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  1. Couple of problems.

    So just a follow on from above post, do you actually play this game? so my base is level 265 and I have been attacked by a level 240, he using only rocket launcher troops and does 55 % base damage to me. I hit him with 12 attack choppers and 12 missiles and only get 40% damage. This seems askew with the level of my troops and base and not sure what the dev's thinking is. So I need to change my strategies then? what do you recommend I use and to what mix of troops? I am now at a loss to see my game improve so I would appreciate your help.
  2. Couple of problems.

    Yeah just not sure how 30 infantry can now over run my base yet my 12 attack choppers at highest level can only get 40-50 % of a base now? and this is with missiles to take out larger targets. I just don't see that for all the time I've played (level 264) and upgraded my units and defences that I don't get game satisfaction now. I get low yield from attacks and from my production and not sure how I can be attacked by same player multiple times if matching is random? Most strategies against my base are not with multiple troops and configurations, just low end attack units and are having a better outcome that higher end units like Tanks and Choppers this doesn't make sense and missiles have been nerfed as well.
  3. Couple of problems.

    Wow latest patch has killed the game, even with my highest chopper run I die please tell me this game is going to be re-balanced again soon. Also I have noticed attacks have die off and player base is going?