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  1. Seemed to have worked. I do have one other issue personally. The battle eye checkbox in the screenshots are non-existent for me. So there's no way to manually disable BE on the server through FAST.
  2. yokhanan

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    I was really deep into America's Army Online. Bridge Crossing was my jam. Was unfortunately one of those who knew all of the drop shot techniques that usually wipes out half the opposing team before they have a chance to hit the bridge, haha. Ended up eventually getting adminship on the DNAF server, then from there got involved in a well known clan that frequented the server and before I could blink I was voted in as the new leader. Lots of good memories of those days. But eventually as I grew older, I wanted more out of my gameplay. Two friends of mine from Norway at the time told me about OFP. Everything sounded right up my alley, especially since due to my disability I couldn't join the military in real life, so to hear there was a game that would allow me to "escape" and kind of be the the virtual soldier I otherwise could never be because of my disease.....needless to say it peaked my interest a lot, haha. Unfortunately, I was already late to the game, so those friends told me that the guys who made the game released a demo of their new game Armed Assault. Tried the demo and here I am years later still just as much in love with Arma as I was back in the day as a kid. Here's hoping my old ass will be able to see someday an Arma 4 to enjoy next! *knocks on wood*
  3. Going through the same issue as ReDGamerR. Doesn't go any further for us, because have to type in your steam guard code, but unfortunately there's no way to enter it. So you are stuck with the above and nothing much else.
  4. yokhanan

    JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.19.0130

    All I can say about that video and the interior sounds....:
  5. yokhanan

    JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.19.0130

    All sounds really great, although I'm sure some of this info we've already talked about privately as well, hehe. But yeah man it sounds (Hah, get it? I make a pun! No? Ok, I'll see myself out....) really interesting. I think so far one thing that pleases me quite a bit is how you're evolving the inside vehicle shot sounds. As you know this is something in a lot of games and really, really had hoped for in ArmA. I know the fear there was that it would probably require a bit of scripting to do right, but I'm glad you figured out a workaround. I hope perhaps a little more can be brought out of that over time. The sound dampening effect is really good, just needs to maybe be made a little more pronounced audibly? Like really drive home the point of sitting in a thick metal box while you have a weapon outside on top firing. But even now, I finally feel like I am inside a heavy metal IFV or something firing. Not like back in the day where everything almost sounds the same inside as outside. Back in the day, there was no real genuine sense of sitting inside metal beasts. Now if only BIS can fix the camera view of some vehicles so when you go into optics mode and fire inside a vehicle you don't get ear raped by sonic cracks. As if your camera is sitting a little too in front of the weapon just because you go into optics mode, lol. I also agree with Steve about the suppressors. The sounds themselves are awesome, but I think they definitely could be raised a bit louder and maaaaaaaybe a slight more punch. Which leads me to next point of being happy with the statement of "Player weapon sounds are loud and have strong reflections. Bass heavy but with more dynamics.". I know this is a topic that can drive you nuts, because no matter what you do--someone is going to whine that everything is too loud. And if you lower it more, then people also complain it's too quiet. For me? I'd rather it be loud and just adjust my game volume instead of having ArmA's sound maxed as well as my Windows sound settings maxed and have to raise the volume to my headset to get some good volume from weapons. Because at that point anything outside of ArmA sound-wise will give you a heart attack and/or make you deaf since you forgot you had to max out your sound settings to get some good "Oomph!" in ArmA , lol. Sorry not sorry to those who prefer soft and dainty pew-pew's. Glad to hear you want some balls on those sounds with some nice volume and strong reflections. Yeah boy! When I fire a weapon with JSRS running, I want to feel like Gunny is in my head shouting at me to see my war face. Not the audio equivalent to the UK's current recruitment fiasco in the news. Know what I mean? lol One other thing on my mind is the 40mm UGL's. For quite some time they sound kind of, hmm how to explain it properly.......explosive? Like too powerful, just firing a GMG from the hip if you know what I mean? Not sure if it's just some config settings or something with reverb making it sound a little too powerful. But from what I've watched and read up on as well it's more like a slightly sad "Thoop!" (Example video below starting around 0:34 seconds in) So if possible, maybe look at the ugl firing sound someday to make it a bit more "Sad Thoop"? Other than these very, very minor things I really can't think of anything in particular that stands out enough to ask or suggest, when compared with your current plans on where to take JSRS. I'm sure if anything else pop's into my stupid brain, I can let you know.
  6. yokhanan

