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  1. French Language : Forum CFr-ArmA Site CFr-ArmA
  2. @ M1n1d0u : I don't play, I don't create controversy, I advise readers how to think R3F. I explain to Mr.Charles why a partnership R3F/HEXAgon is impossible. No games, no controversy, just facts. Mr.Charles asks a question, the principle of a forum is to answer the best possible.
  3. Outrageous, R3F doesn't mix with inferior races. (R3F doctrine : O.E.L.M.E.O.L.E = "On Est Les Meilleurs Et On Les Emmerde" translation : "We Are The Best And We F*** Them All"). According to R3F, HEXAgon work is too poor quality (HEXAgon test by R3F).
  4. NicoBOS05

    Error: createPeer failed

    Up We always have the issue on our ArmA II + Operation ArrowHead server. An idea on the origin ? Thank you.
  5. NicoBOS05

    bug in warfare mod for OA

    On CFr-ArmA we are actually 3 to have this same issue. Important : 1 we also noticed this issue on the official CTI missions ( CTI 16 Mountain Warfare & CTI 24 Mountain Warfare ) Important : 2 I am used to play in french. When I turn the language in English or Czech I don't have those problems.
  6. Hi everyone, We have an ArmA II dedicated server with linux debian for one week. It works but our file log.2302.txt is full with the same lines (more than 606 000 ^^) : Error: createPeer failed After research, the problem is we don't know what's the origin of such an error ! Do you ? Thank.
  7. Oh god, what's that crap ! @ BWF-Patryn : Are you alone the entire french community ? No. So please stop talking as if you were the only voice of this community. We are ALL different, we have all our different opinions. So keep it in mind and speak for your own voice. You should have a look on the french forum ArmA-Fr to verify whether lodu and SINH are truly alone... Could be suprised. Now if you want to answer me, do it by PM. Sorry BIforums team, I had to say in public that no one here represents a community in her integrity.
  8. Following the explanations of renaud... (click on pictures for bigger res) Above a picture from the beginning of a video shown at the exercise “Phoenix 2008†(october 2008); it clearly shows the use of soldiers and a rifle FA-MAS from lodu (released under ArmA Armed Assault). Addons lent by lodu had a time limitation : until february 2009. Quote Peter Morrion (boss of BIA=snYpir) : "and following these two events we destroyed all copies of the French content" So how could we explain this document below dated march 28th 2009? It's a copy of a document from BIA, in which appears a draft agreement between the DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement, French government) and BIA to buy french contents. French contents from those who had been employed at Eurosatory 2008 (work from lodu), august 2008. All under the label “French VBS2 vehicle and unitâ€. Are you still wondering why FAFw is down ?
  9. Joke of course, sense of humor from an old fan.
  10. War already began on french community site ArmA-Fr. Maruk, snYpir, lodu and SoldierIsNotHistory here in the same topic : End of a wonderful mod. All four you should have a serious conversation even if some things are already to late. Indeed, i don't think this case will cause harm only to the French community.
  11. Indeed it works, thanks a lot.
  12. Can we find an addon of static animations on ArmA II as ICP anims or Modul animations Pack on ArmA Armed Assault ? Thank you.
  13. A collision between a sign and a building on Chernarus : (Patch 1.04.9026)
  14. BRDM-2 ac : Under the vehicle we see the feet of the driver and first passenger. (v1.04 / no mods or addons)
  15. Officialy FAF said a wednesday at 11:27pm. That's all. We don't know what month or what year :rolleyes: To be quiet they keep it secret and they keep working.