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  1. ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    Looking awesome, man. Nice job! :)
  2. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @KikoMazar You keep killing it with your screenshot sorcery, man. You keep me coming back to the Photography section always eager to see what you do next. Awesome, awesome work! :)
  3. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0820

    Nice update test so far. Liking the new little "features" added like the new weapon shake sound effects, etc. Really nice! I will say though from a personal tastes perspective, some weapons like the HK's and M4/M16's (RHS) for example now sound weakened and a bit dulled somehow. Like you fire a MX or Katiba and it has a strong nice volume punch that hits you. But then you go to a 416 for example and you can hear something that has potential in sound-style but....just doesn't have the punch and crispness as its counterpart rifles at the moment compared to the previous version. Maybe a bug or something, not sure. But I'll do some more testing in the future. Either way, another awesome update! :)
  4. Handicapped player

    As a real life cripple ( ) I can agree that it was kind of weird how in Arma there was no jump/climb natively. Sometimes my character feels like Claptrap: "Stairs?! NOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo!". Then again, that's pretty much me in real life too, lol. I doubt it was to try combat bunnyhopping or something silly. Maybe they didn't have time to implement correctly or something? I don't know. But thankfully there is an excellent mod called Enhanced Movement by the awesome BadBenson that allows you to jump over obstacles and climb walls. I am even able to have a buddy crouch against a higher wall and use him to get up and over. It's not perfect or fluid-like as you might see in scripted AAA title games might have with a cinematic or something, but it works and works quite well for something missing from the base game. Maybe look into that mod for your needs. Maybe the dev's will take note of it and put it on the board of things to implement in Arma 4.
  5. [WiP] EL_76 Logistics

    This is just pure awesome! Nice work!
  6. Everything is looking beautiful as hell. Lovely stuff! :)
  7. Yeah, I noticed this as well around the forums--a lot of times now I just see something like "12345678.png", and when I try right clicking and opening it in a new tab, Imgur (for the most part) says the links are broken. Glad it's not just me suddenly noticing, now I know I'm not going crazy. :P ;)
  8. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0820

    Yeah we run all of them, including GREF. I'm wondering if maybe with the Escape mission there's some sort of ai scripting that is keeping it from happening. Next session we play and try another mission, I'll keep an eye out and ask the others to as well.
  9. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0820

    That's still weird. This is everything the Casual ArmA Players Group runs on the server and client: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=937923182 Although I believe most of us don't use the suppress/immerse stuff or the Incon Effects. But as you can see, we run CUP, ACE, all of RHS and the ACE compat files, ASR Ai, JSRS & RHS packs, Achilies for zeus, and Shacktac HUD, and on occasion that new ai mod that says it helps the ai not see through vegetation on Tanoa. My entire 6 hour session as a AFRF RHS Russian trying to escape RHS USAF with m4's, m16's, dmr's, etc. Some of which dynamically have in their loadout RHS sidearm's. I personally have yet to see the ai use a side arm, it's only launchers, primary weapons, grenades (lots of them!) and static weapons. Not sure what is different between us, but I've not experienced this issue yet (thankfully). Pretty weird.... Then again, it is ArmA.
  10. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0820

