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    the brainstorming phase of a mission

    once you are blessed with a good story you should make each situation lead to the next as long as it can go but be smart about it. Â maybe, if you're lucky your franchise will last you your entire life, or you may be blessed with many stories.
  2. BoweryBaker

    The youth of today

    Youth aren't fully grown, so they'll always be a problem. You have to strictly instill in them the principles of virtue while they're young, like a knight in training, for them to be good kids.
  3. BoweryBaker

    what are you working on?

    Ghost team sounds badass. Â Please put me on the mailing list for ghost team. There were some setbacks in the power campaign and i had to redo all three missions, after I sent them into all my friends to beta test, but also the mistake of sending them into avon lady and ofp.info so you can imagine how I feel having a crappy mission floating around out there. I hope they let me udpate it. I have missions one and two down to perfection and am now working on mission three. I finally figured out how to do cutscenes.
  4. BoweryBaker

    hollering group of rushing soldiers

    That's a cool idea man. I thought of it ,but you actually attempted to make it. I got a screaming sound file if you want a group of warriors rushing at you guns blazing.
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    The Avon Lady's Lasey Daze Demo Mission Pack

    Now that's what I'm talking about Avon. Â Personally, the announce of your mission pack brings back memories of a great asset to warfare. Â Soldiers working in conjunction with air power during combat operations not just for for full scale war, but perhaps even a navy seal unit lasing a target for something off of a carrier to come and hit during a special operation. An Air Force STT unit even.
  6. BoweryBaker

    The youth of today

    Â What they mean is the young culture. Â Fad its also known as. Â Thats only because people think that when you grow up you won't dress hip hop or punk anymore, or anti government, or all gothic, or however you dress. Â If its totally eye catching and good then keep it, but if it gets you disapproval and not alot of good comments don't. Â They can only judge the youth of today by the trends. Â Music, clothes, and thats just about it. Â Its as simple as those two. Â I still dress hip hop and if I dress like i'm going to church one day, Â and someone tells me i look nice, does that mean that by society's standards im a nicer person for wearing those clothes for them? Â No, just looking nice is an extreme right wing term used to control. Â You can't look nice, you can only be nice. Â Nice is an inner quality, but back to youth of today, they're just using that to talk about a certain group who they wish not to go into detail about, like, whom they are, or, what they look like. Â So till they want change to any problems they see with the youth of today they're going to have to single out a certain crowd as far as their helpful information sharing is concerned or perhaps give information we all can use. Â The youth do. Â Hanging out with different people of race, sex, or music choice is essential to ironing out problems in the scene you're involved in. Â Going to school is hard on youth because they often get bogged down with homework and hard exams just for what, be taught five things in the course of a month, then at the end of the month be tested on all five things at once. Â Thats not how you teach. Â You take it one lesson at a time, that lesson is mastered, and then you move on. Â Some schools don't undersand this though. Â For the self taught, lessons are chosen based on long term needs and concerns rather than the fundamentals a school start you off with. Â That's why its best to start off in school, then when you get out keep learning to assist your long term planning, like we all are.
  7. BoweryBaker

    CV-22 Osprey

    I hope th next Osprey that comes along has a fastrope script. Â Otherwise its useless eye candy.
  8. BoweryBaker

    Captured & Beaten Civilians pack Version 1.0

    Aw man, that blindfold is priceless. Just in time too. In mission three of my series I'm doing a jail raid of a modern day interrogation camp.
  9. BoweryBaker

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I can understand them. Â When war was called in Iraq I was like oh no, two wars, but then i got pumped when they explained the evidence. Â I said awwww man, thats good evidence, but didn't really know for sure that was a picture of what it was supposed to be a picture of. Â It could have been an Iraqi school for deaf children they said was a nuke facility, I don't know. Â The president explained it today by basically saying "I act based upon what I think is right. Â If I feel there is a threat to the nation presented to me, I'm going to defend the nation. Â Yeah I'll confer with other nations, but in the end I'm just going to defend it regardless." Â That I agreed with. Â Then again, if my enemy louie bought a gun, i wouldn't go out of my way to make sure he couldn't own it, but we're talking nukes here, not guns one might say. Â Was the country really in danger? Â That was Micheal Moore's question, and mine as well. Â I don't feel that the President or anyone lied, I just feel that the operation was carried out the wrong way. Â Our military strategists ain't what they used to be. Â The president only gives the order for war. Â People shouldn't be angry at him. Â They should be angry at the strategist behind the war. Â Tommy Franks n them. Â The head of Central Intelligence. Â Those are the ones that Canada should be angry at. Â They act like they don't even know how American government is run. Â The president only gives the order to do something about it, he doesn't say how to operate. Â They told him there were nukes, notice the word they. Â They told him it was the end to major combat operations. Â I feel that it was democratic party sympathisers trying to make Bush look bad or something.
  10. BoweryBaker


    addons required: filming pack bas blackhawks/pavehawks bas russian opfor vehicles hyk infantry jam lsr mapfact barracks pc prison generic opfor editor update First mission you get the story told to you in a cutscene, the mission starts with you landing at the point and getting out, some americans get evacuated and you're dropped there to find out why with your cameraman. Â you soon run into trouble because they saw your chopper coming, now you gotta fight. mission two your camped near a village and enjoying your rest after last nights arrival. Â still in the field so you wrote up the mission plan in the notes section till you get new briefing pads. Â but you still got a mission to complete. Â a chopper just landed in the village and they're questioning the civillians. Â no way you can back away from this fight, its only one chopper. Â we'll just catch the atrocity on film, sabotage the chopppre and make it home, right? mission three. Â finally some new clothes. Â the people from that village you helped are left with only two survivors and one knows alot about whats going on here. Â why the russians are here. Â what they're asking about. Â why everyone is terrified. Â its time we go rescue his people from an abandoned jail, where everything finally makes sense, and who this guy really is, and why they're looking for him. we're still left with alot of questions though... and the campaign ends with to be continued at mission three.
  11. BoweryBaker

    Whats the military term for...

