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  1. Binkowski

    Backpacks, looting, stealing, teamkilling

    Maybe you shouldn't play Wasteland?
  2. It's a possibility later down the road.
  3. Binkowski

    Someguywho's US4CES

    It's a retexture of the default US Army guys in OA.
  4. Binkowski

    AV_IndUs (US Army inspired units)

    Yeah of course, personally for the name section I would just put a US ARMY tape for generic-ness. For the rank it's all personal preference, I would alternate it to either just leave it blank or put a blank rank there.
  5. Binkowski

    Future ARMA games

  6. Binkowski

    AV_IndUs (US Army inspired units)

    Cool stuff Alex, glad to see these released. While I don't like the look of the PASGT helmets (I prefer ACH), these are still very well done. Also good work on the config work! One little nit picky thing here, the right side of this style of combat shirt the combat patch is not worn. Instead, the IR Flag, soldiers rank, and then last name is worn on the right side. http://media0.wgz.cz/images/media0:51013a9659b6b.jpg/ACS+Aukro+2.jpg
  7. I've got quite a few patches in the works!
  8. Binkowski

    Around 50% are roleplaying servers

    Sadly you'll have to join a group to get some organized play going.. I too wish that those game modes were more popular, instead we are stuck with Stratis life and Wasteland :|.
  9. Nope, part of the headgear pack I was working on that has yet to get released.
  10. I was bored today and decided to try this.. I used a mixture of these templates and some of my own that I made. I still can't manage to get the config to work, but I have them in game using the setOjbectTexture method. I currently have no plans on releasing these publicly as there are some quality addons coming down the pipe in the future, these are mainly just for personal and in house use. http://i.imgur.com/TLe8RwO.jpg http://i.imgur.com/o0fM2qe.jpg
  11. Good source file, and good config post surpher.
  12. Quite unfortunate to be honest, glad to know ArmA has become an achievement collector title like almost every other game on the market. Lovely.
  13. 19.4 hours, I just can't play the game for that long. No organized group to play with (always seem to miss CiA friday nights :() and the lack of content isn't keeping me.
  14. I never made the multicam textures on these, infact, the only thing I did on this addon was give Meatball my permission to use my USMC models. I never made the textures. However, to my knowledge Sabre helped Meat out and did some Multicam textures for this pack.
  15. Binkowski

    Why isn't Capture the Island more popular?

    Wasteland has taken over, it's unfortunate but it's true. I've always preferred organized Coop and CTI over everything.
  16. These are the guys who put the RAH-66 Commanche (yes, the one that only TWO were made..), renamed it, and gave it ASRAAM(er) missiles.
  17. Binkowski

    Skeeko's U.S. Army

    Can't modify 3D models and normal maps by using the hidden selection methods.
  18. Binkowski

    They better have female soldiers...

    I saw Max Power post and I thought this useless thread was closed.. Alas, I was wrong :(
  19. Binkowski

    Skeeko's U.S. Army

    Flag right side only please, thank you.
  20. Binkowski

    SOC WIP Thread

    As of now, later stages as in late beta or full release of the game. Since we don't know if they what will be changed between the different versions of the game. Also the content that we are working on is going to take some time, currently we are working on models and textures.. eventually we will get to weighing the models (which will take the longest), the finally export and in game testing. So in short, late beta / Full Release.
  21. Hello everyone, with the new samples released today I have started working on a headgear pack for A3. It will contain some new helmets, glasses, boonie caps, skull caps, watch caps, etc. The full list (as of now) is below.. if you would like to see something added make a post. And maybe I will throw it in here. Here's the first shot (as seen on the Combat Photo thread) Click for higher res List of Content.. Headgear pack gearlist Helmets ACH {no cover, black, tan, green}{cover, mcu}{comtac} PASGT {no cover, green}{cover, iranian hex camo} MICH2000 {no cover, green}{cover, iranian hex camo} MICH2002 {no cover, black, tan, green, ss}{comtac} Gunfighter Helm {no cover, black, tan, green, ss}{comtac} Hats Boonie {sage, mcu}{comtac} Skullcap {sage, mcu, khaki}{earpiece} Ballcaps {sage, mcu, khaki, black}{american flag}{comtac}{earpiece} Watchcap {sage, black, khaki}{comtac}{earpiece} Wraps Wrap {sage, black, mcu, khaki} Glasses Tactical Glasses {y, b, c} ESS ICE {y, b, c} Old ESS {y, b, c} (maybe) Oakley A Frames {y, b, c} ESS Dust Goggles {y, b, c} That is the current list, and is subject to change. I'll keep this thread as updated as I can!
  22. Binkowski

    SOC WIP Thread

    Maybe we can get something similar to what we had in OFP with JAM (for magazines) but with weapons and attachments etc.
  23. Binkowski

    British Units

    You could make it yourself if you want.