    Just got done with a 6 hour session of Escape from Tanoa with some people, running the latest as well as the RHS compat files. We were Russians escaping from US forces (both RHS), and haven't had any pistol bugs for anyone. We got mowed down by everything but pistols funny enough, lol.
  11. Apparently you were under a rock for the past 3 years of development? The problem wasn't a so-called "all or nothing approach", the problem was we didn't have anywhere near the amount of help we required, period. We had one person who was in charge of infantry kit who got overwhelmed with real life and college, another who was handling weaponry who also had to leave due to dedicating full time to first year of college, and another who had to try doing everyone else's job on top of his own in between school and work to try saving the project while we spent 3 years reaching out to the community and all we got were post "likes", "Wish I could help, good luck and keep going!" posts, and for the most part silence because there was either just no real interest or because we weren't a big name team/project. I've posted numerous times, my modelers on the team even tried appealing to the community. Instead of making assumptions, try reading up a few dozen pages. Don't assume because we had pre-planned the layout of the mod we were shooting for sort of RHS or CUP-sized first release or something. That was never even remotely the plan at all. We've spent 3 years in pursuit of just getting a uniform done. 3 years! Every time someone offered to help, they'd either never start or in terms of our last uniform guy a few years back, started on a bunch of stuff while making promises and vanished, leaving us holding the ball. Guy before that? Told me, "Nah, that's gay....I'll do my thing and you'll like it because it'll look good" because he was planning on making assets for another team first behind my back and then feed us the same assets back. I wish I was joking, but that's the kind of shit I had to be told or deal with word for word with people from this community who "wanted to help", or the fact of how people who claimed they wanted to help, but made every effort as humanly possible to NOT do any work, just sit around bullshitting with the team or arguing and bullying me as project creator into changing my ideas to fit what they wanted otherwise they'd threaten ever so friendly and subtle to leave since they--guess what?--weren't being paid. *Fakes being shocked and surprised* Need I continue? Got a few hours to spare and able to read a few dozen typed up pages of every bad thing that has happened along the way of development that people can only make baseless assumptions about, hmm? No? Yeah, didn't suppose so. If I come off as a bit of an ass, so be it--I earned that right, especially when on one hand people are trying to enlighten me of why things ended up this way while knowing nothing about what goes on behind virtual closed doors and ignoring the facts or my spending 3 years practically groveling like a pathetic loser around the community that we desperately needed help only to find silence and a pat on the back and now that the end has finally come to ASTFOR, now people are circling us like vultures going "Yeah, sorry your dream got squashed n' all, but um...so yeah can I have all your shit to use then since you don't need it anymore?" via messages or emails.....but no, you're right, if only I had just micro-released all of the tons of imaginary assets here and there, it would have solved all of these problems right from the start. Aw shucks! Welp, you live and you learn as they say! I just wish I could have been enlightened to this this fact ages ago. :'(
  12. To the ArmA 3 Community: It is with the utmost and deepest regret as project lead and creator to announce the official closure of what has been known to the community for the past 5 years under the name of Project ASTFOR. This project started back in ArmA 2 with the desire to have something of my own design to enjoy, since to be rather honest, I find all the "tacticool" Operator/SF stuff boring after awhile. I wanted something for myself that I could love and continue to for many years. It so happened that some good friends along the way felt the same and supported my desire and before I knew it, the first step forward towards making it a reality was started with good people like Robert Hammer and StalkerGB, turning it from casual idea/dream into an actual mod project. The first few years was quite the adventure, learning new things, trying to shake lose a clear vision of what I hoped for, meeting some great people in the ArmA 2 community, etc. But then like all good things—sometimes it comes at a price.... During the years of development, unfortunately there was a lot of bullying, false promises, people trying to force me into changing my vision for theirs, etc from people who have come and went that myself and my project have experienced and the past 2-3 years have been nothing short of depressing and exhausting to say the very least. Many who have followed the development of my "baby" knows how much what we know as ASTFOR meant the world to me personally. It's always something that went far beyond just a dumb little mod for a dumb little video game. As someone who has had to sacrifice his entire world due to my disease (Muscular Dystrophy) and whose world is pretty isolated and alone, ASTFOR was one of the few things I could just escape all the bullshit and have something positive...but it is no longer that, and hasn't been that for me for the past 3 years. The truth? It became yet one more thing in my life I felt ripped away and poisoned and strangled slowly over the past few years. I clung tight for my life onto it's proverbial ass like the most glorious booty imaginable, lol, hoping and thinking "hang in there, it'll work out.......someday". But year after year have gone by, and that someday never happened. Things just kept getting exponentially worse. And even now, we've ended up losing good people from my team due to real life needing priority and they just couldn't stay any longer. So I went from 3 modelers to 2 and now down to 1. And I've lost count how many times I've practically begged on virtual hands and knees for help or posting if we can't get help by the end of the year we'd have to call it quits. I know that's happened at least 3 times already and nothing's changed other than the usual "1 like=1 prayer" type post likes. Good vibes are nice, but you can't sustain a project on good vibes and positive "keep your chin up and keep going!" posts. I wish, hah! After a long time contemplating things, I can't help but feel the reality is that with the ArmA 3 community there is really not much focus on for a fictional Nordic mod. Most people are just more really into the whole aforementioned US Army/USMC/SF/Operators stuff or the bigger mod names out there. And fair enough. Not saying people are wrong or for liking such things at all. It just means at the end of the day, people are more inclined to offering help for those types of mods than something like Project ASTFOR, and the past 3-4 years is pretty proof of that. I wish things turned out better, I truly do. I just don't have it in me to spend another 3+ years on ASTFOR in depression, waiting for a miracle or wasting time posting anymore uselessly posting a bunch of Help Wanted posts in our thread that go nowhere, etc. It's just not worth it anymore..... Either way, it's been one hell of an adventure and one I will always appreciate having had and shared with others so they could see why I was so passionate about it. -John F. Aka "Jobo" Project ASTFOR Creator | Project Lead
  13. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.18.0820

    Lookin' forward to it, mate! :)
  14. UPDATE! Yes, we are indeed alive. Progress is just slow due to not having more than 2 modelers on the team currently and real life just becoming an overwhelming focus for most of here on the team. But alas, progress is progress, and that is what counts the most! Things are moving along, and a lot of things have changed and evolved--both in terms of lore as well as equipment. I won't speak much of it just yet, but our little Nordic country will definitely see some interesting toys in its future. ;) I will say though that priorities switched up a bit and we're focusing more on the mid-2000's forward equipment and modernization, and after those are released and we can all relax and enjoy things, the plan then is to work backwards into the older kit. I know it might disappoint some folks and what they were expecting to see, but...I think once folks see what's lined up they'll enjoy it nonetheless. :) Right anyways, time to show a little something-something to prove we're still not giving up: