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    Group engaged?

    Exactly what I am trying to avoid.
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    FSM-Users here?

    We have a (28page and growing..) document outlining the benefits and pitfalls of FSMs. I have actually had ArmA for a few weeks now and we are doing alot of testing. They are very nice. They are certainly for specific purposes and all the people that downplay them as "just another way to execute scripts" really don't know how they work or are intended to work. We hope to clear that up a bit. Your idea is perfect for FSM. and on another note, I encourage this editor and though it's only flaw is that it cannot import FSMs as of right now, the next release will. In fact, it has many other coding features that no other editor can do. Cheers, CD
  3. Very cool! an online version for such simple programs is a very good idea!
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    Script help

    Â Good to Hear!
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    Script help

    Don't put your check at the beginning of the script because the values will never change once it is assigned to c1, etc.. here, since your still having trouble: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">helo1 flyinheight 0 @({_x in helo1} count [w1,w2,w3,w4,w5] == 0) helo1 domove getpos gone1 helo1 flyinheight 30 helo1 setspeedmode "FULL" @(helo1 distance gone1 < 200) deletevehicle helo1 exit [Edit...] I suppose I should add an explanation: the "count" command can be used with arrays and a condition. In this case.. [w1,w2,w3,w4,w5] is the array and {_x in helo1} is the condition. What this command does is check the condition against every value in the array ... i.e. "Is w1 in helo1?", "Is w2 in helo1?", etc... by replacing the _x variable with whatever value is next in the array. And adds up the total number of times this value is true. The result should be a number greater than 0 if there are ANY of those specified units in helo1. It will be 0 in the event there are none in helo1.
  6. crashdome

    Script help

    I think ManDay meant to use an @ statement and not simply replace ? with @. A complete rewrite would be: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> helo1 flyinheight 0 @(not ((w1 in helo1) and (w2 in helo1) and (w3 in helo1) and (w4 in helo1) and (w5 in helo1)) ) helo1 domove getpos gone1 helo1 flyinheight 30 helo1 setspeedmode "FULL" @(helo1 distance gone1 < 200) deletevehicle helo1 exit
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    HUD Toggle?

    If this is for screens that are like photos... I suggest using a scripted camera as it was made specifically for that purpose (external view without any HUD). Check the wiki for any command with the word "camera" in it and research "cut scenes". If you are talking about in-game screens while you are battling with your buddies... well, no.. I am not aware you can turn off the HUD.
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    Software Archaeology

    The best preservation of history is by passing on knowledge. The fact that it is shaped and molded within each generation does not change the value of it. Preserving verbatim history is the work of historians and archivers who want to study the past. We cannot even understand the present... how are we also going to understand the past? Consider all the hidden histories of past cultures. I will cite Native American tribes as an example. Even with all the technology, the studies, the books... we will never know the true history because we are white men. We did not live it. We did not create it. We will never understand it. About the best way to preserve it is to let it be carried on and given to each generation so that they can work with it and make it theirs. As it passes on, it may not be the same, but it is just as important. This may sound too deep for "software", but it's the truth. You can try and "preserve" the past all you want. You can never really and truly "preserve" because it is the past and the present doesn't know it. [Edit...] I reread and this captured me again: Let me ask you these: You chose the words "throw away". What significance does that embody? What is more important: What that algorithm has accomplished and how it has been used to create newer and more significant alogrithms? or the algorithm itself? [Edit again... ] I often am faced with data loss. Mostly documents and things I found interesting one day many years ago cluttering up my personal file storage areas. Sometimes I willingly overwrite large sections of data knowing full well I may one day wish I saved something within it (never know which file it might be out of the hundreds I am killing off at the press of a button). I find it refreshing believe it or not. Take OFPEC as an example. Had it never raised from the dead, would we have really been so far behind? We still get the same *noob* questions and the same *noobs* still work it out for themselves. We cannot funnel everyone through the data like a ride at Disney World. Instead we must teach it and pass it on by answering the *noob* questions and spreading the knowledge as best we can.
  9. crashdome

