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  1. yokhanan

    Project True Viking

    I hear ya. It's one of those things that has it's pro's and has it's con's. But I'll definitely keep the updates and interactions going over here as well for sure, haha. To be honest I wouldn't mind just focusing on just here and Discord. Had to put a community manager in place as well for the Workshop. Was starting to give me a tumor, lol. But as per previous discussions about that place--it's to be expected, sadly. Just a shame Steam won't improve the whole moderation. ------------------//Totally Unrelated Discussion Time//------------------------------ While I am here typing responses, there is something that has been weighing heavy on my mind as of late, unrelated to Discord but related to the Workshop and such. I wasn't sure if I was going to address it or not, but feel as project lead for PTV, maybe it's something to bring the community into our decisions for the future of development of this project. I'm sure some of us around here lately have noticed a lot of good people feel the need to sort of close up shop--either indefinitely or for unknown amount of time nor guarantee of future releases. Mostly due to unfortunate self-entitled little jackass kids on the Workshop and such ripping assets, etc. This is definitely sad to see in both cases and something that brought the team together during our vacation to discuss a few times now, and think maybe I should address it not so much overall, but how it affects Project True Viking and its future here specifically. Now when I first finally released this thing to you guys after, what?, 8'ish years of everyone doubting we'd even get here--including myself no less, lol--I saw suddenly people I felt very passionate about in supporting suddenly posting they were either leaving or not releasing because of these aforementioned self-entitled little jackasses who don't care about putting in any hard work to save their lives stealing/remixing/retexturing/re-releasing/etc. My first thought? "Holy crap John, your bad luck finally broke not just ASTFOR, but now the actual community after you finally release something!" I was kind of caught off guard for sure. But got me thinking quite a lot. So I brought it up to my guys during what is suppose to still be us recovering from the shock of seeing ourselves finally release this project, lol, and kind of felt out everyone's view with the personal thought that "well, we made it technically. So if these guys have the same amount of incredible concern and fear, then I would have to let them decide if they want to continue or leave, if things are appearing to be this bad now". And they would be 100% in the right. I mean these guys are a teeny tiny team at the moment with very limited time who could easily just move on and make money with their skills and assets. So you might be wondering what was everyone's decision? Well, it was astoundingly unanimous right out of the gate--we ain't going anywhere. We're here. We finally made it and have no plans on pulling back out now or in the future. Well unless I dropped dead, the world ended or Liam Neeson threatened me on the phone.... Look, from our point of view--even major game studios have issues with it just as much as smaller guys. A dev can find a way and brag everything is un-hackable, then after some time, a punk kid living in the basement sitting over a shit bucket while his mom makes him hot pockets somewhere finds a way. We've been around a long time. We've seen how ugly things can be, but that's not going to stop us. Evil will always do evil. Do we hide all of our hard work and destroy something we finally managed to get to succeed now suddenly? Yeah, no. Now with re-textures and whatnot, we know it's going to happen. Even when my heart fell apart and lost ASTFOR, I received tons of messages from people saying "Sorry about ASTFOR. But um, can my community have your assets we need them." So of course we know some people are completely and utterly stupid and that there's no magical Mormon underwear we can drape over our mod to protect it from rippers, rabid over-sexed escaped bears from the zoo or........Liam Neeson. So in the end: Will we end up having to deal with some nightmares? More than likely. Will we shut down future releases from getting to the same community that supported and helped this dumb guy with a weird dream for the past 8 years? No. This doesn't mean we look at what is going on as one big joke or something stupid like that. We do take this matter extremely serious and it kills us seeing it hit good people enough to cause them to feel they have no other choice but to leave or halt releases, etc. We do care about these things and we'll certainly look into ways to better protect our mod. But we also know there's some things that's going to happen no matter what and all we can do is try to deal with it the best we can as it comes. Take retexture people for example. Look, we look at it like this--if you are that hellbent on it to the extent you are making all of this effort to access files and do it anyways, at least ask us. Because at the end of the day, hell--if you are really good at it, why not join the team to begin with?! Put those skills to use and help us out providing better textures! Yes, we don't allow any retextures or anything right now and it won't change for some time. The reason being is pretty much--"let us actually get our sh* t done first at least". Right now it's just a super rough alpha with not even half the planned things in yet. We need help and we need time. When those things happen, then sure....we'll try helping the community out within reason. At least that's my view of it, so take that with a giant grain of salt....or two...or four. Like I said, it's something that has been on my mind lately and kind of wanted to tackle, in case if anyone wonders where we stand as a team and how recent events in the Arma Community will affect our future development and/or releases of PTV. It's a ashame any time we see the need to have these types of discussions in our community. But even so, we here at Project True Viking will not let a bunch of spoiled, self-entitled jackasses on the Workshop rip our dream and success back out of our hands any time soon. The "Sons of Askr" will take spear or axe in hand and deal with whatever faces us in the future head-on the best to our abilities for as long as we can, no matter what. TIL VALHALL. (Sorry for the long-winded and boring speech, lol.)
  2. yokhanan

