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    To the people who are playing ArmA, how is it?

    Please let the rest of the world know how you like ArmA! Did it meet your expectations? It's been a mixed bag. How's the AI compared to OFP? Virtually non-existent. They don't engage or spot each other at over 200 meters, and AI placed on rooftops over a couple stories don't engage my squad. There's problems with vehicles engaging eachother in cities, too. I haven't seen any helicopters or harriers provide real support, either. How's the netcode? Not sure yet, played one game online, the frame rate was too bad, though. How does it run on your system (include specs)? P3 2.4 ghz, Gforce 6200 128mb, 512 megs ram. Normal texture settings, 500 viewdistance, low-normal model settings, low HDR, 640*480 resolution (Haven't seen games like this since Duke Nukem 3d). Runs mostly smooth, a few hiccups for sounds (My sound card's pretty old, too) loading. The foliage brings it to its knees, also. I can't fight in the woods, it's a slideshow. A couple bushes can slow things down. Is you wife ready for divorce yet? Not yet, she likes this one better than OFP.
  2. Camelhammer

    Invasion 1944 Alpha Relased

    The AI in the latest release seems to be blind compared to the AI in the demo. I've messed around with putting squads in different locations, and they often don't fire until they've broken each other's lines, especially in towns (Not big ones, either: Provins). "If anyone is interested in helping to finish Phase 1 to a finished state, please contact us by leaving a message on the forum (link is mentioned below)." I don't have an account on the I44 forum, but if this is the final code release, I'd certainly like to iron out some of the bugs. The new effects and everything are great, but the AI engagement ranges are broken, and often, weapons don't fire at the enemy (Flak38 doesn't fire at aircraft, American mortar won't fire at the enemy, even when ordered). I've been a huge fan of the historical war stuff for OFP, especially the WW2 stuff, for a long time. I'm happy to have a release at all of the I44 mod, but I'm dissapointed with the level of polish it was pushed out the door with. I appreciate it, though, AI bugs notwithstanding, this is still the best WW2 mod out for OFP, hands down.
  3. Camelhammer

    Ecp released!

    Whoa, that IS impressive. Should make unit placement more precise, and weapon and mag adding a lot quicker. Any chance of support for unofficial weapons in the inventory? Please tell me we can reposition the units in the 3d view! I've never been much good at using setpos, so if I could place the units in buildings visually, I could do a lot better editing. Would make stacking objects easier, too.
  4. Camelhammer

    Coc unified artillery 1.0 released

    I work in a heavy Cavalry Squadron stationed in Germany, and we have our own mortars mounted in M113 carriers. If the FO is talking directly to the FSE (Fire support element, a M577 with a couple forward observers and the FSO, fire support officer) or firing unit, it should only take 5-15 seconds for rounds out once the last digit of the target grid is sent. I'm not sure what the time is for M-109s, the FSE sends those through a special fire support radio channel to the artillery unit, and I never get to moniter that. And the mortars should be louder. It's not a M203 (Which has a nice pop to it, Dynamic Range has it the best), but a 60-120mm cannon that fires a pretty good sized shell. I came across an old 4.2 inch mortar round at a training area in Germany, was the size of a football in length, at least.
  5. Camelhammer

    Best addon ever

    SEB Ranger Pack.
  6. Camelhammer

    Here's an idea: research your planes first!

    Seems some people were angered by my suggestion. Oh, well. I don't advocate super-realism in OFP planes, or any unit. But believability is an important factor for a game like this. If an AMX starts rolling at a million-degrees-a-minute, I'm going to be startled back into my bedroom, where I'd rather be flying an AMX. Personally, I like the flight model for the PDB SU-25K. It's got a more fluid high-speed feel without an excessive roll rate. Basically, it just FEELS right for the game. Believe me, I have nothing but the utmost respect for the authors of these addons, since I haven't released as much as an arctic barrel. But constructive criticism can only lead to a better realization of an idea.
  7. First we had a hawk that could outmaneuver an F-22. Now we've got AMX's with a roll rate that makes them impossible to control. Now we've got a huey that does 300 knots, and turns on a dime at full speed. Maybe it's just me, but some research into the performance of these planes would make a world of difference towards their playability.