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  1. +1, would like to get it from the same place as the game, if only for my sanity should I need to redownload in the future.
  2. Baron von Beer

    Warfare BE

    Didn't see an example in the default mission, what must one do to define camp locations (City or otherwise) now if porting to another map (one that doesn't have the cities defined in the maps own config, or adding non-city depots, etc? The depot/camp/defenses themselves are obvious enough, but the marker method used previously for the location itself(v71 think was last I did, where you place marker with same name that depot uses) doesn't seem to work. mission never starts and get a constant repeating error in the rpt. Thanks for any help rpt has this over and over Private ["_towns"]; waitUntil {townModeSet}; _towns = [0,0,0] nearEnt> 2012/10/08, 1:05:54 Error position: <townModeSet}; _towns = [0,0,0] nearEnt> 2012/10/08, 1:05:54 Error Undefined variable in expression: townmodeset 2012/10/08, 1:05:54 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.clafghan\Common\Init\Init_Towns.sqf, line 3 2012/10/08, 1:05:54 Error in expression <ns.sqf"
  3. Baron von Beer

    Airfield Support Package

    CASEVAC would be nice! Look forward to it.
  4. Love having one big pack with all the RHS goodies. I did notice with the T-80, the muzzle blast/flash was occurring quite a ways in front of the barrel (~20m). This happened with the prior stand alone too, anyone else seeing this? Might have had another mod running that gummed up the works, will have to double check when I fire it back up. Can't wait to see what else gets added as the pack grows. :)
  5. What is this witchcraft!?! :D Look forward to trying the new options.
  6. Baron von Beer

    Helo insertion

    Unscripted, transport unload WP does this. Scripted, land "GETOUT" or land "GETIN" Former should hover a bit higher than the latter.
  7. Baron von Beer

    Question for getmagazine/weaponcargo

    lol, actually never tried DayZ. Was looking at a guerrilla type scenario where collection of gear is important, but hoping to remove some of the tedium of running back and forth over and over in "safe" situations. Then either store the gear temporarily and dump at a container, or just do it "instantly" if it's much easier script wise. More concerned with the end result, since the means of achieving it in such a situation doesn't matter all that much. Thanks for the starting point, cursor target should do brilliantly. Maybe some day I'll remember that it exists, and just how useful it can be... :)
  8. Just bouncing some ideas around in my head, and unsure of this one. How (if possible) would I go about using this command with the specific container the player is currently interacting with? Ultimate goal would be a simple way to transfer the cargo from said object to a specific location/container, kind of a fast forward for collection rather than requiring a trip back and forth for each one. (Eg: greatly speeding up Loading up gear from bodies into a nearby vehicle or crate) Imagine I could addaction on death to people, but would ideally like to do this on any object's cargo space that the player is interacting with, if that's even possible. Thanks for any help!
  9. Baron von Beer

    COWarMod Release

    I just changed those 3 values in the ammocfg entry in config.cpp, no need to change the .sqf files.
  10. Baron von Beer

    COWarMod Release

    Günter, here's what will fix this. I'd upload a file but I'm not sure what method is best for you/permitted; to add these paramaters in the GLT's hellfire entry, change the values in BD_Hellfire, or a make a separate file only containing the M_Hellfire_AT ammocfg entry and these values. Big Dawg KS had 3 values added to the ammocfg entry the top attack function uses, added to the config so addon makers can add the entries and use whatever values for their particular missile to work as desired. If used without BD, the entries would simply be ignored, so BD isn't required by an addon that includes them. After testing, the default values included in BD_Hellfire when used with GLT_Realmissiles results in a minimum range of ~1.4km, @ 50m altitude. Closer and it loses it's lock and the missiles land with random dispersion depending on their attitude when they terminate the climb. When run without GLT_Realmissiles, the minimum range is ~400m at that altitude. These values will produce roughly that same engagement envelope, 50m alt, ~400m min range. Just add these to M_Hellfire_AT using whichever method you like, if you chose to add a fix in your mod collection. BD_climbAngle = 18; BD_climbMaxAlt = 60; BD_climbTargetDistanceMultiplier = 0.25; Default values were 30, 60 & 0.3 (max climb angle, max alt missile will climb, and %distance to target missile will end climb, latter 2 are ceiling values, if reached missile levels and begins descent. Issue was stock missile traveled so fast that it would reach % to target before entering too steep a climb to break lock. With the corrected, slower Hellfires, they would reach a much steeper climb and lose lock unless the target was quite far (1.4km vs 0.4km default.) Now they climb roughly the same height & angle as they did at stock speed, and get roughly the same min range limitation.
  11. Baron von Beer

    COWarMod Release

    Will have a solution ready tomorrow, still needs a little tweaking.
  12. Baron von Beer

    COWarMod Release

    Yep, that's the culprit. Pulled glt_realairweapons and 8 of 8 hit the rock I was lasing. Faaar from a scripting expert, but skimming through the top attack function in BD_Hellfire it probably needs to be recalibrated to account for the corrected/reduced speeds in the GLT pack since it's script controlled up until the descent, likely not reaching the intended attitude & position relative to the target when it reverts to simulation control.
  13. Baron von Beer

