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    ARMA 3, E3 Coverage (reveals)

    Likely has already been posted somewhere on these forums but for those who may have missed it here's another link for you. E3 2011 ArmA 3 Presentation Walkthrough - http://gaming.operationreality.org/2011/06/10/e3-arma-3-presentation-walkthrough/
  2. Continuing to support the BIS cause and help with your SEO @ http://gaming.operationreality.org/2011/06/08/take-on-helicopters-official-trailer/ ;)
  3. Bob.Dob

    Media Coverage | No discussion here!

    ArmA 3's E3 2011 trailer linked @ http://gaming.operationreality.org/2011/06/07/new-e3-arma-iii-trailer/
  4. Bob.Dob

    Realtime immersive - Militar simulator cryengine

    US Army goes with CryEngine 3 for Military Simulator Read more @ http://gaming.operationreality.org/2011/05/28/us-army-goes-with-cryengine3-military-simulator/ Sounds like BIS is going to really need to step it up a few notches in face of such competition (in particular with regards to their Real Virtuality engine when compared with an essentially free and open Cryengine 3 - that's difficult to rival)! Anyways hopefully that will be a good thing for us ARMA players! ;) Not to mention both those companies that won the contract are based in Orlando Florida, and if i'm not mistaken BIS just opened up an office recently in Orlando did they not? I'm curious if BIS was competing against Real Time Immersive and Intelligent Decisions for this particular contract or not? Did you lose out or did you not bid at all? If not, why not? $57 million USD is a lot of cash for this type of thing! Dayum! :p
  5. Bob.Dob

    Media Coverage | No discussion here!

    Operation Reality Gaming (english): http://gaming.operationreality.org/2011/05/19/arma-3-is-officially-go-release-summer-2012/
  6. Bob.Dob

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    Not sure if this is a first for Bohemia Interactive to get coverage in such a large mainstream publication like the New York Times or why nobody has posted this on here yet but I figured such publicity can only be good for the BIS community at large. We've done a little blog piece on this article and included all appropriate official links over @ http://gaming.operationreality.org/2011/05/03/military-simulator-from-the-czech-spanel-brothers/ Congrats BIS! You guys seem to keep going from strength to strength and are really starting to get noticed out there! :cool: PS - if this is posted in the wrong forum section obviously feel free to move it.
  7. Bob.Dob

    Operation Reality

    Operation Reality Gaming 2011 BETA network is officially now open to sign ups in Open-Beta phase. Please register (or use the blue "Login with Facebook" button) and help us test out the brand new official ORC gaming network portal. Do not hesitate to get involved, we’re looking for constructive feedback and all are welcome here for some good fun socializing, gaming and communicating with old and new friends alike as we test and try some new things out to help make the network more fluid and conducive to real serious gaming. Anything you desire, feel free to ask for. You can also sign in with your Facebook account to make it more stream lined and simple for those habitual Facebook users out there. Clans are also welcome so feel free to sign up and create your own private, public, or even hidden groups to promote, communicate and collaborate and help get your names out there. Have fun ladies and gents! Please submit any bug reports to operationrealitygaming@gmail.com or simply make a post and contact us through the site. We greatly appreciate your support during this open beta testing phase! We cannot do it without you! PS - Oh and don't hold the Operation Flashpoint Red Rising post currently on the front page against us, it just happened they posted those videos just recently, and no they don't stand up to ArmA 2 at all. God bless BIS! :D Follow us on: Facebook Gaming (brand new gaming page - why?): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Operation-Reality-Gaming/135377286534854 Twitter: http://twitter.com/opreal Facebook (brand new main page - why?): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Operation-Reality/140851425984463 YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/operationreality
  8. Operation Reality - "A mature community for milsim enthusiasts!" - Established 2006 "Leaders in Reality" "Accept no substitutes" The ONLY 3 official ORC OpReal URL's: http://operationreality.org, http://operationreality.com, http://operationreality.net --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sign up Today and get involved @ http://gaming.operationreality.org/register/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -About Us: http://operationreality.org/page_about.html -FAQ: http://operationreality.org/page_faq.html -YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Operationreality *HOT* -Blog: http://blog.operationreality.org -Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Operation-Reality/140851425984463 -Twitter page: http://twitter.com/opreal -BIS Group: http://forums.bistudio.com/group.php?groupid=59 -Project Tracker: http://projects.operationreality.org/ -Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/OperationReality/ -Calendar: http://operationreality.org/forums/calendar.php -Wiki: http://operationreality.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  9. Saturday the 26th of March 2011 @ 20:00 GMT ORC will be hosting a brand new Public Gaming session (PGS3) which is free to join for everyone who has got ARMA2 + OA and Teamspeak 3! In this gaming session you will have the opportunity to feel how it is to be an ORC PMD (Private Milsim Detachment) soldier during an official operation. During this operation ORC PMD members will be leading squads with public players and will do role playing. If you've always wanted to know how it is to play with the ORC PMD then sign up for this event right now! ORC will be able to host 40 public players so make sure you are one of them and sign up early to reserve your slot! --- CLICK HERE to SIGN UP Today !!! --- *The event will be captured with pictures and videos* See you on 26th of March soldiers! NOTE: If anyone requires any assistance in setting up ArmA2:OA to run in Combined Operations configuration or downloading and installing the required add-ons, Operation Reality staff are available in ORC TeamSpeak before this event. It is highly encouraged for participants of this event to hop on the ORC Teamspeak3 / game servers well before hand to make sure they have everything in order so they are fully prepared for this gaming session. Feel free to spread the word, and invite your friends as well. We look forward to seeing you all very soon! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and our Blog to stay up to date with the latest! - Operation Reality - A Mature Community for Milsim Enthusiasts Leaders in Reality Accept no Substitutes http://operationreality.org
  10. Bob.Dob

