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    Some c&c stuff

    I think the laser isn't impossible , i have a ufo wich fires some blue laser rounds Hey if you need mission ideas or missions made i could be willing to make some, but i can't do any fancy cutscenes or write any super cool scripts but there are some really good stuff out there at ofpec site for mission editors to use
  2. Commando84

    what are you working on?

    Working on my long and fun mission special ops that uses some amount of mapfact buildings and soem kick ass mi-2's that can pop up giving the enemy air support when searching after the players special army squad. you get to meet a agent, destroy some shilkas, destroy some planes, sabotage a artillery, help a russian officer escape and also kill a russian general. There is lots of patrols and stuff that go wrong doing some bug fixing still and going to fix .csv file and maybe considering some soldier addon instead of original bis soldiers for the players to have i just haven't figured out wich one i wanna use yet
  3. Commando84

    Beta Tester Needed

    okay tested both missions and had some fun with them, cool music btw here is my reports power 1.0 was by the far the shortest mission i have ever tried! I was excepting long recon patroling and getting time to take a piss or so before i would see a enemy After the nice little intro and the civies had borded the chopper abnd flied away the a.i's report a brdm mg and all hell breaks loose when 4 brdms with mg's get to close and start to gun down us :P arghhh!! help!! crap.... Second attempt was better i swithced to at4 soldier and got 3 of them and the fourth got stuck in the pile of burning brdm's ;D so the crew and soldiers got out and got shot down by me and the a.i's. when running to my medic the mission ends suddenly with a big success this was a short mission, either you get gunned down or you cripple the enemy and call for backup i think or its maybe triggered by the dead ruskies i dunno. power 1.2 Was a bit longer and stuff to do, not as short as the other one. Intro was a bit jumpy with camera jumping up n down. and the east officer lying down after shooting the civie was strange, maybe he needs a setunitpos "UP" in his initline? Misssion was fun to sneak up on the russians down at the village, i knew there was something bad with those chopper engine sounds i heard :P as soon as i had blown up first chopper stuff started to go crazy around me fun mission and relaxing to have a slightly long chopper ride as a outro
  4. Commando84

    Lack of missions in Operation Flashpoint

    i kind of never do sp missions because people expect them to have super detailed briefings and a super ultra beatiful scripted cutscene, i love the editor but im no to much into hardcore programming So i just stick to making coop missions that usually gets beta status, but im kind of getting better for each month when it comes to mission design and getting missions to be more polished.. i remmeber the days when i started mission making and just threw in some enemies tat where playables and some west , east civilian and res troops that also where playable and a blackhawk a tank or som cars and ammo boxes , these days people demand more and i myself demand more from myself. Got plenty of missions that are half complete 20% complete ect.. because i stoped working on them because they wheren't good enough and stuff like that. i think there is plenty of Sp missions but a bit lacking on campaigns and mp missions , well especially those that need some nice addons well sadly real life stuff is always interfering everyday if i had tons of money and didnt need to go to school and work i would create some superb missions i believe for some seconds but on the other hand i get really good ideas and creativity on some of the more boring lesssons in school and start to write down notes and draw pics in the back of my writing block so that i got something to start doing when i feel to make a new mission so if i was rich then maybe i wouldn't get bored and tired and start getting creative ofp ideas?
  5. Commando84

    Mission Editing Competition

    Sounds good enough for me, it means they are working on it yesterday i got a mial from placebo at ofp forums best part was i thought it was about me winning the competition or something but it apeared to be just some topic i was tracking Hope they make a another competition next year, if so i will try to be a part of it and submit a much better mission, that has some other features and some new addons used to
  6. Commando84

    "Iron Eagles" by Wüstenfuchs

    tried the mission and loved it but the oposition was hard or i was gettin rusty with my flight skills have been flying alot a year ago online with a friend and had dogfights and all but this was way harder
  7. Commando84

    Beta Tester Needed

    do you got msn messenger? if then add me love doing missions myself especially coop, i can test some of your missions and i love addons too btw msn is dan_kantola1@hotmail.com
  8. Commando84

    making a "do anything you want mission"