    Microsoft Surface

    The visuals are very obviously Windows Presentation Foundation, and lend to accelerated development very easily. I just started working with it and man is it weird - but this coming from someone who made it as far as GDI+ and never touched DirectX. I have used a tablet-PC that has similar functionality (Asus RF1) and yes, the having your hand in the way seems like it would cause a problem, but it is far more comfortable to use that method (with the stylus) than a mouse. even if it does hamper vision... it is only temporary and the increased movement prevents what I call "mouse arm" where my arm from elbow down feels like a stiff board. @JdB I liken it not very different from working at a light-table. Something us in the printing industry work with very often (as might engineers) (Light Tables). AFAIK, no one at our company has had problems working on one of these (and ours are flat and not tilted as in the examples). In fact, it feels good to be on your feet rather than strapped to your desk all day. I think your theory is contridictory of real world examples.
  10. I think you'd be surprised at the capabilities of what you can do with a scripted FSM. Even more so, I think you can override the native one via a config with your own native FSM.
  11. crashdome

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    Mak, I have a Core2Duo E6600 (2gb RAM) w/ a 7600GT (256mb RAM) and I run on average 30fps @ 1280x1024 on mostly "Normal Settings" with Very high View Distance. It looks far better than OFP did and may be a bit more sluggish, but I am hoping a 7950 or higher will fix that for me. The key is to make sure you DO NOT enable AA or AF via the card settings (leave as app controlled). I would then suggest putting the values you want (High/Normal) and if it is bad... simply reduce the texture settings until it is playable. I could easily run all my settings at "High" and texture at "Normal" and still get 25fps, but the minute I bump up my texture settings or enable AA or AF manually, my rates drop to 15fps.
  12. crashdome

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    I, for one, am looking forward to the patch and I am glad to see that although there are things I dislike, the game itself is certainly playable and worth the money I spent. I have played cheaper games that lasted more than 12 years (and going) and I have played more expensive games that I played for one week and promptly threw away. Each wonderful patch like this is just an extension of its lifetime for me. I realize that is not true for everyone, in which case, your "buyer's remorse" is certainly heard... we just don't need to hear it every 5 seconds.
  13. Native FSMs you will have to re-config units to address. I am not sure about the "overriding" behavior of them either but I do know there are less commands available to be used. I have learned recently that scripted FSMs can be used to create possible changes of behavior in combat, but they are subject to some rules. More specifically, scripted FSMs can be used the same way we use scripts to override behavior but with the limitation of some commands are not available or cause units to cease running the FSM. There is very good reason behind that... you engage a scripted FSM behavior model on your #2 guy (makes him "busy") and want him to stop doing what he was doing and return to formation? ..simply call Return to Formation and the FSM stops immediately. There is good and bad about this. The bad is that things like "doMove" do not work as the command itself ceases the FSM... but there are other movement commands which will work fine. Targeting and other behavior do not affect the FSM and seem to be useful ways of calling something like a "Suppressive Fire" action. Scripted FSMs are not meant to be executed once and applied long term as a means of saying "In this situation.. always do this...." They must be called externally perhaps by an event or when a player/AI unit calls a custom action. The good news is that you can run short-life FSMs to perform actions which are affected dynamically. For example, you can call an FSM for a group of units to "Clear a Room" which can take into account differences in layout and size, number of units, etc.. but you must expect it to act like an action which is run and then ends. I can see this being used to create an extension of commands you give to AI units either during a fire-fight or when moving from point A to point B. It is really quite fantastic. So... when using scripted FSMs, you must respect the fact they are extremely temporary and subject to interruption by the environment (like all commands given to units). Note: I can not get a unit to reliably enter/exit a vehicle and continue an FSM. All commands to order a unit to "getin" either take effect when the FSM completes (assign then "ordergetin true" OR create a waypoint)... or the outright order by a player or leader to "getin" causes the FSM to cease. On the other hand, native FSMs seem to be the answer for longer term changes but do not have the flexibility of scripts.
  14. crashdome

    Trigger executed where?