    Community Awards 2010?

    Congratulations to the winners! (and of course to all the nominees as well) :bounce3: I tend to agree though with what most people are saying here that there may need to be some sort of reforming of the categories/voting procedure for next year though or you'll likely just keep getting the exact same people/groups being nominated and winning year after year after year which currently seems to be the case. It risks making the community feel narrower than it is and people may start to lose interest or question the whole relevance of community "awards" at large. Just something you need to watch out for imho. Anyways, good job to everyone, keep up the good work all, was good fun, and thanks to everyone who voted for ORC, we appreciate it! :cool:
  11. Bob.Dob

    Community Awards 2010?

    Is this a joke pretending to count votes on a Joomla poll module? The results are immediate who are we kidding here... :cool:
  12. Operation Reality ORC PMD ArmA 2 Cold Steel 2AW Footage - PART 1 N6suhiOIUy4 Operation Reality ORC PMD ArmA 2 Cold Steel 2AW Footage - PART 2 OzqrkxYM1DA
  13. Just curious who sees what threads...? Whether you've been a part of ORC in the past or the present please respond. Interesting to try and calculate throughput. Much obliged... PS - Keep up the outstanding work BIS!
  14. Bob.Dob

    Community Awards 2010?

    Well let's have our own little BIS Forums vote down then... Who would you pick per category? All democratic n *ish like that... Free speech... Simple as making a post... ;)
  15. Bob.Dob

    Community Awards 2010?

    Well apparently we're the underdogs? ;)
  16. Bob.Dob

    Community Awards 2010?

    How the hell did ORC get nominated? ;)
  17. Operation Reality ORC PMD HQ HALO Parachute Skydiving Day 1 TAKE1 9LWaQcbFdE0 Operation Reality PMD Task Force HALO Day 2 20,000m (65,000ft) Parachute Skydiving Jump TAKE2 9mdYCypglC4
  18. Operation Reality PMD Task Force HALO Day 2 20,000m (65,000ft) Parachute Skydiving Jump TAKE2 9mdYCypglC4
  19. Operation Reality ORC 2010 Compilation Footage TAKE1 http://www.youtube.com/user/Operationreality#p/a/u/0/s71vFoeZ3Yo
  20. ORC Task Force PMD Mix Footage and Slideshow 2010 http://www.youtube.com/user/operationreality xKaeNy76t1s
  21. Operation Reality ArmA 2 Q3 Mix Footage 2010 ncAnjDk4aNA