    Okay i have fixed some stuff on the mission, removed a addon or two i think it was i did also will soon get a host at the beta tester section at mapfact.net site
  9. Commando84


    i can test maybe tonight when i get back home after done some x-mas shopping
  10. Commando84

    CV-22 Osprey

    Sounds like a cool idea ag_smith!
  11. Commando84

    Mapfact discussion thread

    oh great news! Love you mapfact, i have reduced some of the addons from the mission by now and searching for some good music at the moment, have to find a perfect tune or two to go along with the mission and try to fix a .csv file at least
  12. Commando84

    the brainstorming phase of a mission

    I try to decide what building addons should be used what custom or original island i use and then i start doing the enemy bases or patrols or something like that and then also try thinking out some objectives the place you start at i just pick one in less than 10-20 minutes sometimes add vehicles , crates and objects around the start place and then i can add music and more enemies and also during that whole period there is alo of tesing all the time to see how things look like and also get the feel of the mission by testing it in mp when i feel that i got something thats can be playable then there is briefing writing and also scripts can sometimes be inserted after i figured out what i want the mission to be about. I got one script i use in many missions, keycats group link script 2 version 1.92 wich adds some very cool stuff that i can't live without.
  13. Commando84

    Operation Flashpoint/Resistance Creators!

    making your own missions in the mission editor and then playing them with one or more friends is the best there is
  14. Commando84

    Lack of missions in Operation Flashpoint

    My biggest thing when it comes to missions is that some people bitch when there are addons involved  and second is that when working on something for a long time you get bored and start up something new and put the old stuff on hold for some time before going back if you  ever do that..   And then there is lots of stuff that i  have to do in real life such as school and stuff so i can make money when i get a job and stuff like that so i can buy Ofp 2  oh and yeah its a turn off not to use addons when making missions, a friend of mine can't understand why i still play ofp and i said to him that there is always new mods, and addons and missions and fun ideas and beatiful screenshots that gets published every day   so ofp is always changing kind of unlike other games that got the same boring weapons day after day , year after year. The whole concept of ofp is freedom and creativity, then there is the great feeling when you play a coop mission you made yourself with some friends and get some good and sometimes bad feedback and sugestions to the mission. And the campaign and sp missions are great also. im thinking about making a campaign once but all the stuff i wanted to include and the missions a´nd custom music would have taken like 10 years or so to accomplish so just stick to coop mission making
  15. Commando84

    Mapfact discussion thread

    Yeah i think the addons are put into good use, i totally remade the look on some places on Everon where the mission is set   i use the ags-harbour stuff, and the industrial pack and the 3wx objects pack and the res editor addon and a whole bunch of mapfact stuff + a mi-2 chopper pack wich is kind of like a russian littlebird sort of chopper with good weapons and being able to transport people and good looks and sounds   and i have a russian limousin chaika but im thinking about croping it from the mission to reduce addon amount. I also have a beriev something transport aircraft wich is good detailed transport plane wich is supposed to serve as extraction point but i can put a cessna there instead   the mission has also jam weapons and also needs the rusopfor 1.3 ,  wich is russian uazs, and brdm,s with pks, and dshk machineguns wich makes any encounters with 'em very high risc  and also the best a.i script ever made so far oh yeah i wonder if you guys prefably want the version with custom music 2 mb or the one wihtout 3-500 kb unsure how big it is but something along those lines and do you accept coop missions?
  16. Commando84

    AEF-Campaign: Train Addon FINISHED

    I downloaded and burnt the train on cd at a friends place yesterday and got the chance to try the train, its really fun to play around with but i also noticed when i had some earl and suchey russians standing around the train and i attacked them but they suddenly started to fire on one of the wagons strangely enough 2 ruskies got killed before i fired a single shoot and once i drove the train with a east soldier in one of the wagons and some civilians also and i stoped the train and changed the track so that it would be curve, suddenly some russians in the forest attacked the train instead of me really crazy and the best thing was i was running to the train to drive away quickly when i got hit by grenade that was probably meant for the train
  17. hey Keycat i got a super crazy idea that would be "uber great!" there is a post in addons and mods complete that aef mod released their train addon with tracks and all that my idea is that if its possible to make group link groups that would be transported by train close as possible to the zone / area of detection and then disembark and start chasing that would probably mean that group leader of train group would be needing to drive train i can imagine. My internet is down stupid glocalnet says that i have to get new router or something so i post this from school when i get internet back or if i cd-r down the addon i'll maybe try some experiments myself maybe with adding train to script somehow but i guess i need to do more than that to get things to work better.
  18. Commando84

