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  1. Just because they do it that way, doesn't make it right. Consequently, what I get from you argument is that you are frustrated because you don't want to use either convention (SQS or SQF) as they were intended to be used. This seems a bit anti-progressive to me. You are only setting yourself up for these pitfalls because you want to go Left instead of Up or Down.
  2. crashdome

    AI = joke

    @jolulure I am completely with you on this one, but I have a different situation. To help answer your question, I will answer with a very concrete and blunt response ... just wait before you buy it. All this AI nonsense is not going to guarantee you what you want. I see what type on game player you are and for what you want, ArmA doesn't deliver. I feel the same way. However, this does not make ArmA AI *stupid*. It is simply a different animal. Everyone else is trying to defend or manipulate the AI into something you want which is just not true. You want AI to behave such that it provides a good SP experience in the scripted campaign. Everyone else has already confirmed the SP campaign is bad enough. The real reason to buy ArmA is for it's flexibility as an engine... not as a new FPS. This is not what you want. I am patient enough to wait for what I want... but what I want is more editing capabilities. What you want is better AI. This is what makes you and I different and why I will buy it but you shouldn't. The AI you want may come soon, it may never come... the community might make good campaigns and SP missions that are exactly what you want... they may not... Â your best option is to wait and keep a close eye on what is going on. Trying to boil your decision down to whether AI is "good" according to your subjective needs is not the way to make a decision. Instead, wait it out. Especially if it means buying a new system. It won't disappear... we'll all be here when you are ready. @others Seriously... 5 pages to convice one guy to buy a game? I applaud your conviction!
  3. @Ruckus Since you are converting your scripts, now would be a good time to possibly restructure them according to better practices. IMO if you need to exit an sqf script prematurely, you can refine the script such that it branches to other scripts or calls appropriate functions. I believe exitWith is in reference to functions or to offer the ability to break a loop with a value returned. I do not believe it was to replace "exit". We, as a community, must learn that SQS is truly different in both style, structure, and capabilities. There is no 1-1 conversion of SQS to SQF. Generally, we should convert SQS to SQF by re-examining the solution and re-develop it from the ground up....especially if it is from OFP. There are far too many new commands and features available now. People might think I am crazy, "that is way too much work...blah blah .. reuse code..blah blah...", but I say it is necessary from a quality standpoint and the time you spend trying to work around these differences (such as with exit and exitWith...) you could have rewritten it all anyways.
  4. crashdome

    Progress Bars

    The progress bar never worked in OFP. I fear it may be the same problem here in ArmA. [EDIT] In my older dialogs, I built my own progress bar control using a standard text field. What I did was set the text and highlight to the same color. You could then create a box and use spaces to make it appear to fill across.
  5. crashdome

