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    Squad XML Generator

    Hey Zakun, I have did your unlimited option, but I am capped on the amount of people I could add, could you please fix that?
  2. Hello, This is a two recommendation in a single post, so here it goes: 1.) Have a thread that lists common questions so its not repeated again (I can only come up with so many words to describe the issue or question I have in the search block without finding anything close to the question I had in mind) and perhaps a petition of recommendations too? 2.) I am very conservative, and when I tried to mission edit in ArmA 3, I keep zooming the opposite direction than what it is in AmrA 2. Along with throwing grenades at a gear box... Could we please change the zooming? Or have the ability to do so?
  3. For mission related, probably post here: http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?166-ARMA-3-ALPHA-USER-MISSIONS Multiplayer related here: http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?165-ARMA-3-ALPHA-MULTIPLAYER Pending on what scripts, you can find a lot of it at these two websites: http://www.ofpec.com/ (OFPEC) and http://www.armaholic.com/ (ArmAholic)
  4. Squad name: 82nd Airborne Division Timezone/location: Eastern Time Zone (US) Gamemode preference: Co-op Website address: http://82nd-airborne.com Short description: A realism unit based on the 82nd Airborne Division for Armed Assault II Combined Operations. Contact Information: TS 3 - Language: English
  5. Good morning fellows, I was interested in a dynamic campaign, in which two units/clans or more fought over territory, similar to that of Battle for Europe league in either one of these two mods, I44 or HiP. Is there any leagues like that out there for these two mods or is there anybody interested in making it happen?
  6. Desert Recon, perhaps similar uniform as that in ACE but with Recon models? Prefer standalone addon (an addon that doesnt require another mod to be installed, such as TF86).
  7. blacknite3d

    Cold War Rearmed 2 Server being hosted

    ACE 2 has now been enabled, and a Domination Map of Everon has been uploaded.
  8. I would like to put the word out there that DEVGRU has a dedicated server for the CWR2 mod. It will be online for all hands for the remainder of next week. Just looked for the server called "DEVGRU". Verify signatures is enabled, so please ensure you have no other mods or addons with the exception of CWR2. If you have any mission requests for CWR2 that doesnt require any other mods or addons and it is not available on the server, please shoot me a PM with the download link and I will upload it. Game Server IP is:
  9. blacknite3d

    I44 Operation Market Garden?

    Wrong board.
  10. A long time ago, I believe it was for OFP, there was a wonderful campaign made using Invasion 1944 Mod called Operation Market Garden I believe, does anybody have the link to that campaign/mod?
  11. blacknite3d

    What is your favorite ARMA 2 Loadout?

    M4 CCO, with 203 and SD attachment. 4 - 30 round mags 2 frag grenades 1 AT4 8 - 203 rounds Map tools GPS Safety Goggles Ear Plugs Binoculars NVGoggles (when dark) My Brain A corpsman whenever possible
  12. blacknite3d

    Dedicated Server on Windows

    I've compared my dedicated server command line with yours: -config=server.cfg -port=2302 -ip= -profiles=C:\blahblahblah\ -mod=@CWR2 -maxplayers=16 So the only thing I've noticed was you are missing the "port" and "ip", so if it isnt those, it could be your server.cfg. What does your server.cfg say?
  13. Ah, very good then. I look forward to the full release :-)
  14. I just stumble across this mod, it is amazing! Although, I was hoping the full release, is this mod dead? As their website is gone and I dont want to go through 81 pages to search for the answer...
  15. blacknite3d

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    I am looking forward for this mod :)
  16. blacknite3d

    World War 2 League?

    Thanks but so far i got nobody interested.
  17. blacknite3d

    World War 2 League?

    Just wondering, but is there anybody interested in starting a World War 2 League using the 31st Normandy Mod? Where you can battle over territory (like Battle for Europe or World War 2 ONLINE) with limited vehicles and airplanes in the battles?
  18. blacknite3d

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    Computer vs Nerfball, nerfball beats technology!
  19. The United States Virtual Navy is currently recruiting people to fill in the SEAL Team billets and possibly the Marine Corps Branch. About us: The Virtual Navy is one of the largest organizations of its kind in the world for those who wish to engage in twenty-first century virtual naval combat. The VNAVY has five fleets in 9 different time-zones, with playable platforms comprising of 28 frigates, 48 nuclear attack submarines and 106 naval air squadrons. These are supported by our Marine Corps with special operations capability. Majority of our members are active and prior Naval Service, meaning we are military realistic, with Naval Realism added to it. Our website is: http://vnavy.com/ Requirements to join is: Age 16+ (waiverable if 15) Armed Assault ICQ Ventrilo You can contact me at samurai97@hotmail.com of any concerns or questions you may have. Petty Officer Hamilton SEAL Team SIX
  20. blacknite3d

    Squad/Clan looking for player

    The United States Virtual Navy is currently recruiting people to fill in the SEAL Team billets and possibly the Marine Branch: http://vnavy.com/ Requirements are: Age 16+ (waiverable if 15) Armed Assault ICQ Vent