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  1. Commando84

    Hyk modern u.s. infantry pack released

    tested the update out and everything is working out alright now going back on editing on the campaign as soon as my homework is done
  2. Commando84

    Hyk modern u.s. infantry pack released

    wow they look great dl now, i hope this fixes a problem that occured for me a few days ago when i got jam 2 weapons instead of Lasers weapons
  3. Commando84

    Fulda Gap Demo

    Tested the demo island and liked the town areas and the roads n stuff that was there already About putting custom stuff in the islands i think mission makers can do that, we just need som flat places at a few locations so that we can put extra buildings n objects and harbour stuff around some sweet locations to make 'em even more sweet
  4. Commando84

    mapfact.net releases: barracks v1.5

    tried the new update and it was really good, you got to love this!!! liked the new military radar and also the start tower that lee_h_oswald featured in his beaituful pic the hangers work great. I had 4-5 of them and it didn't slow down the comp. much at all compared to some others out there this inspired me to try to make a missions based on the old f-18's , im making a smaller airbase in the desert in nogova where 2 players get to launch attacks against some objectives. maybe i can get it done by next week by thursday or so hopefully.
  5. Commando84

    Unsung Demo - Missions Drive

    I would like to help you make a coop mission or so for the mod
  6. Commando84


    what is Flashram for something??? is it a handgrenade mod or what i don't get it would be nice with a description of it in the first post or so
  7. Commando84

    ECP 1.075...The countdown begins.

    the tank crew on fire bug in ecp i've been through before in mp!!!?!?! Totally wacco but i survived during a cti game or something when my tank got blown up and i was walking around outside somehow suddenly my buddy got very pissed off seeing i survived the blast and gunned me down with mg fire and drover over me to make sure i was dead thats one problem i hope the ecp team have fixed.
  8. Commando84

    PBOManager - Addon File Manager

    this seems lika good tool got to get it when i get home its only few hours left now
  9. Commando84

    ECL's record breaking attempt players on one serve

    how did you do to get it working with so many players? would like to make a coop one day with many many players and a.i's in the future when all got better comps though.. but still
  10. Commando84

    Theme song

    the rock has some good stuff also gone in 60 seconds, ace combat 4 has some cool tracks, got to try some of your sugestions guys never played wing commander but i thought the movie was pretty cool and decent for a b - movie
  11. Commando84

    Russian 1985 soldier reskin/remodel?

    this sounds like good stuff, got to get these when i get home
  12. Commando84

    a new sky pack

    Looks great, dl when i get home from school
  13. Commando84

    Mapfact discussion thread

    great stuff! Can't wait to try this when i get home from school
  14. Commando84

    ECP 1.075...The countdown begins.

    every1 should have ecp mod
  15. Commando84

    Lack of missions in Operation Flashpoint

    i have to agree with macho_man_mathijs on his stuff. and totally disagree with the others, i love team respawn thats the way i like it. Because if you don't got friends with super connections and they all can't bring their computers to your home and only the few can do it then team respawn is just the thing for me and my buds because if Dude 1 dies then dude 2 takes over when dude1's playable get respawn into a.i soldier works like a charm I don't play public a lot because they use bad stuf flike disable some of the freedom in ofp like 3'rd person view and stuff and some players can behave bad. Flashpoint is one of the best lan games that i know of and some of my less ofp playing friends even say that Addons is the name of the game, flashpoint works exellent with addons as long as you got the perfect comp. specifiactions original weapons get kind of boring after 3 years, thats one of the reasons why i stoped playing counter-strike and the way that there is so much better mp and sp features , addons ect. that can be done and has been done in ofp. I loved cs a lot during its beta time during 1999 because there was always new things happening, new maps , and there where vehicles , fun and much stuff was beta you kind of didn't get bored, there was always fresg new content and skins and stuff avaible. now its just about playing in clans , cheats and everybody is camping and always aiming for headshoot and doing everything to gain a advantage like turning up the brightness level to see easier in the shadows Flashpoint is always in my heart and thats kind of because the mp part because the original campigns was to hard for me, but im making a sort of remake campaign with addons, and some new scripts in a few missions too like enhancing the black ops missions with keycats group link script to make it harder but more filled with FX and replace most but not all enemy soldiers with jam hd weapons it makes a real thrill to have more longer firefights with the enemy a.i's everything that can be done custom to flashpoint is really amazing, and thats why i have stuck with flashpoint for 4 years now compared to "camp n haxx strike" where nothing new happens and its the same dull sounds and same looks and same maps played and if someone wants to change to another map people start whining that i don't know the layout of the map it sucks i don't wanna play it well anyways Flashpoint has a whole lot of repspawn ways and i hope that there can be more new ways in ofp 2 happy playing every1 and wish all 56-k'ers could get Dsl or something
  16. Commando84

    Questions on unified zombie mod

    i got a question, can i have the zombies attack any west soldier they see and not only group leader?
  17. Commando84

    Mi-26 "Halo" and soviet pilot pack relased

    sounds great DPS [CCCP]!
  18. Commando84

    ECP 1.075...The countdown begins.

    great to hear about the new mp features and about houses being burnable and stuff and the memory leka fixes maybe can help my bigger missions to get more lag free , oh 2 months from now and i can have a new ram memory ...
  19. Commando84

    ECP 1.075...The countdown begins.

    man 2.6 mb for the mod sounds like nothing i make missions sometimes that are twice that size but sometimes it took more time fixing perfect sounds and music then making the mission very nice feature with the radio chatter hope you can put some radio chatter in russian in the russian vehicles I like the ecp mod and i would probably be downloading it if it was 200 mb too
  20. Commando84

    ECP 1.075...The countdown begins.

    man 2.6 mb for the mod sounds like nothing i make missions sometimes that are twice that size but sometimes it took more time fixing perfect sounds and music then making the mission very nice feature with the radio chatter hope you can put some radio chatter in russian in the russian vehicles I like the ecp mod and i would probably be downloading it if it was 200 mb too
  21. Commando84

    East VS West - Episode 01

    great movie! its good that you use some better looking addon soldiers Don't fear addons! i loved it though the sounds was low on some places as mentioned before and subtitles would be nice but the voices do sound clear enough to be understood bu non americans and brittish so maybe subtitles aren't needed Please do more episodes like 1 every week you guys would be my heroes
  22. Commando84

    ORCS  Motorized Infantry v2

    i saw a transport ship addon that was called sobr i think or i could have mixed it u with something different, but go to ofp.info site and do a search on sobr maybe im to tired to do any good so im off to sleep, will test the stuff tomorow
  23. Commando84

    Operation Black Mamba - UPDATED!

    yeah sounds like exellent mission, any release soon? I would be hapyp if i could get to try out a beta version this weekend with my friends in lan
  24. Commando84

    "Lost In Time"

    im not 100% sure but i think that "inqhk" is the HK mp5 that inquisitor has made sometime ago
  25. Commando84

    Usmc uh-1n

    no plz don't put it in air class !!!!! it makes my fingers go all messed when i have to scroll down my 200 km long list of aircrafts and choppers and ufo's and all other stuff when im in the empty list so i really really like it when they have it seperated by mod name instead of just air , men armor and so on i just wish all mods and individual addons would be done that way. because there is tons of addons and if you wanna have 'em all or as many as possible installed then its pain in the ass to scroll through a very long list of empty air vehicles.......