    String Functions

    I am in a hurry so I will make this brief: As much as string manipulation in code is pointless and sometimes more complex than a workaround, the ability to perform manipulation on strings in the UI is something I would consider a basic necessity. I don't see many dialogs from OFP requiring it as much, but a good example is a filter. Perhaps I have a list of names of people online. Lets pretend it is a list of 100 people (since we are pretending - i will pretend this grand proclamation by BIS is also true). Lets say I want to sort this list Alphabetically or filter out only names containing wildcard chars. Since the UI does not include these options, it would be possible to do so via a script/function provided we could manipulate strings. Additionally, I could foresee many other applications where string manipulation would be really handy that cannot be done otherwise (mostly as parsers). So, I still consider it a viable option but I won't be waving a flag around because it isn't *that* important to me personally. It certainly doesn't impact gameplay - only engine limits.
  6. The road runs both ways. Speaking down to players like that is itself retaliatory. You may pay for for your server, but it was your choice to make it public. You seem to have a handle on ways to deal with the troublemakers, there is no need to come here and defend yourself - especially with these demeaning remarks. We all make mistakes - including the server admins. The players can voice best by not visiting your server and you can voice best by continuing to do whatever it is you need to do on your own server. There is no need for flamebaiting from either side.
  7. I wish you luck with that, but warn you how quickly people will *forget* to update their information about themselves or not follow through on their offers which will ruin it for everyone. That is why I tied my idea to a project. This way it has to materialize first and the people who are serious about helping will seriously approach the team first. I encourage you to maybe get together with Hardrock there and come up with an implementation. I do not intend to compete mass scale like that. I really want it to be rather self-contained as a mini-community. It is not that I am anti-social! It's just that I do not have the time to maintain an openly public website and filter out all the junk that gets collected over time. Anyone will be able to register - I am not going to pre-judge anyone, I would just rather keep it as limited to serious developers or those with serious interest as possible by requiring a more personable and friendly approach than just sign up with a handle and a bunch of fake information. Basically, you can sign up on the website easily but to get *into* the projects and start working you would need to contact the project team or myself. Maybe if time goes on and I get more help, I will become more lenient. I suggest you guys implement using a system already built rather than try and start from scratch. You will never finish it in a reasonable amount of time. For example, I (being a .Net dev) use DotNetNuke as my portal which already provides all the custom user information, blogs, rss, forums, and role assignments I could ever want. Couple that with something like an implementation of SharpForge, a (very crappy) conversion of SourceForge that I can rebuild to suit my own needs. If I had to write the project management system from scratch - even with all the fancy tools I have at my disposal - I might as well just give up. Ambition is one thing... doing is another. I learned that the hard way. Hey, maybe if yours is better than mine, I will have everyone transfer over. As I said, I'm not in this to compete... I just figured I would because this is something the comm definately needs. OFPEC is very near and dear to my heart, but the past is the past. OFPEC is having too much trouble staying afloat right now. I really wish it wasn't, but it is not my site to manage or give advice about. I can only cross my fingers and hope they bounce back up.
  8. MadDog, don't be dissuaded from starting your own idea.. as nubbin states it is true I am trying to create an open collaboration site, but it may not be exactly what you desire. First, I am not looking to post resumes of people who can accomplish certain things with certain skills. The problem with this idea is that it does not account for the time the person has available or if that person is still available at all. What good is looking through a list of names/recruitments when you have no idea how many are around anymore (i.e. OFPEC) Rather, instead I am approaching from the opposite end. I am looking for a place where people can post their "projects" in a basic structured manner and allow people to browse through them. They can post desires such as "Modeller needed" on their projects which will hopefully be read by people browsing through the projects - similar to the recruitment depot at OFPEC except it will tie directly to a manifested project rather than the hundreds of non-existant "ideas" people post there. Consequently, the "projects" will *hopefully* offer basic project management such as ability to assign tasks to people, leave notes, and more importantly have a project lead with which people can contact. I would like to add file storage but I wonder if it is truly needed. It seems most people can perform this without the need to "check in and check out" file versions. Think of it as a "Source-Forge Super-Lite." Anyways, I am looking forward to a more low-key website where a few of the more advanced projects can find a home when people cannot provide one themselves. The added benefit is if someone loses interest or leaves, it can be further advanced by others who come along. Think of my idea as like a laboratory where you can walk from room to room checking in on things and offering help when needed. Also, the ability to post projects will not be publicly open to just anyone. Sure, the public can browse through whats going on, whats needed, and so on... but in order to start a project, one must exhibit a certain amount of skill. Otherwise, I would end up with hundreds of useless unfinished projects that users would have to wade through. I still have 3 days left of the semester and of course I work full-time so it might be mid-summer before I am fully running. that is IF I can provide these without spending countless hours and money. I am trying though! [EDIT] If you just want to post your capabilities and offer your services.. the best place is OFPECs recruitment depot. I am not sure if it is running, but you may even get them to add the features you are looking for.
  9. There is nothing better right now than using a console IMO. By console, I am refering to the wonderful consoles by vektorboson. They are in-game dialogs you can use to call commands at any time. You can then call a function using whatever parameters you wish and see the results. I haven't used any console for ArmA, but when I used the OFP one... I was very happy with it. A "real" unit tester would be nice though but I dont think it is plausible. In OFP, I developed a script monitor which would monitor running scripts and provide the parameters sent. It required minimum two lines of code in each script to be monitored and was completely transparent (i.e. released mission did not need the actual monitor scripts included and the scripts using monitor code would not error out). It did not do unit testing though, but it could be modified to do so. The problem is, however, that I relied on the CoC_NS framework to provide the data from clients. This does not work in ArmA. So, the monitor would need to be written from the ground up using only PV... which IMo isn't reliable enough. It may be worth looking into though.
  10. crashdome

