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  1. To the ArmA 3 Community: It is with the utmost and deepest regret as project lead and creator to announce the official closure of what has been known to the community for the past 5 years under the name of Project ASTFOR. This project started back in ArmA 2 with the desire to have something of my own design to enjoy, since to be rather honest, I find all the "tacticool" Operator/SF stuff boring after awhile. I wanted something for myself that I could love and continue to for many years. It so happened that some good friends along the way felt the same and supported my desire and before I knew it, the first step forward towards making it a reality was started with good people like Robert Hammer and StalkerGB, turning it from casual idea/dream into an actual mod project. The first few years was quite the adventure, learning new things, trying to shake lose a clear vision of what I hoped for, meeting some great people in the ArmA 2 community, etc. But then like all good things—sometimes it comes at a price.... During the years of development, unfortunately there was a lot of bullying, false promises, people trying to force me into changing my vision for theirs, etc from people who have come and went that myself and my project have experienced and the past 2-3 years have been nothing short of depressing and exhausting to say the very least. Many who have followed the development of my "baby" knows how much what we know as ASTFOR meant the world to me personally. It's always something that went far beyond just a dumb little mod for a dumb little video game. As someone who has had to sacrifice his entire world due to my disease (Muscular Dystrophy) and whose world is pretty isolated and alone, ASTFOR was one of the few things I could just escape all the bullshit and have something positive...but it is no longer that, and hasn't been that for me for the past 3 years. The truth? It became yet one more thing in my life I felt ripped away and poisoned and strangled slowly over the past few years. I clung tight for my life onto it's proverbial ass like the most glorious booty imaginable, lol, hoping and thinking "hang in there, it'll work out.......someday". But year after year have gone by, and that someday never happened. Things just kept getting exponentially worse. And even now, we've ended up losing good people from my team due to real life needing priority and they just couldn't stay any longer. So I went from 3 modelers to 2 and now down to 1. And I've lost count how many times I've practically begged on virtual hands and knees for help or posting if we can't get help by the end of the year we'd have to call it quits. I know that's happened at least 3 times already and nothing's changed other than the usual "1 like=1 prayer" type post likes. Good vibes are nice, but you can't sustain a project on good vibes and positive "keep your chin up and keep going!" posts. I wish, hah! After a long time contemplating things, I can't help but feel the reality is that with the ArmA 3 community there is really not much focus on for a fictional Nordic mod. Most people are just more really into the whole aforementioned US Army/USMC/SF/Operators stuff or the bigger mod names out there. And fair enough. Not saying people are wrong or for liking such things at all. It just means at the end of the day, people are more inclined to offering help for those types of mods than something like Project ASTFOR, and the past 3-4 years is pretty proof of that. I wish things turned out better, I truly do. I just don't have it in me to spend another 3+ years on ASTFOR in depression, waiting for a miracle or wasting time posting anymore uselessly posting a bunch of Help Wanted posts in our thread that go nowhere, etc. It's just not worth it anymore..... Either way, it's been one hell of an adventure and one I will always appreciate having had and shared with others so they could see why I was so passionate about it. -John F. Aka "Jobo" Project ASTFOR Creator | Project Lead
  2. Project Zenith

    Only if I can request a pair of these bad boys!
  3. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    Lookin' forward to it, mate! :)
  4. UPDATE! Yes, we are indeed alive. Progress is just slow due to not having more than 2 modelers on the team currently and real life just becoming an overwhelming focus for most of here on the team. But alas, progress is progress, and that is what counts the most! Things are moving along, and a lot of things have changed and evolved--both in terms of lore as well as equipment. I won't speak much of it just yet, but our little Nordic country will definitely see some interesting toys in its future. ;) I will say though that priorities switched up a bit and we're focusing more on the mid-2000's forward equipment and modernization, and after those are released and we can all relax and enjoy things, the plan then is to work backwards into the older kit. I know it might disappoint some folks and what they were expecting to see, but...I think once folks see what's lined up they'll enjoy it nonetheless. :) Right anyways, time to show a little something-something to prove we're still not giving up:
  5. Project Zenith

    Van, What can I say? Saying your recent update is "awesome", just doesn't feel like it does it justice but I'll go with it....or "amazeballs" even. The update was really well done, and aside from the slight uv issue RobertHammer mentioned, this update was well worth the wait, man. But even so, there is something even bigger I'd like to touch on personally--and that's your support of the community. You understand just how burdensome creating a mod of your dreams can be and doing things such as openly providing the community with templates to create their own retextures to suit their needs for example just proves how much you love the community. I mean yeah, sure....you could have just left it at "if you want to make a retexture, it's ok" and leave it at that. But you understand not everyone is a world renowned texture artist, so these templates really go the extra mile. And for that, I'm grateful. Both as a community maker and as a mod developer who has invested 6+ long and often depressing/anger-filled years of broken promises and all kinds of other dramas and stresses during the process. You get to the point where you just limp along working on what little fumes you have left in hopes of finally "getting there", often times while thinking "why even bother anymore. I'm too old for this sh*t". You lose a lot of heart both in yourself and your project, but kinda a little in your community. But then people like you come along and do what you can to look out for the little guys trying their best. And for that, I thank you as one of those little guys trying their best to see their longtime dreams come true....even when sometimes it feels like an impossible dream. :)
  6. Vidda

