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  1. ORC ArmA 2 Q4 2010 Mix Footage xoTfa6Ux70U
  2. ORC Leaks PvP Op Footage - AH-64 Apache Raw Footage Outpost ybFpg9rIpCA
  3. ORC Leaks AH-1Z PvP Super Cobra RAW Gun Cam Footage Operation Sobor bA50nnO8IlQ
  4. Bob.Dob

    Operation Reality

    Sign up today by registering and making an application post by copying and filling out the PMD application form and submitting it to us privately. -ABOUT US: http://operationreality.org/page_about.html Alternate link: http://blog.operationreality.org/?page_id=2 -FAQ: http://operationreality.org/page_faq.html Alternate link: <http://blog.operationreality.org/?page_id=200
  5. Sign up for ORC Basic or PMD membership in order to stay tuned and participate in future events. http://operationreality.org K3q3C0k4X2I R9GHSBf7ppg M6OHJi2kM8I
  6. ORC ArmA 2 Upcoming Gaming Event Exclusive Teaser Trailer OSTndFlgbl4
  7. Bob.Dob

    Operation Reality

    Operation Reality ArmA 2 Upcoming Public Gaming Event Exclusive Teaser ORC public gaming event 2.... scheduled for November 13th 2010 @ 20:00 GMT... register on our forums today and don't miss out! OSTndFlgbl4&
  8. ORC ArmA 2 Arrowhead Combined Operations - Mix Footage Q3 2010 [PART 1] pp-2PvKv6uk
  9. Great news, been waiting for a "stable" release (just hope it's actually stable!!) ;) Keep up the good work ACE team!
  10. Watch in HD 720p! Z7yxWVz3Mx4
  11. iSG3EUQqgHo zNWkjltZSn8
  12. Remember to watch PART I first if you haven't seen it already! All just for some good fun! Hope you enjoy! :) ZlwGa9RWsnA
  13. PART I of a 3 part mini series documentary (of sorts) on "ORC Camp Reality" dQNULKKTnJU BONUS Random Footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bRTSFNOnkA _bRTSFNOnkA
  14. Yeah we sometimes like to have a little fun at ORC too! ;) Best viewed in 720p! TzPhj6Wkzg4
  15. ORC CNNN Close Protection Unit (CPU) Training Exclusive (Watch in HD) RmBH49MQDsY
  16. I don't beleive ArmA supports this. You'd have to try an OS centric solution or add some IP routes or somehow segment the interface accessible to the application running in a certain zone or something.
  17. Series Six - RO - Promo Trailer #2 jZnJSsIfdSA
  18. Quick trailer promo #1 for ORC mini series 6 aka operation red orchestra - stay tuned for more info CQAlnrzZIdA
  19. Bob.Dob

    Dedicated server

    On Windows or *nix? :o
  20. If it's a proper improvement over ArmA 2 and offers yet more realistic simulation options I most definitely would as I currently don't see any other games in development that are trying to offer the same options BIS does so there's not really much competition atm. Provided BIS keeps striving to please the milsim heads out there! ;)
  21. mmm I just answered this a few days ago for someone else in the very same forum section like only a few posts below yours.... Anyways, basically something along the lines of... -Upload the ace, cba, acex, acex_pla directories to your arma2 root directory (via ftp, sftp, or whatever) and then configure the mods to launch in the arma2server script as required (see example here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1565052&postcount=5) Alternatively instead of uploading all the ace directories from your own PC you could just rsync them straight onto your linux server from the ace rsync server (this would be easiest and probably fastest way).