    Dolphin Slaughter... Disturbing

    Is it wrong that I have no feelings for this? Somehow we have been given the moral expectation that we are guardians of everything. Why? Does a lion feel sympathy when it kills a fawn? Does a shark think about the fish it engulfs? Why are humans expected to feel differently? I understand the religious implications that this brings, but imagine for one moment I am placing humans at the same level of animals. If I were to go "hunting" with other members of my family I could not kill an animal. The only reason is it doesn't influence my needs as a man or other such bullcocky I hear are reasons for "sport" hunting. It is not because I feel sympathy though as a human I am sure I may feel that way for a moment. The real reason is because I get my food pre-slaughtered and sometimes pre-cooked. However, if I were trapped on a mountain or desert somewhere and I could no longer get food the way I usually do... I would attack a fucking moronic goat with a stick and beat it senseless if it meant I could live another day. Whats the difference if it's me or that hungry lion over there. Whether I did it out of survival or bought it at the grocery store, I would feel no sympathy at all. I cannot comment on the purpose these people kill these dolphins, but I would imagine they are not doing this for fun. It appears more for the purpose of getting money or directly/indirectly food for them and their family. If you have a problem with that, maybe you should protest by stopping eating. If it's because they are endangered, then maybe talk to the people who are still paying and stuffing their face with dead dolphins. If they were doing it for fun or some other retarded purpose, I would protest... but mass slaughter for food has been around since the industrial age and probably sooner. Dophin/Cow/Sheep/Cats/Dogs whatever... if it doesn't poison you, it's fricken food. If I could ask a dog/cat/some lion or shark that very question, I am sure they would agree with me.
  11. crashdome

    Script Edit

    NOTICE: Currently, the "Forum" area of the JadeGear website is very empty Yet, I get many requests/bugs via PM or this thread. It is very difficult to bounce back and forth between websites and I would like to seperate some of these topics to foster further discussions/requests about the same bug/feature. Therefore, I am going to announce that all bugs or feature requests be supplied through the JadeGear forums. I just spent the weekend rebuilding the site on a brand new server and would like to get some benefit of my toils You can comment here, obviously, but I will not respond to feature requests or bugs on this thread any longer. Sorry. CD
  12. crashdome

    Script Edit

    OK, I think I understand better now. Currently, I do make two distinctions and I will explain why. The autocomplete will always contain "everything else" because it is meant to be a menu and not a filter. For example, if I mistype "_myVar" as "_mtV.." I will still see the correct wording highlighted and tab/enter (but not space) will correct my mispelling. If I made it a filter as you suggested, we would lose this IMO very advantageous feature. Note: space key will work normally because you may actually be creating a new variable and do not want highlighted one! As far as local variables, I made this exception initially for performance reasons. You would never type an underscore first unless you wanted to create a local variable and ONLY a local variable. "Everything else" does not apply. Therefore I can do a parse of all text and disregard commands and globals. I will admit it does look a bit wacky. If everyone thinks it doesn't look right, I will include private variables in with "everything else" at all times. I have learned that performance is not really an issue... and if it is.. it will be for everything regardless. [EDIT] and yes... autocomplete vars to lowercase is a bug. It should autocomplete to first case found. (Usually is also the variable declaration section of a script) I will fix
  13. crashdome

