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  1. Binkowski

    [SP] Revenge (A3)!

    Thanks everyone, I'll be updating the mission this evening with some changes.
  2. Binkowski

    Farmers in Arma 3

    (f)ArmA III
  3. Binkowski

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    Thank you so much for this release Delta_Hawk. I love them!
  4. Awesome! I love these old school remakes, I'm working on a few myself. Great work.
  5. Binkowski

    ADuke's OH58D Pack

    Duke's back, most good.
  6. Binkowski

    SOC WIP Thread

    Variety is the name of the game, we will have different variants of the model and different textures with different levels of wear for each of the separate units. We don't want 'clone like' units.
  7. Binkowski

    2017 - Official Announcement!

    This is good to hear, I am in the same boat as BadBenson. The pointless wandering and scavenging just isn't fun or appealing to me. Story-driven SP / MP coop missions following a plot much like Chernarus Apocalypse (released in a series) are much more appealing to me.
  8. Binkowski

    Should Arma 3 open a hat store on steam?

    Sure it sounds like a great idea, please make sure you take your wonderful idea to the tracker and maybe it will be the number one issue there. I mean, adding female soldiers was more important than fixing issues with the game at one point.
  9. I'm starting to remember what happened two years ago at this time... (ala Red Orchestra 2)..
  10. Here are some leaked photo's of Bohemia's senior artists latest work in progress on the new aircraft that they are hard at work on!
  11. Binkowski

    BIS, I love you

    I gave up after all I kept reading in the change log is the changes and fixes to the stupid "Firing Drills" challenge.
  12. You obviously haven't read Rock's opinion on modding in ArmA3 with the SWS and License agreements. I hate when people say this, here's an example for you.. and probably the best. Look at Operation Arrowhead. The regular US Army soldiers in that game were made by a community member Johannes and used by BIS in the game. Note, a community member with no help from BIS. When BI get's a hold of them they edited them to add the stupid TASK FORCE KNIGHT and took away the 82nd ABN patches that were originally on them. Now, to compare to BI's work.. their senior artist created the Delta Force in Operation Arrowhead. So please, tell me how mods and modders don't have enough "polish" as BI does...
  13. Binkowski

    AV_IndUs (US Army inspired units)

    Love the progress on all of this Alex, can't wait for the new version ;).
  14. Binkowski


    And what work have you done for the community? I bet you'd feel real great if you were to spend your time and effort to put something into the game just to have someone take it, change one thing, then claim that they made it. I'm sure your attitude would change. In its current state, the sites which post mirrors of user generated content and mods are highly moderated and taking another person's work without their permission is not tolerated. If you want to know what it would be like under workshop, look at Skyrim.
  15. Binkowski

    SOC WIP Thread

    Comes from years of being in the community with many of our members!
  16. Binkowski

    Hidden Identity Pack v1.

    Yeah of course, it's a common problem since we don't have access to all the head source files. No big deal though, still looks great!
  17. Binkowski

    Hidden Identity Pack v1.

    The problem is those Asian / Persian heads have a different shape than the Caucasian heads in the game, much like how in ArmA2 the African faces were the same way. Clipping was caused because much of the headgear and such was made based on the Caucasian head model. I'm not sure what these were modeled on.. but they were most likely modeled on da12thmonkey's A3 Head Mesh example which to my knowledge is the Caucasian face.
  18. Binkowski

    Discussion on "Axed" Features

    I don't either. BI devs like to give cryptic responses.
  19. Binkowski

    New Shemaghs

    Sharpen filter to the max? They looks like Sabre's already existing units with a Coyote tan vest instead of Multicam.
  20. Binkowski

    Hidden Identity Pack v1.

    Quick question, are the face wraps linked to the named selection of Face_Jawbone? That will make them animate with the face movements and such.
  21. Binkowski

    US Special Forces Helmet Pack

    The textures are very similar to the Force Recon helmet in the game by default.
  22. Good work, much better than what BI did in ArmA2 (and they charged you for it).
  23. Binkowski

    75th Ranger Regiment

    Glad to hear you fixed that.
  24. Binkowski

    Poll - Rather Modern or Futuristic?

    I find somethings a little ridiculous and stupid.. ala Commanche rename, and Iranian mashup heli (seriously, whose bright idea was that?).