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    NH90 CSAR released!

    I'd like to see an American version. This one's german.
  2. BoweryBaker

    Attack of the Wanzers

    what is their motive. Â who's controlling them? Â do you need a mad scientist voice for the leader? You should try to make this into a saga.
  3. BoweryBaker

    drug plant addons

    we need more stuff in the drug area like a meth lab shanty african style or a meth lab table would be nice. We got the generic opfor, all these poor countries, now we need it all to make sense. Drugs.
  4. We have a generic black military, what about a white one for all these anglo nations? Is there one available?
  5. BoweryBaker

    User Missions section should be more lively

    Thats the idea: Franchise. Â Thats why people aren't getting their missions popularized cuz they don't stick to the name. Â They need to go with an idea that people become familiar with, then try to keep it going. It's best to start with more than one mission as well.
  6. BoweryBaker

    what are you working on?

    Yeah, Delta are known for focusing on one guy rather than a usual occassion.
  7. BoweryBaker

    drug plant addons

    i just downloaded the hemp addon from ofp.info. i should be fine with that.
  8. BoweryBaker

    Captured & Beaten Civilians pack Version 1.0

    It works just the same. It's so they don't see where they're taken. They won't sufficate the prisoner, unless they mean to. It'd be stupid to have a dead civillian unit in a cell with a rag on his face and have a story saying he was suffocated with a rag tied to his head.
  9. BoweryBaker

    Flyby - Driveby Camera

    how about the intense dialog script. Put down the people involved in the conversation and how often the camera changes and from whom to whom and how long the camera stays on the person, but its got to be like dramatic angles up close to their face pre programmed.
  10. BoweryBaker

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    No, what I'm saying is I think Bush was manipulated, possibly by the democratic party. Granted the threat was real though, so they're off the hook. Now the argument lies in how much of a threat it was.
  11. BoweryBaker

    Is there a generic military addon?

    I wish i had a nogova flag to use too, but dang they don't even have that for download no more. i'd put it on the bas delta rangers. do they even start off with a flag texture?
  12. BoweryBaker


    Well, almost. I need beta testers. In the power trilogy we explore the saga of a squad of modern day green berets in a foreign country asssisting the safety of american interests abroad, in a nation undergoing conflict in the war on terror. Â If you would like to beta test the power trilogy please let me know.
  13. BoweryBaker


    As far as the chopper's height on mission one is concerned, some mistakes must be allowed for bad causes to take place. Here's what I'm going to do for the second mission. I'm going to totally change the intro to a new one where you witness a criminal who was captured in the war on terror turn traitor tell his story. i'm going to use the trouble makers mc malden for that guy. Later on his band of men will the generic opfor pack. In the jail with him will be drill sergeants units which will be rescued in a later mission. Then itll go into the mission which is now cleared up to simply rendesvous with the liason.
  14. BoweryBaker


    I just realized I could avoid alot of editing and say the cameraman is a spec op dressed as a civillian in hopes they won't kill him, and will follow the geneva convention based upon the sight of your presence. Ruff, the download will be emailed directly to you when I'm through making the changes.
  15. BoweryBaker


    Thank you for beta testing my missions.  The camera scripting is my first attempt so what you see is all I can offer.  I must remove the grenadiers, you're correct on that.  The radio tower does seem a bit obvious, which could be the positive side to extracting civillians who have no tactical map with coordinates like the squad does and are escaping danger.  It looks like the most obvious option from the civillian standpoint.  They're not very military wise.  The mokra vrata situation in part two.  Those men were looking for one man, slava.  The chopper was locked.  The town had a  history of kidnapped men, I'm sure the Russians had enough intel to be "care free" in their intelligence gathering.  Yet you do have a point, they are searching for terrorists, and guards around the intel group would make sense.  The chopper noise you were hearing was the morning search party for the previous missions events.  Its the next morning and the investigation is going on up there.  Perhaps thats another reason the intel officers are so relaxed going into mokra vrata.  Perhaps thats also why the team chose not to engage head on, but rather wire the hind to blow, so it didn't give away their position while they are out gunned.  That should be mentioned in the plan.  The objective should be rendesvous with the informant slava as we talked about on msn.  For now, the camera job is going to have to stay as it is.  It's all I am capable of.  I had the idea of giving the camera to a spec op, but since gigan, the film pack's creator is japanese, i don't have the init line to put a camera on a special operative.  I'm going to have to de pbo the addon to find out and put it on a spec op. Removing the guys with launchers would make you very vulnerable in mission one but you'd still have a chance if the patrols is only uaz's as you suggested so I'll go with that. I didn't want the Hinds to have any ammo on their arrival in mission two so that they wouldn't just blow your squad up and it'd be over with.  Thank you very much for your beta testing.  I will make changes to the mission and see what you think then. Â
  16. BoweryBaker

    New movie: Elektra

    i just saw the flash advertisement on gamespy. Â You know what it told me. Â She has nice lips and carries a weapon. Â Oh and by the way you can watch the preview if you want. Â Another badly directed super hero movie. We'lll see how future advertisement shapes up.
  17. BoweryBaker

    the brainstorming phase of a mission

    That's right. It's like the Nike slogan. Just do it. Don't think about it.
  18. BoweryBaker