    Script Edit

    Hoz, This is one of the reasons I am taking away the multiple instance functionality. When Script Edit loads it needs to: Load the Base MDI Interface Load the Open Files For each file: Load the Language (only once per language - subsequent files use same language in memory thus loading faster) Initiate the Command file - again only once Perform Layout Build any Abstract Syntax Trees for class files Refresh any data in docked panels As you can see that is alot from start to edit. However, you can also see that subsequent files should go faster once stuff is in memory. Now, I develop this on a laptop which is a 1.6ghz P4 w/ 1gb memory and it loads in less than a second for about 5-8 open files. Also, it will depend on your anti-virus program and any other background tasks. As I said though, I am going to drop the multiple instance functionality. This has caused more problems than solved... which is odd because every other IDE I can think of uses multiple instances.... which may be because in some real IDEs people do not open files by double clicking in explorer windows and use the IDE interface instead. @fasad putting _this and _thisList (which ARE variables) into a reserved word list would remove any variable functionality from them. I am not too keen on that idea. I like seeing them in the variable list. I will see what I can do about the variable list sorting, but short of removing all other files variables, I do not see a way to do that. They are sorted alphabetically by filename. Even if I did not sort, the list would be in order of file opened. I can try and maybe jump the list automatically when a file tab is selected? The Mission Folder idea is being improved upon. Auto-Complete: Case of variables is very difficult because OFP/ArmA is NOT case sensitive. If it were, this would be easy. Problem is you could open a file with _myVar and then _MyVar and then _myvar.... Which one do I choose? As of right now, I believe the functionality is to choose the first one and save the case. For the example above, _myVar would be in autocomplete. If it isn't, I must have broken it. I will check and see. I am also not sure what you mean by "aggressive filtering".
  14. crashdome

    An interview with a seasoned scriptwriter

    WoW!! he's a quiet one! (3 posts in 5 years)! Glad to see these new gametypes! Good luck in your mission making!
  15. crashdome

    Dedicated Server Running as Windows Service

    Hey Nutty (or whomever), if this is .Net I can certainly help you acheive a good Server Monitor as a Service where everyone can avoid using the messy config and other xml files. It will also avoid running the ArmA server as a service directly (thus allowing you to run different server.cfg files) I can also wrap up the application into an MSI file which will install the server monitor service automatically and again.. avoid the messy parts. My email is in my profile. I would gladly collaborate on this with you guys if you want to email me the details. (Do not use PM at the moment.. my inbox will fill way too fast)
  16. crashdome

    Should any VBS discussion be allowed here?

    I guess I really don't understand everything then, shinRaiden. Can you explain the benefits and who gets them? I realize they are two different products and that one targets a different group of people. this is *exactly* why I feel it shouldn't be here. You asked if we should allow discussion, but then tack on the part about having the VBS customers coming here. It is baiting IMO. I would like for us to discuss VBS and VBS2 and discuss what it is and isn't, but it sounds like the purpose is to allow VBS consumers (VIPs) to somehow mingle with community (non-VIPs) and extract information. I realize they can do that now indirectly by trolling the forums, but if it were "open" to discussion it is more direct and the only benefit is the VBS consumer. It is of my opinion that if you want VBS customers on these forums, BIA/BIS must reciprocate the benefits to the community by allowing them to produce add-ons and packages for VBS customers - no strings attached. Currently, we cannot create add-ons and discuss projects for the VBS community without somehow circumventing any BIS tools or agreements. This may or may not be possible. If I am wrong.. if we can currently (legally) develop for VBS customers and negotiate with them (freeware or payware) without BIS/BIA consent or involvement, then please enlighten me, because it would seem the only reason we were not allowed to discuss it in the first place was because it might infringe on some agreement.
  17. crashdome

    Script Edit

    My primary testbed is 64bit Vista so I don't think that's necessarily the problem, but I think it has something to do with there being an empty space. For example, if you have two docs on top when you move it Left or Right it works fine because there are three views and three or more docs to fill the voids. It *should* just revert back to full top view and not allow you to move it Left or Right. I had this problem prior to release when you would float a docking window like the Variable list and try and drop a doc on it. I am not sure how fast I will be fixing this problem as it is very rare. I will make a better note of in the issues area.
  18. crashdome

    Should any VBS discussion be allowed here?

    I voted no. If I can afford multipe websites, they can afford another forum site.
  19. crashdome

    Script Edit

    @gnat I am going to disable the multiple instance and try and get it so that it is only one. That should solve that.... @Unn Thanks for the screen. Not sure why it is doing that, but I'll look...
  20. crashdome