    Doolittle, the best way to acheive what you want is to first understand that a trigger exists on each client machine (including server). So if you have 5 players and 1 ded server you have 6 triggers. The reason triggers seem to have "global" effect even though they are not truly "global" is because the conditions are usually true on all machines. So if player A enters zone.. then all 6 triggers fire at once because "Anyone" has entered the zone. Thus, you get 6x the "setdamage" effect on Player A. On the other hand, if you you could somehow set the condition to "Player is present" than any player that walks into the zone will only have his trigger fire because the condition is true only on his machine. Thus, you only get one effect. However, since you cannot directly do that, the method above is easiest (limit to one trigger via "IsServer" command).
  15. crashdome

    Transformers The movie (07.04.07)

    I'm not that excited, but I hope it doesn't turn into another AvP let down. By that, I mean fancy graphics with *pointless* action sequences coupled with really bad acting and dialog. I would like to enjoy it when I do eventually see it! Although... do we really need to keep returning to the past for good material? I spent my entire *memorable* childhood in the whole 80s period (80 to 89 I was 5 to 14) and it seems like everything *new* in terms of kid-movies is revolving around that time-period (minus a few penguin movies and a fish movie). So... when is the next live-action GI-Joe film? I think I might go into the toy biz... there is plenty of room for original material!!
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    I think the reason that there is no support is because there seems to be either a lockdown on any type of external communication (i.e. dumping data to the LCD display - or any other device) OR they haven't addressed any such idea publicly. I am looking into ways to retrieve data and with another intermediate app, I could see getting LCD info. As of right now, there is nothing I am aware of that we could use except taking the error log and putting that on the display What would be really cool would be the command menu on the display or the status of your squad.
  17. crashdome

    Saitek joystick question

    Either are great devices. You will not regret either one. I suggest to go w/ the Cyborg if you do not own Flight Sims. If you own *any* flight sims or plan to in the future... then get definately get the X52 Pro! else you are spending more than you need. The cyborg has the rudder twist, the throttle, etc.. it's just more condensed and ultimately cheaper and feels less natural.
  18. crashdome

    SpeedMode incorrect?

    That is correct. SpeedMode is an enumeration of AI behavior. I signifies that they should move as quickly as possible to next waypoint. It does NOT mean they should run full speed 100% of the time as if double tapping the forward keys. As with most of those commands, they do not and probably never will apply to player controlled units. If you want to determine the velocity of the player, I would use the many commands available for that (i.e. velocity player) and building your own custom enumeration (if so needed).
  19. crashdome

    Bi forum for life?

    But how it looks you've already deserved to loose the virginity in those past 6 years and to get your 'box' ,,, but you didn't. I am going to hope it was because instead of fanning the flames, I tried to control them. If I am wrong, then I imagine I will see my first WL soon... but I am going to put my money on something with better odds. [Edit] Out of all those stunts I pulled in the past which I talk about above, I have a message box full of me and the mods working things out peacefully. I cant say that is the difference between me and the others, but it is one possibility. This is one of the reasons I enjoy this forum so much. It is also why I stay far from the OT forum, and when I do venture there.. I stick to one or two threads at most. Sure it is a bit different lately, but for the most part there is people who need help and the people who give it. Those are the most important people on these boards and that is why I am still here - not because of the OT forum.
  20. crashdome

    Bi forum for life?

    I dont see what is so difficult. I've been here for 6 years and never once did I ever get a WL. I've flamed, had my outbursts, heck.. even had a few deleted threads, but I guess the thing that stands me out is I: [*]usually take it to PM when I feel it sliding downhill [*]discuss things with those in authority using as best a dignified response as they usually deserve [*]instead of calling them outright names atleast tell them why I am upset and what would make me feel better knowing full well that *just because I want it doesnt mean they have to make it so*. I guess the important is the last one. I dont run things... they do. Even if I *think* they are boneheads for doing something one way doesn't mean I am right nor does it mean they dont have the right to be that way if they want. People tend to forget that this is not a nation, but a forum or company meeting place. It is not your local town square. I'll agree it isn't as loose as some other forums you might see in other areas... but it is FAR more loose than I remember. I think that low period where nothing was being heard about ArmA yet and alot of people left OFP set the bar lower than it should have ever been. In the old days, alot of the people we dont see around here anymore would even stand up for the mods or in place of the mods and calm things down. Maybe they all left because they are all sick of all the crap that is flung around here and dealing with it? In that respect, I am going to use this thread as an example. I think the reason the forums are this way is 50% the people around here acting like idiots and using this as a way to vent their own problems (always thnking of themselves) and 50% the mods for losing control in some situations or taking things too personally sometimes. In regards to the threads that were silly and fun in the past, I think there is a big difference between them and the recent ones. First of all, I believe it was Maruk or someone else that came in and put a stop to that. It was fun while it lasted but as a company head, he saw it was causing too many problems (bandwidth and otherwise). You can't blame the mods on that one. Secondly, they were far less frequent because there were hardly any people on here. It was a more tight-knit group. Something we cannot have *here* again. It's just not possible and it is gone forever. Time to either take it somewhere else or deal with it.
  21. crashdome

    Bi forum for life?

    I check a few forums... not all of them. Never had. I spend alot of time here lately due to the quiet everywhere else ... before this used to be OFPEC and my own site... We'll see what happens over summer.
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    @DreDay I am not advocating perverted use of children in Arma, nor am I suggesting BIS should include them. I understand your thoughts and your fears. What I am saying, however, is that your opinions do not necessarily apply to me and my beliefs so you have no right to suggestively ban the inclusion of children in this game. The first person to misuse that right I will be right along side of you voicing my opinion. Until that time, I can think of many tasteful (IMO) uses of children and even the possibility of using the engine in a peaceful simulation. You forget this engine is also used to train first response agencies (VBS1). As a result, your FOV is extremely narrow and your opinions effectively exclude these perfectly legitimate possibilities. Instead of thinking of all the negatives, think of some of the positives.
  23. I apologize then. I was certain it would have been fine.
  24. I will suggest an alternative... Open notepad (or download the awesome Script Edit ) and write something like this: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> Text1 = "This is a paragraph of text with \n to break up lines and everything..."; Text2 = "This is the second paragraph I want to be shown at a different time..."; You can make as many as you wish (i.e. Text3, Text4, etc..). Save this file in your mission folder ( ...My Documents\ArmA\MissionName ) as "init.sqf" if you use notepad, make sure and change it from ".txt" to "Any File type" else it will save as "init.sqf.txt" Then in your trigger, take away the text effect and in the activation lin write these: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">hintc Text1; hintc Text2; hintc Text3; etc.... What this does is provide a hint box which the player can read at their own pace and hit the "continue" button to see the rest. [Edit] Here is the link to the command: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/hintC
  25. crashdome


    I think limiting the addon production of child models in game because of *potential* abuse and *potential* media fallout is not only advocating censorship, it provides a context that children and women never feel the effects of war or contribute to any aspect of it. You are only fooling yourselves. I come from a time when cigarette and liquer ads were on toys (replicating a racecar sponsor for example) and blowing stuff up meant really blowing stuff up (firecrackers and GI Joes anyone?). Since that time there has been considerable effort in reducing the exposure of certain things from not only children but also adults. There is no sufficient proof that it causes any benefits (or vice-versa) to somehow "shield" reality from people. IMO, children are not really needed, but I can foresee it providing a better context of what war is. You say blowing up children in a game is somehow wrong for society? I say preventing people from experiencing what the true affects of war are and indirectly glorifying it by saying women and children never get hurt is FAR MORE devastating to a society than the former. If you cannot stomach seeing a child blown up in a game because you have childeren of your own, I simply say that you cannot handle reality and should perhaps look to whatever measure of fulfillment (religion, science, whatever) to help you deal with it. I can deal with it, so don't "dumb down" anything on my behalf, please. If I walk away crying from a "simulator" because I hurt civilians and it truly affected me, I would only hope it has benefitted myself in that I can better deal with why I oppose war as an answer to foriegn problems. I would also hope it is a good testament to the realism of the simulator and the fact it helps to see it on a digital screen rather than in real life. You might as well ban books and documentaries discussing the same things. I realize some people dont want this. They want a game. Fine, but why censor it from the rest of us? It (would be) an addon... don't download it or use a replacement addon that turns the children into men. It's not that hard to do. I will reiterate my point... censorship only causes problems. It doesn't solve them. We have freedom of choice. You can choose not to see that as easily as you can turn the blood effects on/off.