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  1. Coogar

    Futuristic rifle - lost

    I think you were looking for this addon Black Barons T-800 v 1.30 Or maybe you are looking for some Mortia Carabine   Â
  2. Coogar

    Bas pavehawks

    Nice work on Pavehawks.Any chance to see some PJ units in paves pack(one or two soldier model wouldn't harm ).If no than maybe as separate update pack in future like it was with 160th SOAR pilots&crew chief Is's only my suggestion   Â
  3. Coogar

    Rf airborne troups released!

    yay! did I miss something or ORCS made unannounced update of pack  Russian Airborne Troops v 1.25 (upd. edition)  *Edit Forgot to mention that it is going to be update in to v1.5 some time soon. @ORCS team: Any chance to see your site in english too as I dont understand too much in russian and navigating rather in blind through site I'll play with updated units as soon as i get back to my home
  4. Coogar

    Realistic explosion mod  v1.1

    Hi there Goldmember Firstly your work is great I just love your mod  Now about GMR v1.48beta I've found little bug with downwash effect: when helo flying above land effect works ok same thing when over water but when I'm flying back over land downwash don't switching back to land version so when my helo hovering downwash remains white/grayish not brown one  I don't know if this hapening to anybody else.Other than that great work Â
  5. Coogar

    Rf airborne troups released!

    thanks for info  Are they able to operating all around the globe?Or maybe there are some limitations in deploying this unit in to the field
  6. Coogar

    Rf airborne troups released!

    I was wondering if somebody have any good links refering to VDV organisation, equipment, and types of missions that they are trained for etc. Â I want to make mission with this addon and need as much info as it possible to get my project realistic
  7. Coogar

    Rf airborne troups released!

    Hi there  Great work with this units  About RPG rectile bug: it's caused becoause ORCS used Keg RPG's and one of p3d rectile files refering not to ICPRpg.pbo(don't remember name of it) but to Kegrpg7.PBO you can fix it by your self using old texture swapper prog or just put keg's rpg in the same addons folder  About weapon pack with Inquisitors weapon models i think that jpg textures are bad idea so if you want convert them in to .paa files and use same proggy mentioned abowe and  Here's link to Texture Swapping Utility and here ya go. I've do it and it's working ok but now weapons consuming less cpu power Again this is great addon keep up great work ORCS team & Laser and i hope that we can see more this quality addons from your hands
  8. Coogar

    Vietnam helicopters

    a lot work for texturer GREAT WORK
  9. Coogar

    Ah-1g huey cobra released

    Thx to all of you. It was hardwork on this one </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">but why are there two different types of artillery rockets?<span id='postcolor'> Becoause I'm not expirienced config writer and this is my very first addon, so if this is something wrong than i can change this in my upcomeing COG Cobra pack If somebody find any bugs in config than report it to me on this forum or via email (adress included in readme.txt)
  10. So here is the link COG Cobra.zip Feedback please
  11. Coogar

    Announcing dmz mod

    Hobo Sniper there WERE DMZ in Vietnam But if you want make Korean Style mod than good luck with it  But i have one little question: are you planing to place action in modern timeline or you just want to back in time to 50's huh? I think both themes are interesting. But i rather prefer historical mod from 50's. Yeach - chinese volunteers, corean winter time combat and many countries involved in. BTW I recomend you watch movie "Field of Honour" (I don't know if I gave proper name of it) One more time good luck with the mod (if you find any mates to your team)   Â
  12. Coogar

    Announcing dmz mod

    Judgeing from the name of mod ( DMZ ) and nickname of poster i guess it should be another Vietnam style mod but from this what i read here i dont know what is this mod pretend to be. So maybe Hobo Sniper tell us what is he working on and give us some pics of his work    BTW Hobo Sniper if you want to make nam style mod please do this in wright way - i mean proper historical research work ,new textures (and models if you will be able to get OXYGEN in your hands) Check this one and this for pics of my work Â
  13. Coogar

    Vietnam Mod

    So what do you think