    FSM Edit

    Having reached a common ground with the Forum staff recently, I am pleased to announce the new "FSM Edit" thread. What is FSM Edit? FSM Edit is a tool I have been working on to help in the creation of FSM files for you editors out there. I will not go into much detail other than you can find ALL information here: FSM Edit Website We can discuss anything related, but I encourage feedback or questions through the website above. The current version is 0.7b: Changes (0.7) [*]Added Syntax Highlighting based on Script Edit & SQF Language(Tokenized) [*]Added Automatic Outlining [*]Added Autocomplete [*]Added Command List (replaced Commands.txt with Commands.xml) [*]Fixed Save Filenames Extensions [*]Fixed Export to FSM end-of-line in code block problem [*]Fixed Array being in [ ] instead of { } Note: Binary saves from previous versions will not work properly with v0.7, however XML files should import properly. Changes (0.6) [*]Added Final States [*]FSM Output no longer contains Links class if no links [*]Added Paste to Init and Action Fields [*]Added Color-coded keywords/integers/comments/strings for code in Init and Action fields [*]Added Commands.txt file to contain a list of all keywords and commands for color-coding [*]Fixed Strings in code for Condition, Init, and Action properties (double quotes required on FSM output) [*]Fixed Zoom property for saved Binary document [*]Fixed problem when Importing from XML (with an already open document) [*]Minor code improvements Changes (0.5.1) [*]Changed Layout Design of Menus (Color, etc..) [*]Improved (Slightly) Import/Export Functionality [*]Fixed Anneal Layout problem when no Document loaded [*]Zoom Dropdown Fixed [*]Included Readme file I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. I have been designing this around my needs, but I would love to hear what others might find useful to improve or change this tool for the better. If you are looking for documentation, you will not find any... yet! Now that I have completed 0.6b, I will be working more on the doc side of development. -CrashDome Note: FSM Edit Lite is for non-commercial use only
  21. crashdome

    FSM Edit

    I only have the demo of ArmA. That's all I ever had.. but it went on sale today in my country. I will likely pick it up soon and you can rest assured that I will use it. (I know that isn't saying much). I do know of a few people who are using it and learning alot. However, it is basically alot of testing and finding out there are many bugs with ArmA AI and we're trying to pinpoint how and when is best to use FSMs. I wouldn't even be confident to write any tutorial yet. The real problem is BIS has supplied barely any information about them.
  22. This application goes back to a few months ago when others were in need of a way to browse the commands of the wiki externally. All instructions are in the Readme, but basically once you obtain data from the Export process of the wiki ("How to" include in the readme instructions) this application will allow you to edit the data to do any clean up and then export to a common command XML format. You can then use this file with whatever application you wish. I plan on using this specifically to maintain updates of the commands for both FSM Edit and Script Edit on a regular basis (because the pages and number of commands can change at any time) Downloads Note: You can use this to export the OFP commands only and create a command file to turn Script Edit from an ArmA editor to an OFP editor. I included a current wiki.xml file in the program's directory so you can play with it before actually exporting from the wiki. I do not have the schema available yet, but can provide upon request. Cheers
  23. crashdome

    =22SAS= TeamSpeak and Forums Hacked

    This is all very true, but you cannot clone a mailbox for nothing... you CAN, however, backup your data once a day. If there was anything I could ever not suggest enough... backup your stuff!!! Even if you lose a days/weeks worth of posts, articles, whatever... it's still better than starting all over again.
  24. crashdome

    Script Edit

    Site is back up... sorry I thought I could sneak in an upgrade and blew something up! I will look into the "Open in one instance". It is difficult to pass information from a double-click to an open instance in a proper secure environment (read: Vista) so I will have to find the proper way to do it. When I think about the project files and workspaces, I am also thinking about compatibility as ease of use. I do not want to get overly complicated. The goal of Script Edit is to satisfy the needs of beginners and the bulk of advanced users for making missions. There already exists a "workspace" in the sense that you "Open a mission folder". I want the focus to stay there. If you read the documentation in that section, you will find my opinions about working with addons within the environment of Script Edit. However, I still like the idea of dumping a project file into the mission folder once it has been "opened". A single file listing opened documents shouldn't bloat the mission or confuse people or I could also do as Hardrock suggests and dump it into a folder in My Docs\JadeGear. I have something else in development that takes Script Edit, FSM Edit and mashes them together and adds more stuff for add-on making. This will come later though. [EDIT] Good catch... noting them. Quick question to other users: Would you like the Quickfind to find variables in comments? I don't want to disable it if no one likes the change. [EDIT2] Could not reproduce the string showing up in variable list. Can you verify it isn't that you actually have variables using same name somewhere else (i.e. do a Quick Find on them)