    Project True Viking

    Thanks a bunch! 🙂 We're super happy the community is enjoying it thus far. I'm sure as time goes on and we continue, you'll have plenty more to enjoy. Hah, yeah it's definitely at the top of the list. Currently we have the ol' Facebook page and will be working on our own website as well (to also add a bit more immersion into the lore and "believability" of Askeland, etc) and whatnot. But even so, Discord just offers such a better solution on giving the community a place to interact with us, bounce ideas off of, etc. real time compared to these other places and methods. Plus you don't have to be hassled trying to monitor a dozen different sites/pages/etc. So yeah, top of the ol' list. 😉
  3. yokhanan

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Agreed. I like the cooler color pallet on the bottom. But that's always been my preference overall, even when it comes to sharers and such in other games. So what do I know. 😄
  4. yokhanan

    Project True Viking

    Cheers mate! As you know it's been quite a......journey, lol. But glad I was insane enough to keep going. Finally made it to that finish line I never thought I'd see in a million years. Woohoo! 😄
  5. Mods: Project True Viking (still can't believe it, lol!) & Photoshop
  6. yokhanan

    Project True Viking

    Thanks everyone for the feedback, and more importantly....all the love. It was really a bump-filled journey, but was one well worth it. I couldn't let things just go. Had to reevaluate and give it one last try and this time--learning from my own failures. Not just for myself, but more importantly for the guys who worked so hard over the years and to you guys, the community, who cheered us on through good and bad. You all deserved to see this release far more than I do. And I am happy to know so far it's well received (well aside from the Workshop commenters having a mental breakdown over skin-tone apparently, lol). May not be jam packed full of things, but I think while it lacks somewhat in other areas of content, what makes up for it is the heart put into what we do have. And with that said--we've no plans on stopping! 🙂
  7. yokhanan

