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    reasonable radio man script idea

    I tried this as my onfiring.sqs file: radioman = this select 0 SJB_TOS_Satcom = this select 1 ?SJB_TOS_Satcom = SJB_TOS_Satcom goto #message #message radioman say "evac" Nothing worked. So I figured I'd change the init from: radioman AddEventHandler ["fired",{_this exec "onfiring.sqs" "}] to: radioman AddEventHandler ["empty",{_this exec "onfiring.sqs"}] still nothing happened. I still got that generic static noise. i'm thinking of going into the binarized tos seals deal, looking at the scripting to the weapon and seeing what makes the static noise, thats the answer right there.
  2. BoweryBaker

    JFK Reloaded

    All feelings aside, since the point of the game is to learn, they'd teach a whole lot more people selling this game to the public, than to some government agency. Smart and smart again. Anyone would find the game dispicable if they didn't know the point of it.
  3. BoweryBaker

    addon idea: HYK tortured captive

    Just a suggestion, if I could remove the rope, id no longer be a captive and the guards could shoot me. Â Hint. Â Another suggestion, if the rope was gone i could remove whats on my head. Â Hint two. Â Carry on... Edit: You can never discourage someone who wants to push something to the limits for the sake or your own inpatience.
  4. BoweryBaker

    Before you make an island for ofp...

    I'm starting to see a new trend in ofp islands to where the islands come "pre-trashed". Lizardia, that new one from invasion 44. Pretty trashed out meaning, kinda already ready for war. Not so clean. I want an island to where it looks like war has hit already. Being an American that'd make sense since we go into war torn, conflicted nations.
  5. BoweryBaker

    Campaign idea, before i make it

    It's changed again. I won't go into any further details, i've lost track of the general story, im going along at a snails pace so I get quality for every inch till its done.
  6. BoweryBaker

    Campaign idea, before i make it

    Under Operation Double 6, the U.S. gov't investigates an ally's ties to terrorism and arranges a pre war invasion under media blackout. Â Mission1. Â Rescue: A CIA spy that has infiltrated a terrorist camp gives off a distress signal. Â Army Rangers respond with CIA help. Â All this happens at daytime. Mission2. Â Security: Â A CIA spy infiltrates a formal party to get information at a mansion. Â After learning that the host of the party is allied with narco terrorists, the host tries to kill the spy. Â Delta Force, waiting in the bushes, reacts to the threat and they all escape by vehicle. Â All this happens at night time. Mission3. Â Interdiction: Interdiction attempts to search vehicles on a suspicious route proves weapons smuggling thanks to Kiowa pilots locating the routes and Special Forces waiting in ambush at night. Â Â Mission4. Â Egress: CIA has informed the Special Forces Group (unnamed as of now but I'm considering foxhound in honor of my pal Gigan creator of Wanzer) that a list of agents operating in the area has been released. Â Army Rangers have been tasked with retrieving the agents immediately from the field for evacuation off the island and reassignment. Â Only spy Pierce Brosnan is located of the three. Mission5. Â Humanitarian: Â A Private organization in this corrupt nation allows the holding of those thought to be a threat to others without a fair trial. Â Special Forces are assigned to destroy the building and any response personnell. Â Evacuation will also commence. Â Spy Halle Berry is discovered there. Â No sign of the Asian spy though. Â Mission6. Â Economical: SEALs are to ambush and search several harbors and harbor towns for the missing asian spy,to allow residential and commercial access to harbors, and ease the high taxes the terrorists have put on foreign imports they guard in order to see their weapons come in. Â Still no sign of the missing asian woman spy. Â Mission7. Â Diplomatic: The Capital building of the nation invaded is under fire from insurgents. Â Blackhawk helicopter door gunner platforms will provide machine gun cover till the area is cleared. Â Once clear a marine unit will be on the ground as security, and subsequently in capital cities and financial establishments throughout the country. Â Game over...or is it? Â Â Now lets talk about it.
  7. BoweryBaker