    Refraction blast wave

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing with us! :)
  7. Trust me mate, you have nothing to be sorry about or need to explain yourself. I've been there with ASTFOR, it's not easy to see through successfully even when you have numerous people on deck to help. People who want an apology are either people who think making this kind of mod as "It can't be that hard, they're probably just lazy" types or the self-entitled assholes who don't care about all the time, hard work, stresses, etc you need to invest into doing something like this. It's enough to put even the most enthusiastic people through their paces. I use to shit rainbows nearly in terms of enthusiasm starting my project, and after a few years of a real solid dose of reality, that quickly changed. And then feeling the pressure to rush just to satisfy people out of fear of them talking shit all over the internet about "eh these guys are going to be like every other flopped mod out there", it takes its toll in very big ways. So don't feel like you owe us in the community anything. Do what you have to in order to not see the success you desire for this, but do everything possible to cling tightly to that passion for yourselves. Everything else will come through own its own in due time. When you are ready and happy enough to release confidently--you'll know. The people who genuinely support your project will understand and will eagerly wait. And the rest? Oh well, they'll get over it. Keep doing what you're doing mate, and above all else--have fun doing it!
  8. yokhanan

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    Looking awesome, man. Nice job! :)
  9. yokhanan

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @KikoMazar You keep killing it with your screenshot sorcery, man. You keep me coming back to the Photography section always eager to see what you do next. Awesome, awesome work! :)
  10. yokhanan

    JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.19.0130

    Nice update test so far. Liking the new little "features" added like the new weapon shake sound effects, etc. Really nice! I will say though from a personal tastes perspective, some weapons like the HK's and M4/M16's (RHS) for example now sound weakened and a bit dulled somehow. Like you fire a MX or Katiba and it has a strong nice volume punch that hits you. But then you go to a 416 for example and you can hear something that has potential in sound-style but....just doesn't have the punch and crispness as its counterpart rifles at the moment compared to the previous version. Maybe a bug or something, not sure. But I'll do some more testing in the future. Either way, another awesome update! :)
  11. yokhanan

    Handicapped player

    As a real life cripple ( ) I can agree that it was kind of weird how in Arma there was no jump/climb natively. Sometimes my character feels like Claptrap: "Stairs?! NOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo!". Then again, that's pretty much me in real life too, lol. I doubt it was to try combat bunnyhopping or something silly. Maybe they didn't have time to implement correctly or something? I don't know. But thankfully there is an excellent mod called Enhanced Movement by the awesome BadBenson that allows you to jump over obstacles and climb walls. I am even able to have a buddy crouch against a higher wall and use him to get up and over. It's not perfect or fluid-like as you might see in scripted AAA title games might have with a cinematic or something, but it works and works quite well for something missing from the base game. Maybe look into that mod for your needs. Maybe the dev's will take note of it and put it on the board of things to implement in Arma 4.
  12. yokhanan

    [WiP] EL_76 Logistics

    This is just pure awesome! Nice work!
  13. Everything is looking beautiful as hell. Lovely stuff! :)
  14. Yeah, I noticed this as well around the forums--a lot of times now I just see something like "12345678.png", and when I try right clicking and opening it in a new tab, Imgur (for the most part) says the links are broken. Glad it's not just me suddenly noticing, now I know I'm not going crazy. :P ;)