    Mapfact discussion thread

    haha man i don't how to fix 'em csv files, but i need to get online again, my internet at home has been down since a week now and im getting frustrated well either the router needs to get replaced with a new one or a cable needs to get replaced or both needs to be replaced but as soon as i get internet back online i'll see if i can see how to fix csv files and probably some sort of intro also wich i have no skillz in, oh and btw do you guys mind if i use 3 vehicle addons and 1-3 building stuff that aren't mapfact stuff? the rest of the stuff are all mapfact baracken , and the other objects made by you guys i don't know if you guys have cosidered it but what about adding the aef mods train tracks and stuff on the mapfact island? Or no that would delay release date next island you guys make maybe then
  19. Commando84

    Airlines for OFP

    SAS? Scandinavian airlines or finnair, they could go well ith fdf mod and the swedish forces pack mod and they fly all around europe to
  20. Commando84

    Mapfact discussion thread

    i wanna upload missions but my internet is down since 6 d**** days back and im really tired hopefully i will be bale to come back online for friday or something, got to test the figher mission and trains and alot of other stuff like being online on msn for once the last couple of days have been real messy..
  21. Commando84

    Half-life 2 is out (and CS:Source)

    I tried the sp part of half-life 2 and it was indeepth, it just feelt that you was in some evil place where people where supressed and all. city 17 where you start felt kind of like stalker the game enviroments but i only have tried 30 minutes at a internet café. but what i saw really made my mind up that im gonna buy it so i can play it and try the mods that surely will be released to it. A friend of mine that loves hl and cs much more than i do got into a depressed state when our time was up. he said that life wasn't worth living if he didn't get a new comp. to play hl 2 on thats a really deep statement. The attention to detail and graphic is incredible in the game but i won't abondon ofp for hl2 will be doing mission editing and playing online , lan and so on at same time as i play hl2.
  22. Commando84

    Winter CTI Modification

    I'll try this on saturday or sunday when i ge some sparetime
  23. Commando84

    "Iron Eagles" by Wüstenfuchs

    man i have to try this mission ( posting from school ) my damn internet has been down for a couple of days now because of the freakin white crap snowing down everywhere i suspect i have started up a bunch of fighter missions at home many months ago some of them made beta and got tested by a friend but he complained about lag sadly well i have difficulty to make very small missions i love large scale fights. I think the f-16c has a to big turning radius but its very nice graphics wise and has good weapons yeah about number of players in coop i think 3-4 west and east players would work fine. having 10 people flying fast jets in mp makes things get real bad because of lag and some other factors like high poly adddons making the comp boggin down a little I got a tip from a class mate how to fix the internet problem recently so it somehow reboot my connection can't wait to get home just 5 hours left now before i finnish for the day.
  24. Commando84

    Nubby's Template version 1.0

    sometimes stuff can get laggy in mp that works decently in sp, depends on if its scrips and amount of a.i's and if you got tons of high poly addons involved anyone tried to fill the screen with 20 bas blackhawks know what i mean
  25. Commando84

    making a "do anything you want mission"

    oh hi guys! Sorry haven't posted anything here for a while, been busy with school and friends , and with a ofp clan but i have bailed from the clan because time was running short  I'll do some minor improvements and bug fixes and then put it on a webbsite , i would like to add some music to it but filesize of mission would get 1-2 mb's but i can release a light version with no custom music first so you can get to try it. its pretty addon intensive but i think that many of the addons are good qualiy stuff, most of them are building and object addons like agent smith industrial pack and mapfact airport stuff and military objects pack   and a few others by those addon makers and teams.  expect release tonight if im not to drunk to do any good   my internet at home is down since 4 bloody days back :P and i don't got a clue how to fix it... will call customer support next week to se if they can help me out