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  1. Cannon Fodder

    ASR AI Skills

    Just adding to this discussion by saying that I saw exactly the same results that metalcraze has posted with Chris's AI mix. I'm perplexed as to how he manages to get the results that he does! I'm now using a combination of ASR AI and the TPWCAS with TPW AI LOS. Granted, the AI is not as sophisticated as when GL4 functions correctly, nor is it as dynamic, but it actually works. The only problem I find (and I'm running with the latest beta) is that the AI is VERY reluctant to leave the danger state once triggered - about 20 minutes after combat has occurred. It's also incredibly difficult to get them to move under fire... BUT it's a massive improvement over the vanilla AI (which, in comparison, is just woeful). I'm spending much, much longer in firefights although I'd really like the ability to be able to move around my troops a bit more. It's difficult to do anything in terms of tactics when, when you're under fire, you advance 20 metres every 20 minutes!
  2. Confirming that the fix was successful for the frame drop issue here as well. I followed the CIT and it was great to see this bug get dealt with so quickly. Great work all around - I'm back to enjoying Arma at its finest.
  3. I too am getting this issue - switching back to 98148 seems to solve it. I'm not exactly sure what's causing it, but it always seems to be while vehicles are involved. For example, I can't play the BAF single mission which begins with you launching the javelin then radioing your support without freezes after the javelin is fired and when the tanks are aware. It's completely smooth before that happens. What I mean by that is, the game will freeze for periods of 2, maybe 3 seconds at a time. Maybe as long as 5 seconds. I don't see this behaviour in any other patch/version and it is definitely related to the latest beta's improvements - must be AI related. It's not a slowdown in framerate - the game just stops then restarts after a few seconds. I can field hundreds of infantry AI and I don't get this problem. Something's broken somewhere!
  4. Also a big thanks to The.D for his efforts - as I've been exploring the mods available at the moment, your guide has been invaluable in letting me know what is and isn't possible. Without it, I would have wasted literally hours and hours upon testing different combinations. I've already wasted way too many! My findings echo yours - SLX isn't really that modular but brilliant if you can somehow integrate it, GL4 is fantastic but needs to be tweaked and lots more besides. I've taken a look at your GL4 config and changed a few things around for my own purposes; I've put the friendly AI advance and suppress feature on, re-activated the dubbing feature (and increased its distance to 500m and likelihood to 100%), and also re-activated the blood FX. Other than that, I can't fault your choices as they ensure that the game remains relatively faithful to whatever the mission maker intended. Your difficulty settings are also quite nice - both you and the enemy can survive under fire (most of which seems to be suppressive!) long enough to move tactically and turn the situation to your advantage. Coupled with the AI enhancements, this makes combat much more dynamic and interesting. That said, you still have to stay behind cover or keep your head down long enough to stay safe - every bullet is still something to be feared! I've got a few suggestions - most of which have already been mentioned... * VFTCAS is absolutely vital to ensure the survival of choppers. Pilot error is far too common a death in ArmA 2 without it. The amount of times I've seen choppers pile into the treeline without it makes using it a necessity. * TopolkaDamFX by Clay - check it out, increases immersion quite nicely. * I also use RUG_DSAI on occasion, but I find that some of the chatter can be quite immersion breaking as it seems, at times, to be quite inappropriate. Some of the barks are too specific when the 'dubbing' feature of GL4 seems a little more vague and therefore less likely to break the immersion. Here's what I'm using from SLX: * SLX_ACE_MISSILEFIX (1 & 2) (For UAV Hellfires) * SLX_AI_TURNMOVE (For more naturalistic AI movement) * SLX_ANIM_GRENADETHROW (For quicker grenade throws, looks natural) * SLX_ANIM_IDLE (For more and longer idle anims) * SLX_ANIM_INJURED (Stops warping of injury anims - like long arms) * SLX_ANIM_JUMP (Quicker vaulting, looks natural) * SLX_ANIM_TURNSPEED (Stops AI turning too fast) * SLX_ANIMALS (Animal death noises) * SLX_ANIMS (Non-warping hand signals) * SLX_BIS_BC_FIX & SLX_BIS_XEH (Fixes) * SLX_DIALOGUE (Fixed missing words in radio dialogue) * SLX_FOV (Vital!) * SLX_HELICOPTER_AI_FIX (Fix) * SLX_MIMICS (Fix?) * SLX_NETCODE (Needed component for pretty much everything else) * SLX_NOFIRSTAID (Needed to stop conflicts) * SLX_NOMOVEOBJECT (Feature I never use) * SLX_RAGDOLL (Needs testing, but I'd rather have it than not) * SLX_UAV (Stops UAV crashing all the time in SP) SLX's wounds system WILL NOT integrate satisfactorily with the other mods you've recommended, no matter how hard I try! The AI_Dodge features also cause warping on the units to which the animations are applied - very noticeable and immersion breaking. I also left out SLX_ANIM_DEATH, as it would occasionally cause some death animations to be played twice - again, very noticeable! I'm just in the process of trying various sound mods (the HIFI mod, while sounding great, caused some distortion at my end. Maybe it's because I use a soundcard intended for music making rather than the usual gaming fare, but it wasn't making friends with my sensitive ears!). CSM next, with the TRSM packs. ACE's SM is quite nice to the ears, too. I'm not looking for authenticity (as I'd have no way of knowing what is or isn't!), just believable. Anyway, you can waste hours on this sort of thing - so thanks for saving me a few, The.D!
  5. Cannon Fodder

    AnimalMother92 Presents...