    COWarMod Release

    Any idea what might be causing the top attack mode for hellfires (BD_Hellfire) to not be functioning properly? Tried removing the ICE MFD mod just to see, but no dice. Using direct fire mode works fine, but top attack, it's wildly random where the missile actually lands. Usually seems to be hitting 100-300m (random direction) off the lase point. This is at 1km distance. Only fired once at 2km, and it fell 500m short of the lase point. Fired 36 missiles, only 1 was within 5m of the target point. :( Running BD_Hellfire outside this pack works no issue. Missile performance mod not playing nice with it maybe?
  14. Baron von Beer

    COWarMod Release

    Just downloaded this, COWarmod, and have a question after pouring over what's what, picking out the bits I didn't want/need, etc. In the customization section there are some word files for SLX. One says files not included (but present in the various customization SLX sub folders), and another with files included. However, nearly all the "optional" not included files are indeed in the primary addons folder by default(Dodge, wounds, etc). Haven't gone through all the documentation yet, but wanted to make sure there wouldn't be any conflict with those present (pulled some out already, just by preference (SLX_Dodge for example). Thanks, and thanks for putting the package together. *poked through the thread, looks like it's simply because it was the full package. Downloaded the "light" version and see that it matches those readme's included/not included in addons by default lists.
  15. Baron von Beer

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    It was a US 57mm AT Gun when I noticed this, was in the editor checking various things out, so was the only vehicle on the map. I was on foot maybe 2-3m from it, and as it rotated I got the rumble effect. Once it stopped, so did the shake. Didn't check how far it would cause it though, was pretty close in this case.
  16. Baron von Beer

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    Or use any other tank in the game, not the heaviest & rarest one included. ;) Everything else, including a regular Tiger, can be hurt in that scenario.
  17. Baron von Beer

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    Shows they modeled penetration to one degree or another. KT was, historically, immune to those weapons on its frontal arc. The historical lesson: get on it's side or ideally, rear. Or, more probably, wait for it to be abandoned and destroyed by its own crew, due to logistical shortcomings. :D
  18. Baron von Beer

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    Great release, new maps are nice. One minor thing I noticed, If you're on foot near an AT Gun that happens to move or rotate, it make sthe ground shake (as tanks do). Just an engine limitation? Small price to pay, given the choice of rumble and mobility, or static, well, that's no choice at all. :)
  19. Baron von Beer

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    One more thanks for the release. Can't wait to fire it up tonight and check out the new maps!
  20. Baron von Beer

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 85478

    Be reasonable though, "death" in game is more like incapacitated in real terms (Be it dead or "just" seriously injured). You can get shot in the head and survive, but 99% of the time, you are most definitely out of the fight and destined for a long stay in a medical facility. In game the worst "injured" state is still able to fight, with reduced accuracy from weapon shaking and possibly the inability to walk, but can still see, spot, communicate, and fire your weapon. That said, I do agree that combat in game is far too lethal. This is more a matter of weapon accuracy/ease of targeting, and most game terrain surfaces being relatively "flat". Also the ease of players to spot targets. IMO the implemented method of "Sinking" to provide "concealment" in vegetation is largely useless. At distance in game it is the contrast that stands out, so instead of seeing X highly contrasted pixels we see 1/2 X. A slight opacity to soften at range would do much better, and provide a much more realistic result.
  21. Another aircraft/ordinance suggestion: Obviously more default loadouts for the A1 & F-100 would be nice, but I have another. "Duplicate" loadouts, using "different" types of the same ordinance. Currently in the mod you have Mk81s & Mk82s that inherit from bombcore, and also types of the same weapon inheriting from laserbombcore. The F-100 has the "laserguided" model by default, as is the A-1s napalm. Those inheriting from laserbombcore will *NOT* be used against infantry by AI pilots. Period. The only way they will do so is if you have a laser designator, insert laser targets via script, or script the drop itself. Those inheriting from bombcore will drop against infantry. For Vietnam CAS, the latter is often desirable. I did a lot of testing with this using the F-100 & A-1 on Ia Drang, @ that Northern camp, with ~200 NVA on the airstrip, ~60 US troops in the base, and many manually set loadout variations on the aircraft. The default set, they never once dropped a bomb. If I manually added the bombcore Mk-81s or 82s, would get lots of fireworks. Same with the A-1 & napalm, using the stock load, and the manually inserted "bombcore" version of napalm, same results. Default, never dropped. Bombcore version, break out the beer because it's BBQ time. :) Only when I used a laser designator would the stock loadouts be used. At the least, it would require minimal effort from the mod team: all the weapons, magazines and launchers are already in the uns_weap.pbo, so just a matter of making the "extra" aircraft using those weapons. Then in the editor one can choose an aircraft using either type of bomb, as fits the particular mission.
  22. Baron von Beer

    ARMA 2 : OA beta build 84426

    Another thanks. Been beta release madness lately, and yes, that's a good thing. :)
  23. Baron von Beer

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 82407

    Hyperthreading is a hardware setting. You would disable it through your BIOS (Del key when booting, whatever submenu it happens to be under for your particular BIOS/Motherboard.) That said, not all CPU's have hyperthreading. ;) If you have an I7 though, it does. *Some programs that have issues with HT allow you to cheat via process affinity settings, but only some, others will get the jitters until it is physically disabled
  24. Baron von Beer

    AMD processors and graphics cards issues.

    I have an I5 & an HD 6950, so they're too busy hating each other for the game to get a hateful word in edgewise. :)
  25. Baron von Beer

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 81423

    Action menu weapon switch would be VERY nice. How many times I've had a few troops, knowing there is a tank coming but I can't have them ready with their RPG/LAW... :) I seem to recall this existing in OFP, maybe it was from a mod?