    LOL, I thought he meant nunchucks.
  19. BoweryBaker

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Who's the murderer, Avon? Â They really screwed Bush over manipulating what he knows to get him to order war based off his job duty.
  20. BoweryBaker

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    All my life I had a body odor problem. Â At age eighteen life got to me and I had a mental breakdown right there in high school in front of everybody. Â At home I was cool but in public, amongst people, my weakness, i broke down. Â I asked for a psychiatrist. Â My stepdad conjured up a scheme to have me put into a mental institution. Â It all looked viable on the surface based on the eye witness accounts. Â The only man responsible for my current state of social security money which I am very thankful for is dead. Â He blessed me, but at the same time I have to take these pills. Â I turn my head and get a five second state of inertia, or if I raise my voice too loud. Â Maybe I'm just tired or getting old and I'm being fed a placebo. Â Either way I don't trust what's going into me, and my only other option at making money this big is light years away. By big we're talking a measly 513 dollars a month, not even enough to cover basic needs for a month if I decided to move out. Â God has a way of providing even when the world turns against you. Â Why is it my life turned out this way? Â Money. Â Not enough money to afford a psych, so I had to be labeled a nut, which I was temporarily. Â The pills are still a mandate because they say once you go nutty you go nutty twice, which I haven't. Â Sure they put me in for punching my brother but he got stupid with me and I had to defend myself. Â They'd just hate to see me be broke. Â I'd hate to see me be broke too. Â look at our american system based on my account and see how many flaws you can point out. Â Create a better system. Â You can make it happen. Â By the way, the body odor problem was eventually solved through psychiatric therapy. Â I had an anxiety problem. Â The medics say the pills cured it, but I don't believe it. Â I was taught a breathing method, the pills didn't teach that. Â In the book of Proverbs King Solomon states that when a married couple divorces they children fall under a curse for the next ten generations. Â The lack of society's acceptance could be it, that lack of wisdom and acceptance of people willing to help me put me in a place in society, rather than feed me pulls and hook me up to the matrix ( the internet). Â The realest people I ever met were in the nuthouse. Â A woman who only spoke Iraqi, an ex navy officer from the sixties with vast knowledge, a boy who gained his sanity in twenty four hours by Gods grace, a forty five year old woman fully capable of intelligence and finding her path in life sent in by her own mother. Â Something foul is afoot that no ofp mission could explain or show relation too, yet I don't need an ofp mission to beat this chess game. Â If divine mercy is shown upon me in some form or other, practical im sure, and I have to leave the ofp community, I'll say my final goodbye. Â Till then its missions to the hilt. Â Avon lady needs missions, the addon makers want us to use their addons, and people like Commando84 like playing them. Â The situation has definitely changed me. Â Watch out world. Â The lowest of the low and im called the greatest perhaps in gest, respect maybe, sweetness. Â What you give shall be returned its been said in some fashion. Â One night I almost choked to death in my sleep. Â Almost called home some might say. Â Swallowed down the wrong tube others might say but I think I know better. Â Lifespan is determined, perhaps pretermined, after certain procedures. Â My goal is complete tonight. Â Just another political journal entry you might say. To quote fifty cent's principles and another new yorker i met on the fly "Be easy nigga...". To quote Warren G "Now who's the real niggga, can you answer that? The brother thats jacking or the fool getting jacked?"
  21. BoweryBaker

    The youth of today

    I disagree with the thinking that kids know the principles of virtue. Â maybe the ones in your area were taught them, but ive always seen a level of virtue amongst my fellow age group while i was growing up and seen it change as we got older, not change based on situation. Â So I do believe we are born unknowing of right from wrong. Â That whole patience in line thing, of course they're old enough to know the rules, but what if they were never taught to be patient in line, or even the general idea behind patience? Â One strong enough to instill patience at all points in life. Then you'd have a person ignorant of patience. Ignorance does exist, we're not born all knowing.
  22. BoweryBaker

    Generic OPFOR BETA 1

    you can always use the bis hummer. how are paramilitaries going to afford weapons anyways unless you mean through drugs. most equipemnt by terrorists is eastern after the collapse of the soviet union.
  23. BoweryBaker

    Captured & Beaten Civilians pack Version 1.0

    I've got a resue mission cooking up right now. I just need that prison door open trigger code and im ready to roll. intro is planned, music is set, sounds are in , files are done, just need that door code. I'd just like to see some military hostages in the fututure but I can see why you did civillians. It's against the geneva convention, which would be a cause for war. Very intelligent, Drill Sergeant. By the way, the readme you made for the addon is in microsoft word, which not all people have. I suggest you use notepad in the future. I have a notepad version created already if you want.
  24. BoweryBaker

    the brainstorming phase of a mission

    No, but you can try goarmy.com.
  25. BoweryBaker

    Beta Tester Needed

    you mean the civillian is supposed to shoot the east officer. I didn't give the east officrer any ammo. it was slava running from the authorities.