    Yeah, we can confirm. Making a complete mod feels impossible at times. Terrain making as well? Feels like it a hundred-fold more. Project ASTFOR has barely begun and already feeling its sting. Take also in account especially if you're doing something more northern, going to need to also learn to create buildings and homes that fit as well, instead of reusing Altis/Takistan/Chernarus buildings over and over again. Ugh! :D Still, as much of a pain in the balls it is--and it truly, truly is--when you see the work come together, you can't help but smile. And you, bludski, deserve a massive smile as you are doing one hell of a job. Every screen you share, I'm in awe man. Really awesome, awesome work. :)
  7. Agreed, Rich. Cranky/demanding "feedback" givers aside, I'm really enjoying the updates and implementations. I was especially excited about the release of the NVGs. It happened to be released on my birthday as well, so when I signed into Discord that morning my team informed me the thing I've been anticipating and foaming at the mouth for since the initial video was released way back was released I nearly jumped for joy. Smashed ArmA up on the ol' 4k monitor, grabbed a pair of nvg's and the moment I turned them on all people around me heard was me mutter "it-it's beautiful...." :P And the best part? Not only is it in finally, but tweakable as well. Nice! I am still getting a little use to the new way of doing things like settings since I'm still a little too use to putting down the module in the editor to tweak and export the settings for the server ace config, but that's just because I'm now old and just pure absent-minded in general, lol. :p But overall, you guys are just awesome, period. If it wasn't for the work you guys do for ACE, I wouldn't have even played ArmA much at all. No offense to the crew at BIS, but....well....when you play with ACE instead of vanilla everything, you find yourself thinking "How could I have even played from the beginning without this mod?!" So with that said, I wish the entire ACE team a big Happy Holidays as well as a Happy & healthy 2018 filled with even more success! :)
  8. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    I know where this is going, I've seen the Godfather enough times. We go for a drive, and the only thing that comes back is you and a box of delicious cannolis. :P lol But I know what you mean. Look at how many times we've taken a crack at those 890's over the years. Sometimes you think finding the perfect sound is far more impossible than bumping into Bigfoot and taking a picture in the woods, haha. Anyways man, hope you and the fam have a great Christmas and New Year as well man. Here's to a whole new year filled with success for JSRS as well. :)
  9. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    To be perfectly honest, I find the new batch of sounds better and more enjoyable than the previous. Everyone will have their own preferences to how things should sound. But I remember back in the summer when the new setup was introduced and I fell in love with the Zafir. When it changed I definitely didn't let LJ forget I missed them, hehe. But again, that came down to personal tastes. Plus, I understand the "madness" as I do exactly the same. No matter how many say "Love it--don't change a damn thing!", you sit back and that compulsion kicks in to keep changing things. But at the end of the day, 1) it's his baby and his call. And 2, LJ has a way of when he changes things 9 out of 10 times they grow and evolve into much better sounds. If he would have kept things as they were a year ago, we would not have the awesome sound experience we do now with JSRS. So with that said, people are free to like what they want. But it's his choice. Plus I personally really enjoy the new MX rifles even more than the previous ones personally. (Though Dennis, you know if you change those AK sounds I'll have to kneecap you lol j/k)
  10. GRAD Trenches

    You sir, are just too awesome. :) You have no idea how badly I was waiting for a mod like this to come along for the trenches, haha.
  11. Virus alert ? ArmA 3 TAC-OPS RC.

    Same. My guess is false report.
  12. Those were replaced by Viper's from Revision. Maybe the more "old school" helmets might be brought back with old kit. But right now our infantry division aspect of development has grinded to a halted lost cause. We'll see.
  13. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Ah yes! Someone else who has had the same issues as I am right now. I've been banging my head trying to figure out what is going on. Was constantly kicked back to the lobby with the same error. Plus after trying to get in 2-3 times and finally manage to get into the mission, we noticed that everyone's ace interaction menus completely stopped working and we were all unkillable, haha. So now I know what's causing the first issue, now I just need to figure out why ACE is freaking out now. *Sigh* Oh, ArmA......how you hate me so, lol. :P
  14. Project Zenith

    Awesome project and updates as usual. Real big fan of project Zenith. PZ has become our official go-to on our ArmA server as well (which is a life saver since since it'll be the end of humanity's existence before Project ASTFOR will ever see a completed uniform, lol) . Keep up the excellent work, man. Top notch stuff and have to say the texture work has to be one of my favorite aspects as well. Really good quality that works and looks good in ArmA's engine and color pallet since they upgraded it way back. It's always one of those things that fight me tooth and nail every time I try testing camo patterns and colors for ASTFOR. So many hours tweaking just one color to get it to look somewhat less nauseating than the previous billion attempts earlier that day, lol. So yeah man, bravo on the quality. Will definitely keep playing with and endorsing PZ for sure! :)
  15. I think I asked some of my team members about similar things, and unfortunately--if memory serves correct--I believe it's kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind of/ sorrrrrt of possible to a small extent, but means a lot of work because I think you need to basically change things with all of the animations. It's not where you can just go "ok, I'll script it where if you press this key you'll do this walk instead of the vanilla". I asked awhile back because I'd love to see like this style for a walking anim: And also wanted to do a complete overhauled M2 reload animation kind of close to what you'd see in other games like SQUAD for example. And the answer was basically one of those "No and yes." Basically, what you can do would just turn into a nightmarish pain in the ass to get there. But again, memory on the specifics are a bit foggy since it was quite awhile ago I posed the question to guys on my team. So there is plenty of room for error. I personally do hope it's possible for a script genius, but I think this falls under the category of it would be awesome as hell, but the con's and work amount far outweigh any pro's. Maybe if in the future ArmA 4 is done in such a way where making animations are less.....hemorrhoidal shall we say. ;)