    Russian nuclear submarine sinks

    Will that nuclear stuff in the subs affect the water supply?
  8. BoweryBaker

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    My personal feelings on America right now is that it's a quiet disorder. Â In the end things work out fine for the smart, wise, and understanding. Â The major problems I see are in what American media shows. Â Why is it that in national news they'll tell you that there is a low percentage or barbers, but when you flip to local news its only crime and stories that make you go awwwww. Â Shouldn't it be vice versa? Â I can change my local economy, I can't change the nation's economy. Â Let the police know what crimes are going on. Â Media in america is so unorganized. Â See what I mean? Â A quiet disorder. Â Lack of information, no, just the misplacement of it is the problem right now. Â People are being told stuff that isn't useful. Telemarketing could be the most important tool to a local government official if he used it. Then as the chain of command goes higher, the higher ups report to the higher ups, but who's listening to the people right now, and getting for the people what the people need?
  9. BoweryBaker

    Army Stryker vehicle

    The stryker is built for a combination of technology, speed, and a high amount of people being moved across the ground. Â The US Military needs an APC built prioritized for protection whether it move slow or fast. Â A vehicle to where security is first and speed is the last of worries. Â A tank with more room. Â Currently all apc's can be taken out in a flash by a good rpg shooter. Â Maybe a good addon idea would be to create a futuristic apc with high armor.
  10. BoweryBaker

    campaign releases...

    Okay the point id like to now make is....basically what the question of the poll is, but in regards to my campaign would that change? I guess not. The majority has voted that they'd like for a campaign release to be done before release, not mission by mission. I just wondered if there'd be any factors that would change that. It is good to have a clan that helps test your missions one by one though.
  11. BoweryBaker

    User Missions section should be more lively

    Good observation topic starter. Right now I'm working on a spec ops campaign. It's very fun so far. Then I'm working on trying to get the mini gears updated to high quality textures and sounds to complement the wanzers.
  12. BoweryBaker

    Wanzer Pack 15 - Wanzer Mech

    For some reason I can't view those movies. I'm not worried about it though.
  13. BoweryBaker

    Wanzer Pack 15 - Wanzer Mech

    If that wanzer fires off a nuke i got a scenario already: what happened already: Â We've kidnapped a scientist from the nation of...futuria...and are trying to get that wanzer technology off of him to use for our military. Â Some mini gears assaulted our camp and brought him back. Â Now though, we at least traced him down, and can start looking through their facilities to find the wanzer gear thats capable of firing off a nuke. Â It's this badboy that we know is the puppy that can establish their power for good. Â whats happening now: location: a secret desert nuclear testing island with some rural inhabitants. you: a member of a futuristic special operations team. goal: Search through a series of facilities to find the one holding a new wanzer that fires off a nuke capable of deploying anywhere in the world. Convince the local inhabitants to fight for your cause. Â It could have boss battles and everything, lazer rifle fights, all that good stuff. Â But we need high quality mini gears to complement the wanzers. Â If the wanzers are the tanks, the mini gears got to be the soldiers, security, stuff like that for these facilities. Â The ones who carry out the small scale operations. Â They can't just expect to send out a group of wanzers every time they want to invade a country. Â This nation that owns these wanzers needs high quality mini gears to carry out operations in other countries to where their scientists get kidnapped or whatever. Â They have secret technology that must be protected. Â Email me for sounds. Lets just think now, even if they had their own island and military force, what would make them bad people? Their beliefs. Okay so... They'll need their own nation. Soldiers/SPEC OPS would be high quality mini gears, they got aircraft, and tanks being the wanzers. It's a perfect threat.
  14. BoweryBaker

    ofp mech talk, gundam fans welcome

    I would love to see the mini gears with proper textures and sound effects. Â With all the excellent texture artists and sound diggers we have out here, its a shame noone has bothered to get up on this project. Â i have tried but i suck at textures. Â i do have the walking sound effects and explosion already collected if any of you wants to get down with this project. Â I can also get a config guy and we can have mini gears for all three sides. Â I'm going to contact Gigan, the creator of Wanzer to see what he can do. Â If you talk to people the right way, they do stuff for you. Â I really want high quality mini gears for us to complement the wanzers and im not only a client, but im a member as well if you know what im saying. I'm going to help I just need people.
  15. BoweryBaker

    reasonable radio man script idea

    This should work: first name your radio man "radioman" then get the editor name of his radio. Then in the init field of the radioman type in: radioman AddEventHandler ["fired",{_this exec "onfiring.sqs"}] Â in the on activation field of the trigger put in: radioman say "nameofaudiofile" I just need the trigger to know that the script has been executed. Â Like condition: Â "onfiring.sqs" or something like that. Â I just don't know where to put the returned value of if the weapon is fired. The research continues...
  16. BoweryBaker

