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  1. Cpt. FrostBite


    What version of the Mod do you have? I have the latest via Six updater and I don't have the Marines. I only have the three camo variations as in the previous versions. I'd love to get those marines. EDIT: finally made it through the sign-up and download pages in chinese. Downloading the mod from that chinese site as we speak. I hope it works :)
  2. Cpt. FrostBite

    Mana Island Fiji

    very VERY nice island. I can enjoy just walking or driving around on it. But obviously I also enjoy fighting on it! :D
  3. Cpt. FrostBite


    great news that this mod is close to being released! I love chinese units! looking forward to it
  4. Any updates on this? I'd love to see an updated version of this mod with more units. It's different from all the usual stuff people create for this game (not that I'm unhappy about the usual stuff).
  5. Cpt. FrostBite

    Project RACS

    He this stuff looks great. The RACS stuff for ArmA was good already and I'll download the ArmA2 addons for sure. Keep up the good work!
  6. Cpt. FrostBite


    Before I respond, are you talking about real life or in game? As a seven year veteran of U.S. Army Aviation I have a response, but I want to make sure we are on the same page first. Can I respond first? 1) the apache and cobra both have a turret mounted machinegun that can be aimed by the gunner. The AH-6 has miniguns that have very little movement if not fixed completely. 2) both the apache and cobra have their vital parts quite heavily armoured. Although small-arms fire is allways a danger to any chopper the apache and cobra can sustain quite some punishment is really needed. The AH-6 is almost unarmoured except for maybe some panels for the crew. This makes it extremely vulnerable to any form of enemy ground-fire. 3) The only reason the AH-6 would do well in an urban setting is, like the Oh-58, the pilots have a very large field of view and for observation purposes these birds are perfect (that's why it was used as such in vietnam). Especially in urban settings the pilots can look out of the side and look down onto the street. An apache or cobra pilot can not look down. 4) on the UH-60; it's a TRANSPORT, not an attack helicopter. So don't even bother bringing it up The AH-6 is used by the SOAR because it's small, light, quiet and for a very important other reason; it could be used as in infiltration helicopter looking like a civilian version. That's why the SOAR uses the round nosed version instead of the newer pointed nose version, because the older version was used a lot as a civilian chopper all over the world. In somalia it indeed proofed to be a nice extra that it was small enough to tough down on the street and pick-up wounded, but they did not think of these things when selecting this bird.
  7. Cpt. FrostBite

    Russian Airborne Armour Project

    Hey, nice blog!! Keep up the great work, because it looks very nice! The BMD-1 is a very nice little vehicle. I like the kind of low-intensity missions with light armoured vehicles and these type of light vehicles are perfect for this. It's also very nice of you to explain your work a bit on your blog. Addon-making has not become easier since OFP. I used to be able to make some nice textures for OFP, but for ArmA I'm completely lost and it takes much more time to create a nice addon. Edit: Hej, je bent ook nog een mede-kaaskop Tof!
  8. Cpt. FrostBite

    Sentinel AH-1Z Pack Released

    Nice addon! I like the green version. When flying nap-of-the-earth it's better than the low-vis gunship grey. Is the cobra capable of firing the Sidewinder in real-life? I thought it was cancelled, but I'm not sure. Could also be the apache that was supposed to be upgraded to be able to fire the sidewinder, I forgot. Anyway, that does not matter ingame :P
  9. Cpt. FrostBite


    oh YES! I was looking forward to those weapons! And the US version of the Huey was no.1 on my wishlist. So big thanks to you!!
  10. Cpt. FrostBite

    M1114 Uparmored

    Damn that thing is fugly But since it's just as fugly as in real life I must say you are spot on and are doing a great job Progress looks very good. I wanted to say you should lower the ground clearence as all the added weight makes it hang a bit lower, but it seems you already did. There are many different version of the HMMWV out there though. I personally think there are nicer gunner stations (turrets), but luckily the rest that is often theonly thing that is different from other HMMWV's, so if you want to do different version all you have to do is change the turret. But for now, I guess one version is more than enough work. Keep it up!
  11. Cpt. FrostBite

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    This is what a brand new 2500 euros PC will get you when you use ArmA in combination with Vista ultimate 64bit, gforce 8800GT SLI and 4gb of RAM. My old PC couldn't handle ArmA and now ArmA can't handle my new PC Â edit: Patch 1.11 and the beta exe file just fixed this for me. Everything back to normal running on maxed out setting in high resolution on my 22"wide screen monitor on insane speed. Damn i feel good now
  12. Cpt. FrostBite

    Vista Troubleshooting Thread: The one and only

    frack  <s>I just switched to vista ultimate 64bit and 4gb of RAM (together with 8800GT SLI) and now I'm getting the black and white graphics   The newest patch 1.11 does not resolve this issue and I have every driver on my PC updated to the last version. I'm not going to remove RAM just because of Arma, that would be insane. This game has given me nothing but trouble and I'm about to throw it out of the window. And you can see how long I've been here and that I'm a die-hard OFP and ArmA fan, but enough is enough  Someone fix this</s> scrap this and frack yeah I forgot to use the beta exe file. It's completely working now
  13. Cpt. FrostBite

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    hey, at least you have a PC I have a brand new monster PC with two videocards ect ect. Unfortunately my attempts to install vista 64 bit failed and now it will show a bluescreen on start up. I can't even boot from the vista CD anymore So i'm fvckud op and stuck with a 2000EURO machine that doesn't work. I'm shipping it back to the shop for repairs as I don't have a clue what to do anymore. Now that's what I call fvcked up. And I waited for this machine for three months for it to be deliverd as I too was completely unable to play ArmA on my old PC. And now i''m back to nothing...
  14. Cpt. FrostBite


    Hey this looks great, but I havbe a few questions: -since the models arenot yet high-poly shouldn't you detail the arms a bit more? It looks a bit like a straigt piece of clothing right now, not really like a loose fitting wrinkled field-jacket. But it could be that the BIS models are also like this and that it's all done with normal maps, I don't know. -will you also include para-troopers with their para helmet? I believe this can simply be your normal infantry soldier with a different helmet. And of course the bush-stroke camouflage as used by them -I see you are talking abouy a bullet-proof vest. Will you include models that feature this underneath their jacket? I understand this may be difficult to model (making the torso "fatter" and only showing the coller of the vest around the neck), but as you most likely already know it was quite commen to wear the vest under the jacket. This was done a lot in Ireland, but also abraod in bosnia for example or even more recently in Afghanistan. With the introduction of the new vests recently this habit is no longer seen, but it used to be a typical british fashion. it would be great if you could do this. I love the camouflage-material on the helmet. For me this is something very often seen on British soldiers during that period and looks awesome. It's great you are doing soldiers from this period. Not only did the british equipment look very different from other nations during that period (with all the large pouches covering the enire belt), but also because of the weapons used. The FAL is way cooler than than the current 5.56 weapons. With it's recoil it's nice shooting single shots and trying to keep it under control and on target. Would make playing ArmA just a bit more difficult (you have to make every shot hit on target to keep you alive), which is allways great I didn't really had a look at this thread until today, but this sure caught my attention and I will keep a close eye on this looking for updates. Keep up the good work, cause I'm really looking forward to seeing this ingame!
  15. Cpt. FrostBite

    Uhao island

    Looks awesome! Keep it up! I hope it will feature a lot of dence forests/jungle