 : 16+

    fight against censorship! Like Mel Gibson said in Braveheart movie : Freedom!!!!! Geee why is it only the people can think themselves and politicians and big organizations try to pass laws to level the people and remove democrazy :P
  15. Commando84

    battlefield bad company2

    the first one had decent Sp campaign, didn't like it was only console though, Maybe will give the second one a try cause it will come to the Pc :) Tried the first one at a friends house :)
  16. Commando84

    Deadfast's Translations

    thx for translating Deadfast! :) You are our hero :D Man reading the translated versions really makes me hyped alot :) hehe Deadfast you live in Prague? You could probably become a tester at Bis :D
  17. mm intresting :) I like intresting locations
  18. Commando84

    Group Link 3

    @Günter Severloh any chance you could share with me how you did that awesome thing?! I have sometimes tried combining more than one script and I always make something crash or print out a bunch of error code :( I tried doing custom music and 1 or 3 scripts and everything fails with modding the description.ext correctly I suspect...
  19. Commando84

    Direct Chat SHOUTING!!

    sonds lke a cool idea :) sort of a special option to the ingame Voice over thing?
  20. Commando84

    Brain-To-Machine Interface takes shape

    lol but I think with new solutions come new problems too, like if we had part machine bodies we could rust :D Also hope nobody develops a computer virus that could mess up our bodies :P
  21. Commando84


    works ok in widescreen on my laptop, wish i had more ram in the lappy though but thats OT :P
  22. Commando84

    BLND HMMWVs pack Beta

    these look good but I wish there would been a Tow Hmmw and a Mk.12 hmmw in desert pack so the desert ones would have same weapons to choose from as green camo ones :)
  23. Commando84

    Does us a favour in england and...

    in my home country they arrange dream hack twice a year. I think its 10 000 people there at least not counting girl firends/boy friends visitng :D
  24. Commando84

    ArmA II: The Vehicles

    I hope Bis will add some civilian air vehicles too like an old cessna or some russian equalent or some civilian helicopter for the police or others :)