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    Arma 2 helicopter wishlist for modder's

    The mi-2's with cargo capacity and some firepower :D Really sweet if they could be for all factions so mission editors could do any scenario :) I dunno I'll lap up anything released for Arma 2 :) I think the first addons for Arma 2 will most likely be ports from Arma 1 :) Thinking of it that way Bis vehicles that aren't in A2 but are in A1 would be sweet to have in A2 :)
  2. Commando84

    New tactics required?

    I usually roughly the same tactics to fight A.i and players :D Just do everything quicker vs players and also use cover like go inside buildings and stuff more vs players and when I know there are vehicles in play like in Warefare mode try to imagine what roads are better to avoid being detected by choppers air 2 ground missiles n stuff like that...
  3. Man can't wait to hear from the german gamers about Arma 2 :D I hope there won't be to many campaign spoilers :P I'll be getting the 505 version bugs or no bugs I don't care its gonna be awesome once I get togheter a new computer :)
  4. Imo would be sweet with a couple of video or homepage tutorials with pics and red arrows :) showing all the steps to take a new car with a Mg into Arma 2, like what does what in config, the modeling process basics and exporting and uv, texturing. Like a tutorial 1 , tutorial 2, tutorial 3 and voila ingame! :D It would do alot I think to help beginners.
  5. Commando84

    ArmA II's infinite land

    Man I just saw the Matrix 1 movie the other night on dvd :D
  6. Commando84

    more pistols?

    The weapons from Ofp resistance should be made for Arma 2 like the S&W and Mac-10 and Tokarev and Scorpion :) Ah the memories of S&W sniping :D pistols are used very little in Arma and ofp games but when they are it can be really sweet, Loved the sounds of the M9 beretta in Arma 1 actually :)
  7. Commando84

    Arma 2 Expansions/DLC

    Thats a nice idea EricM :) I would hope they could sort of make a resistance campaign styled campiagn to in one of the exp. packs, Dlc's and also put in trains working :)
  8. Commando84

    Vehicle speeds

    Yeah I was testing the CWR mod and tried the A-10 there :D
  9. Commando84

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    CM got their grain and Bis got their glowing cows :D
  10. Commando84

    Vehicle speeds

    Well forests are always a pain to move through for tankers and jeep , truck drivers :D tree's slow down the moving part so I wouldn't always say that terrain doesn't matter, but sometimes its nice to use a unusual road like driving slalom between tree's in a dense forest just for the fun of it even though the risc is big that you could smack into a tree and break the car :P
  11. I've had plenty of great times flying aricraft and choppers in warefare mode in arma 1 and its really rewarding when you get to ambush enemy Mi17's as a Harrier with a couple of AA missiles or when you do a flanking move for 10 minutes to show up on the enemy players back yard blasting down their supply trucks , bases and fresh armor that are heading to the battle that on the map is situated far 30 min drive for them but ends when they start their engines in their base and show up on my radar and get to taste a couple of hellfires :D Sure it can be frustrating when enemies suprise you with actual airdefenses like stationary AA pods with heat seeking missiles or the 2-3 shilkas shooting lead at your general direction but its all part of the great random epic tug of war that is warefare or CTi for the old school ofp folks :) Its great to gather up a bunch of a.i troops in a blackhawk or mi17 and do a landing on a city and capture it and have 1-2 a.i's flying above you in the Mi17 clearing out some of the troops on the ground for you giving you that precious CAS. Or the feeling when you sneaked in behind enemy lines to laser target buildings or a group of enemy soldiers and vehicles gathering their strenght and a buddy shows up with that LGB and drops it and clears out them 20-30 a.i's and player troops :D Imo 3 out of 5 times im out doing a sortie with aircraft I end up crashing it or getting into so much heat from the enemy side that I get to bite the strela or stinger missile :D
  12. just a teaser, aw man can't wait for the rest :)
  13. Commando84

    Vehicle speeds

    W00t the E is faster than Q and W :butbut: damn thats why I can't take off with A-10 from Rahmadi island sometimes :D
  14. Commando84

    Will ArmA II Have VAC Anti-Cheat

    Now Im wondering will I be able to install any addons when i Use steam arma 2??? I would really like to own steam version cause I've had good experiences with HL 2 and Tf 2 and Left for dead and the whole steam service is usually top notch. I've never seen a better service like it.
  15. I think Bis have the experience to handle the release stuff now especially after so many titles they've released by now :) Im just gonna lean back and watch everything unfold :) There is one awesome game dev named Bohemia Interactive and they have a plan.. :D
  16. Hi W0lle and company I have a suggestion about the Cobra chopper, maybe you could ask the VTE mod to borrow theirs? Its almost the same chopper right anyways :) ( runs of to hiding from Wipman)
  17. Commando84

    Is ArmA better than OFP?

    technically arma is better and graphically imo, normal maps, specular maps ect.. Leaning is cool and rolling on the ground saved my butt once or twice. Story and campaign parts felt better made in Ofp though. Mp is way better in Arma though with the more stable netcode and so on. Yeah now with Cwr out, yeah Arma hands down :D
  18. thx 4 replying so fast W0lle! Yeah I've been cleaning one mission up really quick here, should have it out for you guys in a couple of hours. :)
  19. Srry to bug you guys but I get a error about a reammoboxwest2 missing config error wich prevents my mission from loading :P
  20. Btw Im wondering is there any easy way to convert mission to CWR wich has tons of addons :P Right now I hate myself alot for not having my addon free versions of some of my greater works :D Hmm might go and buy old ofp and res if I could find it in one of the stores in town :D And I need to find a GL script thats made for arma and not ofp :D Didn't think Addons would come and bite me in the ass so many years later :D
  21. Gave this big sucker a try and it was wonderful! did discover some bugs during testing that when playing as a spec op Uzi the handgun glock was not there and instead showed uzi :D Also the AT launcher couldn't right click heat seek target tanks as i think it did in Ofp or was it an addon I was remembering? The resistance T55 tank has some weird LOD issues when its farther away like 20-30 meters it goes invisible. Well I really hope you get a replacement for the M60 machinegun for west and res guys, it looks a bit dated :) Maybe the M60 from Skavens racs mercenaries pack would work?
  22. Commando84

    North America Release / Publisher

    I dunno in some movies there are civilians and some not, its just that Older people like old politiicans ect. think all games are only for 8 year old kids :P Games as a medium has much more possibilities than movies imo to portray a message in different ways than a movie.
  23. Omg omg omg :D This is a must try :D Didn't expect this to come out until after A2 release :) Got to play all the campaigns and dig out my old coop projects If i can find them tough :P
  24. Commando84

    North America Release / Publisher

    I preordered mine from game in uk last weekend :) but I haven't bought the new computer yet so my copy will get to collect dust untill I get back home after the summer :)
  25. air to air fighters are sometimes great fun to fly in quickly and knock down a enemy troop transport or ATG chopper in warefare mode online in Arma 1 and will probably be great fun and challenge in A2 due to new countermeasures and probably some updates in controls :)