    What's the military term for if a country would prevent people from leaving the country?
  12. BoweryBaker

    Lack of missions in Operation Flashpoint

    All the "problems" that you guys mention are only temporary. Â You been in the community as long as I have and you know it just gets better. Â we're about to get tortured captives, just when you thought we had it all, generic opfor just came out the other day, what's next? Â We still haven't done mecha, or even a futuristic city island. Â Theres lots of ideas just find out what you like or what attracts you and do the same thing, jump on the bandwagon. Â Too original can be a bad thing. Â Another thing, do your research. Â Find out why a war must be fought, come with a good story and make more than one mission. Â That last sentence will help you the most. Â I think its beautiful that you're all struggling to make good missions. Â
  13. BoweryBaker

    the brainstorming phase of a mission

    I know I like my Power campaign. Its alot of fun. Especially if I had some buds with me. It's multiplayer but you can play it by yourself. message me if you want to beta test. its only three missions and about four addons used throughout all three.
  14. BoweryBaker

    Generic OPFOR BETA 1

    Thanks for considering the very important targets idea newiy. Â I just want to thank you again. Â This couldn't have arrived at a better time, and this addon has made it into mission three of my campaign. Â Of course I'm only at mission three but i'm sure theres more generic opfor missions to come.
  15. I'm trying to think of a way that if one of these radioes from these mods is fired off, since they are a weapon, that could somehow get an audio file to play. Â Scenario: Â Your team will be assigned a radio but we'll only be able to contact you as soon as you turn it on. Â We'll be waiting. Â Once your radio is activated we'll know its safe to transmit to you, so keep it off unless you're sure our transmission won't be picked up. Â Then when you turn it on, be somewhere safe from the enemy and put the transmission on for the whole team to hear. Â Is this possible? Â maybe [radioweaponname, radioman, audio file]exec "transmission.sqm" So what you get is, you're the radioman, you fire the radio weapon after choosing it, an audio file plays. How simple! Yes in this case thats a good thing. Talk to me scripters, is this possible? If so, please tell me, then release to ofpec.
  16. where can i download it? please post a link, ofpec don't have it anymore and i switched computers.
  17. BoweryBaker

    Whats the military term for...

  18. BoweryBaker

    The Iraq thread 4

    The fact is, Bush could have summed up his reason to go to Iraq in two words. Geneva Convention. Nobody would have argued with that.
  19. BoweryBaker

    what are you working on?

    Okay I've changed up what I'm working on. Â By the way I just wanted to see who in the ofp community does anything for the ofp community. Â I'm currently working on a mission series about a Special Forces unit enforcing the laws of the Geneva Convention behind enemy lines entitled "Power". Â I'm currently on mission three. Â I figured out, like today, that once you understand the Geneva Convention laws, you can make up a war with ease, and if you can edit missions you'll never run out of ideas. Â I urge you all to go to yahoo and look up geneva convention and read the rules to what you can and can't do during war or conflict. Â It'll help you greater understand why countries like the USA go to war.
  20. BoweryBaker

    Lack of missions in Operation Flashpoint

    We know the problem but do we really have to start a thread on the solution? Â When you're onto something stick at it. Â Stick to it. Â There's always that one thing that makes you get up and completely forget about your project and search for another idea. Â That means you're idea sux. Â I for once have finally found, in all my years of ofp, have finally found a perfect idea to base missions around. Â THE GENEVA CONVENTION. Â The series is called power and once its done I recommend you all get it because you need power, you want power, bowery sounds like power, and war is fought over power. Â BAM! Hit you in the head with the answer.
  21. BoweryBaker

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Every American political group claims to be right wing, but since when have they took a popular stand for or against anything in complete unison? Â Can we say lack of spokesman? Can we say grey area?
  22. BoweryBaker

    the brainstorming phase of a mission

    Cutscenes. I try to make my scripting real time to avoid all the camera garbage that I don't feel like learning. On occassion ill do that right out of the box camera scripting. I just make all the talking and all that real time. There is some kind of block in my mind I like to call "style" that says don't do cutscenes, make all your dialog with npc's n stuff real time.
  23. I checked the latest HYK release and it was missing one thing. Â A captive, who actually looked beaten up, helmetless, stripped down to his t shirt and pants and socks and just beaten. Â Now that'd be awesome. Â Just think about it. Then that'd make an awesome rescue mission where the government or whoever took him didn't treat him so kindly but he still didn't give out, still didn't give up any information. If not, is there a beaten up face addon?
  24. BoweryBaker

    addon idea: HYK tortured captive

    Sorry to double post. Â I'm on mission three of my campaign, the jail rescue. Â I was just hoping that this captive pack will have captives for all three sides. Â If it does I'll wait. Â Where's the excitement? Â Is it on the special forces forum? Â By the time my campaign is finished I can always go back and put some in. Â I'm only on mission three. It's easier to wait when there's some excitement going on in the thread. Then you got Gigan and Hyuakushiki and them's crew who just keep on working covertly whether the excitement has died or not.
  25. BoweryBaker

    need desert navy seals

    I got a substitute so I'm okay. The story still makes sense.