    Project True Viking

    Not at all. One of those things where no matter how hard you try prior to release, someone always manages to slip right through--haha. Thanks for the report!
  8. WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL RELEASE THREAD OF PROJECT TRUE VIKING! Project True Viking aims to represent the fictional Nordic country of Askeland in Arma 3. Our team has worked over many years, many iterations (ASTFOR), and many problems to get to the point we are at now. We aim to firstly provide a highly detailed mod covering the entire Askeland Defence Force--including a vast and rich history that intertwines with real-life history, giving the existence of our fictional nation more plausibility in sounding like something than can truly exist in real life! Our next step will be to get the actual nation of Askeland in game before introducing the public services, and some of Askeland’s most prominent enemies. Welcome to Askeland: Askeland (Old Norse: Askrland), a country borne from the ashes of volcanic fire and home to warriors so fierce that even their fellow Vikings were scared of them…or so the legends say. According to surviving pieces of an Askelandic saga, it got its name from when its originally Norse settlers first saw it's beauty and vast ash trees. It was nicknamed after Ask (Old Norse: Askr which means literally "Ash Tree"). According to sources such as the Poetic Edda, Askr and Embla were the first man and woman created by Odin, Hœnir and Lóðurr and went on to be granted a home in Midgard. To some, as often found in Germanic paganism and mythology, these ash trees became something sacred to its people. Some scholars hypothesize that there existed notable amount of ritual and reverence shown, especially by its warriors. Many boat and spear were made from these revered "children" of Askr and Embla as well as burnt ash from these trees ritualistically rubbed into the skin before battles or raids. This lead to them also being known--according to the 11th century German (Saxon) Historian and Geographer, Adam von Bremen's historical writings called the "Gesta Hammaburgensis Ecclasiae Pontificum"--as the nickname of Ascomanni, or "Ash Men". Askeland Today: Modern day Askeland is very different from the days of yore, it is a vibrant and cultural Scandinavian nation. Askeland has a budding tourist industry taking advantage of the natural vistas and sports facilities dotted all over the island. The people enjoy the benefits of modern politics in the Scandinavian union, their embassies across the world allow them to play a key role in the modern world. Askeland is, on the face of it, just like Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Below the surface however there is a darker side to Askeland. Recent political troubles in Europe has led rise to multiple extremist groups becoming more open in their actions across the country. The Askeland Defense Forces face a troublesome future, though they have years of tradition and a proud history to maintain morale their resolve is being tested. They face a war on multiple fronts, maintaining their NATO commitments overseas, preparing for a potential threat to Scandinavia by Russia, and helping the public services at home. No matter the threat, no matter the cost--these sons and daughters of Askeland--like their ancestors, will face any challenge with the same amount of bravery and ferocity as their ancestors. Til Valhall! THE LATEST RELEASE The latest release at the moment is our first (Alpha) release. In this pack you will find enough gear to get a squad together along with many weapons that have been used by the Askelandic Defense Forces both past and present. THE TEAM Project Lead: Jobo Developers: RobertHammer HorribleGoat Jones Tasksoldier121 ThePugLife Specter Wessex CREDITS We wish to thank the following people who have taken the time to support us by contributing during the lifetime of development for Project True Viking. We appreciate all of your help throughout our development. And it is with your help and support that helped us make it here to our first ever release. We appreciate the help more than than you'll ever know!: WR5, Kiory, RedRogueXIII, Hell, Crash, Tenoyl, MikePhoeniX, Christian Øelund, Stefan Engdahl, Iansky, Kouoaeha,Troska, Toadie, SPS Team, da12thMonkey, Tom3dJay, Syn, Tigg, Thanez, ArtemSh, warden_1, JSRS Studios, Ca Chua, hatchet, Zeealex, Reyhard, Darkstorn, Sylon, MediumSolid. A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU StalkerGB, Folkward, R0adki11, Da12thMonkey, Adacas, Slatts, Sabre, Jawolf55, CrazyCorky, Sgt. Potter, Laxeman, Vilas, and so many more people both on the Bohemia Forums past and present as well as our old Facebook page that had always supported and cheered for us for so long since our beginnings with Project ASTFOR! FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: Wait, I'm confused. Is this still Project Astfor or totally something else? Q: What made you decide to come back? Q: What happened to all the stuff we saw with ASTFOR? Because PTV feels a bit lightweight and really lacking compared to all the WIP pictures from ASTFOR. Just saying.... Q: So what now? Where does Project True Viking go from here? Q: What kind of help does PTV need? MEDIA In-Game: Misc: (equipment and assets in various stages of completion) SUPPORTED MODS Requires CBA! OPTIONALS/COMPATIBILITY The PTV mod includes currently 2 completely optional compatibility pbo's to run if you run @ACE: • ptv_ace_compat_Optics: This is a test version of a few of our optics utilizing the ACE PIP Framework. • ptv_ace_compat_throwables: This is for ACE compatibility for our flash bang grenade. LICENSE AGREEMENT Project True Viking Mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Using the Project True Viking Mod on monetized servers is strictly forbidden. Bohemia Interactive's approval of your monetization scheme does not grant you rights to waive this clause of our EULA! We expressly prohibit the distribution of any content of this package by itself, or as part of another distribution, using the Steam Workshop by anyone other than official members of the PTV Development Team. CHANGELOG DOWNLOADS SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK
  9. yokhanan

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    Looking good! Also congrats on the kiddo, mate! All the best.
  10. Badass! Keep killin' it fellas. I really like your thinking style and approach. 🙂
  11. yokhanan

    ArmaModFrance is back !

    Big respect, team. I've been pretty impressed with just about every picture you've shared of your progress. Can certainly see the quality and love there. Awesome work!
  12. Seemed to have worked. I do have one other issue personally. The battle eye checkbox in the screenshots are non-existent for me. So there's no way to manually disable BE on the server through FAST.
  13. yokhanan

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    I was really deep into America's Army Online. Bridge Crossing was my jam. Was unfortunately one of those who knew all of the drop shot techniques that usually wipes out half the opposing team before they have a chance to hit the bridge, haha. Ended up eventually getting adminship on the DNAF server, then from there got involved in a well known clan that frequented the server and before I could blink I was voted in as the new leader. Lots of good memories of those days. But eventually as I grew older, I wanted more out of my gameplay. Two friends of mine from Norway at the time told me about OFP. Everything sounded right up my alley, especially since due to my disability I couldn't join the military in real life, so to hear there was a game that would allow me to "escape" and kind of be the the virtual soldier I otherwise could never be because of my disease.....needless to say it peaked my interest a lot, haha. Unfortunately, I was already late to the game, so those friends told me that the guys who made the game released a demo of their new game Armed Assault. Tried the demo and here I am years later still just as much in love with Arma as I was back in the day as a kid. Here's hoping my old ass will be able to see someday an Arma 4 to enjoy next! *knocks on wood*
  14. Going through the same issue as ReDGamerR. Doesn't go any further for us, because have to type in your steam guard code, but unfortunately there's no way to enter it. So you are stuck with the above and nothing much else.