    Animalmother, I'm playing your missions in combination with ACE, GL4 and a couple of visual FX mods and I have to say, your work is amazing. I've recently re-installed ArmA 2 after having had the disappointment of repeated CTDs with the version released at retail and I've been downloading and installing all the fantastic mods, much as I did with OFP many years ago. Your missions are for me, so far, the pick of the bunch - they're just open enough for the mods to enhance the experience. The dynamicism the mods bring to any of them ensures replay value many times over. Earlier today I played Hearts and Minds and never have I had such a good time playing a mission for the best part of an hour and a half. You nailed it - everything was perfect. From the initial skirmishes in the woods, to the fraught defence of a hilltop while facing insane odds, to the cheer I couldn't help but give out from my chair when the Apaches showed up and straafed the treeline - just sublime. The shouts of my team mates, the terrifying prospect of being suppressed and flanked... I spent the best part of 20 minutes on a hillside with my squad mates, holding the enemy off and trying to improve our position. I loved every second! I'd worked the team up to the AA station through the woods, crossed the open ground, and set up a perimeter while I waited for the choppers. The rain came down, my men were running out of ammo, and the medic was working hard to keep us all alive. Through my scope a 'daki officer broke from the treeline and lined up my machinegunner just as I let off a shot. I missed, the bullet landing inches away, but suddenly there was a blinding crack of light and one of the Apaches had picked him off while making a straafing run on Vishnoye. Just too perfect. When the final bullet went straight into the head of the HVT, it marked the end of a thoroughly excellent experience. Many, many thanks for making these missions.
  6. Cannon Fodder

    NVIDIA video card(s) owners read here!

    I have decided to abandon Arma 2 until it is either patched or driver support increases. The game crashes near constantly, runs remarkably slowly and choppily, and the campaign just doesn't interest me enough for me to persevere. It is, to all intents and purposes, a complete disappointment for me.
  7. Cannon Fodder

    NVIDIA video card(s) owners read here!

    I too am getting repeated crashes, usually when I try to save in the campaign. I get the error: "Cannot Commit". I have a lot of patience for BIS, they've given me some of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I've ever had for the last 8 years... But this is beginning to work my last nerve.
  8. Cannon Fodder

    Another Eastern European Setting?

    I was thinking exactly the same thing.
  9. Cannon Fodder

    Some of those less than awsome ArmA2 features

    Is Alex a dev? I don't think he is, is he?
  10. Cannon Fodder

    Who's going to resist buying on the 19th?

    A shiny new copy of the game awaits me on the 19th. Me and BIS go way back, right from the OFP demo. I've adored everything they've released and had no hesitation in placing the order.
  11. I'm glad they've identified the biggest fault of the original ArmA - the believable world. Be it via mission structures, team interaction, overall plot or environment, they seem to have covered all bases. I am very much looking forward to playing this and the attention to detail looks fantastic.
  12. Cannon Fodder

    Shaky hands & blurred vision

    Anything that makes the overall experience of combat in game closer to that of the nearest possible depiction comparable to real life - in terms of immersion - is alright by me. This is a means to an end - it is to stop people behaving in a way that runs contrary to the expected behaviour of soldiers in real life warfare. If it is an option that cannot be switched off, it WILL impact on the fluidity of a game of DM or CTF - people will be far less likely to move out into an enemy's field of fire regardless of whether or not they feel they have the opportunity to fight back. Games will slow down. Combat, as has been mentioned, will become more static. People are perhaps forgetting that one of the major elements of BIS' design philosophy is that of fAIr. If the AI is capable of being suppressed in such a way that they cannot reasonably fight back, so too must an analogous situation be applied to the player.
  13. Cannon Fodder

    Inside ArmA2 with Jerry Hopper & Lord. J.Kingsley

    One thing that really impressed me about this interview (and I listened to all of it) was the fact that Ivan has approached the series with much the same enthusiasm that I did when I first encountered it. Like so many of us, Flashpoint blew his mind - it is plain to hear in how he speaks about it. Having a man who recognises, and still speaks fondly, of the aspects of the original game that he so enjoyed in charge of the (true) sequel is a very reassuring factor when considering the prospects of this game. To be honest, the snippet about the carrier merited tuning in all by itself! This was a fantastic interview and I applaud all those involved in its production - very professional, very interesting. Who knew lead designers could have a sense of humour?
  14. Cannon Fodder

    Full ArmA2 website on 1.9.

    Very much looking forward to this - anyone else find it interesting that the first released screen of the 'new batch' is one of the opposing force with both armour and aircraft in it?