    Equipment carried on missions

    Some type of stuff to prevent malaria and common diseases of the area. Bug lotion. Some method of cleaning the water. I don't know.
  17. BoweryBaker

    reasonable radio man script idea

    It does! Thats a start. Thanks.
  18. BoweryBaker

    addon idea: HYK tortured captive

    Drill Sergeant you are an excellent artist. Â Beaten up civillians like calm terror said more than likely will not be rescued but who's to say that they're not scientists withholding information or spies even? Â So how about you then DS? Drill Sergeant, is it possible you could keep the faces, especiallly the female, but throw them in some military gear, and please remove the boots. Â Hell, you've got some military gear already in the softpack and you had that tshirt model done and posted before. Â military gear of soldier: Â standard brown t shirt, camo trousers, no boots just socks. military gear of pilot: Â pilot outfit, no helmet, no boots just socks. military gear of political prisoner: Â orange jumpsuit no boots just socks. and all with beaten up faces. By the way, nice firing squad vignettes going on over there.
  19. BoweryBaker


    I guess a tank is kind of a mobile all terrain cannon platform. Â Good for defence of towns as pictured. Also good for long range shots that will destroy heavily fortified objects that artillery can't precisely take out. Â Do you think the tank will ever be phased out? Â Well why do we use tanks now? Â In the gulf tanks are used as defence for convoys. Â They stand guard against insurgents at street corners and checkpoints. Â The cannon and the armor is the strongest part and most valuable part of a tank. Â It can take alot of hits, it can deliver a very strong hit itself. Â Doesn't radar detect tanks though? Â In a war its always the soldier who's the target, and you can bet that a tank is going to protect him. Â Them I should say. Â You'd want your squad to be near the tank but not too close. Â You don't want an rpg to bounce off and injure your squad. Â The squad takes care of the soldiers, if anything heavy comes like lets say, a truck full of soldiers....boom. Â Also theres recon. Â Like to watch a route or something. Â Motion detectors inside of the tank would let the crew know something is going on in front of the tank, the tank gunner positions the gun on whatever it may be, the road you've been inspecting is suddenly under the watchful eye of a security camera that fires a cannon shell. Â Downloading now. Â Bug: Â I think that instead of having the searchlight random, that tank should just be considered a night version. Scenario: Â Ambush. Â Some tanks along with a few squads of grunts during war time is sent in to do recon on a road from long range that it is used as an enemy supply route. Â Since there are no trees or forest near the road for many kilometers, the tank is used to ambush and the soldiers are there in defence of the tanks.
  20. BoweryBaker

    the ofp sites aren't working for me

    I'm using edgefiles, ofp.info, atwar, and I can't get no navy seals divers or nothing like that. Just when I got out the loony bin and want back into ofp, look what I got me....nothing. It's sad because in the bin i wrote up an entire campaign and all of a sudden im blocked out. I feel its a government thing or something. Just like when they edited my post about the seals and green berets. Of course its not, but still, why am i being descriminated? I know others who share my plight. Speak up.
  21. 1. can't get downloads from ofp.cz or ofp.info as one might put it. Other ofp sites too. 2. click the multiplayer on the main menu and ofp freezes. Anyone got a solution?
  22. BoweryBaker

    Before you make an island for ofp...

    I'm really loooking forward to lizardia. I know I'm going to rank that up with chechnya, mcnoools pacific, mungari and then will be lizardia.
  23. BoweryBaker

    addon idea: HYK tortured captive

    The problem with that is, i can't put in my PC jail on mungari or mcnools and make it authentic and tonal lags me out. Â You can't keep a beaten up and tortured man in a hut with an open door. Â Not even if it had guards it still wouldn't be cool. Â The guards fall asleep n crap. Another thing is, he can't have his boots on. If he has his boots on he can run.
  24. BoweryBaker

    A good SMGs (prefibly MP5 variants)

    @Pajama:I believe that is the new HYK desert cqb guy. Â He looks really nice.
  25. BoweryBaker

    addon idea: HYK tortured captive

    Exactly, exactly. Â Here's what I think: 1.Beaten up and bruised face. 2.Brown, army issue T shirt. Â 3. Â HYK camo bdu pants. 4. Â No boots. Â Must have no boots. 5. Â Shirtless is another option too, but must have whiplashes on his back or something to that effect.