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  1. Binkowski

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    I'm really enjoying these! Thanks for the work!
  2. Binkowski

    GPNVG-18 Concept Idea

    Why yes, they will!
  3. Binkowski

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Great to see a variety, now I can work on some new ALIVE missions!
  4. Binkowski

    [SP] Revenge (A3)!

    Well, I have been getting into mission making quite a bit in this new game by Bohemia Interactive. My first endaevor was to recreate one of my favorite missions from Operation Flashpoint that is often looked over.. Revenge! If you're a vet of the series and have played the original mission this one plays out very similar to the original, with some changes of course. I hope you all enjoy! This is my first mission on ArmA III, but not the last! I've included a direct download link and a steamworkshop link for those interested. Thanks again! SP Revenge! v1.1 - Steam Workshop SP Revenge! v1.1 - Dropbox Revenge! v1.1 - Armaholic Update v1.1: - Changed player faction to CSAT. - Changed enemy faction to FIA. - Added autosaves. - Increased difficulty. Special Thanks: kylania - for answering all my questions on the new updated scripts for A3 Det-7 - for testing and feedback BIS - for the original mission and sounds
  5. Binkowski

    new stuff for aaf - nice bis love it ^^

    I spy Arma2 BAF ports with hexa-camo... and you're getting paid to do this? Oh well, we might as well get used to it since now all of the MLODs are available. A3 is going to have almost everything ported into it from A2.
  6. Binkowski

    New CSAT forces MBT

    Sounds like what BIS did in the regular game...
  7. Good work excess3, sorry about my absence lately and my lack of assistance.
  8. Binkowski

    Chernarus port from samples

    I'm so glad to know that all of this is common access now. Let the ports begin.
  9. Your auto-download upon joining server theory hasn't been solved yet, even with the dreaded steamworkshop.
  10. Binkowski

    SOC WIP Thread

    And here we see the great texture artist in it's natural habitat... notice the multiple cuts of camo for different areas of the uniform.. creating a very realistic look.. and not a copypasta look.
  11. Binkowski

    (STI) A-10 for ARMA 3

    It's my favorite. Yay!
  12. They are, but as stated previously they are only under 'Men (Story)' and they have specific names. This is going to be a resource for mission makers and a good help for people who want to have a UK SF team with their own identities, etc.
  13. Inspiration? You do know that Smookie (SMK) made the animations in A3... right?
  14. Binkowski

    AllowDamageFalse in Official Campaigns?

    I understand that they wanted to keep him alive for continuity sake... but come on.. making him invincible? He isn't Boris from Goldeneye. Like HKFlash said earlier in this thread... giving him more hitpoints than usual but if he dies then it's game over and the player has to restart.
  15. Binkowski

    SOC WIP Thread

    We will also be having a big WIP post coming soon with a lot of screenshots, stay tuned.
  16. I find the campaign a little cheesy in terms of the voice acting.. also had a bug where..
  17. Binkowski

    GPNVG-18 Concept Idea

    We've got it, unsure of whether or not it'll make an appearance anytime soon. But who knows.. stay tuned!
  18. Binkowski

    SOC WIP Thread

    Slowly but surely. We've been a bit busy, real life commitments, etc. between most of our members. We'll have some shots to deliver soon!
  19. Cool, I had done this back in my headgear pack when the Alpha first released. Never released the pack though, lost interest. Glad to see it though!
  20. Binkowski

    Taliban Mod

    -_- You could make it, or request it in the Addon Request Thread. No need to create a thread.
  21. Binkowski

    Susat Scope

    Cool, will match up with your SA80 on STALKERs Brits.
  22. Binkowski

    Mission Editor Expansion

    Perfect, exactly what I was looking for.
  23. Binkowski

    Arma Mods on moddb.com

    I'll most likely be posting some of my A3 work onto moddb. Always wanted to in the other titles, but never got around to it. Thanks for the info.
  24. Binkowski

    [SP] Infantry

    Right that is an option I was throwing around. It's already fairly reasonable size (not too big, not too small) but I can downsize it perhaps in an update.