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  1. Karr, heres another problem that I cant stand.. After playing a 350minute part in an Me Vs. Ai, I am starting to kick ass, and then im getin pounded by these shilkas, well, i distroy the Tank fac and the enemys keep spawing, even when the tank fac is distroyed. That really pissed me off when I noticed that. (It isnt just me, others have stated that 2). Time for 1.42!

  2. I dont know if your fully understanding what I mean. Yes, I know how to make a photoshop image, and save it for web by just "saving for web". But, I dont know how to get it ANIMATED, move, get the words to position themselves in a different spot, I need to see motion in the picture, not a motion blur, an actual moving image. I dont know how to get that 1 image exported to the web to MOVE. Thanks

  3. I want to know, is there any other way to create a GIF image without having to read the countless manuals and instructions? Is there an "Automatic" way to do it at all? If not, can yall give me the easiest/shortest tutorial out there, ive looked and theres like enormus amounts of information on this. Thanks

    PS: (Im just making a banner ad for my personal website, if that helps, and I have Adobe Premiere Pro 6.5, and Adobe Photoshop 7)

  4. Now, you see, I dont mind the delay if they posted some kind of PROGRESS instead of keeping it quiet for so long. They should keep us on our toes, but not off the ground! I mean, cmon, I dont expect it to be a quick BAM and release a quick copy of ofp2 and have it filled with everything we all dont want. What project is codemasters focusing on? I mean, with games like "Soldier" if they get any laggyer, Im going to have to retire from anything made my codemasters. Rushing production is wrong yes, look at Half Life 2, its been pushed back a YEAR because of a "Hacker". OFP2 should make the engine very flexible so for many years after the games release, breakthroughs like reflective water in ofp1 (Ty Kegety  biggrin_o.gif ). Instead of just wishing for the possible, I just want an update on the games progress instead of 1 peice of news just regarding what the're getting done over there every 4-5 MONTHS. If they finished a wheel on a jeep, or even just modeled it, it'd be alot nicer than not knowing what they're doing over there

  5. Lets say when all of the editing contest is said and done, many missions will be sent in (To where?) and 99.99% will be discarded. But, not all because they suck right? Im sure the editing competition will be very close considering the years of experience most people have with mission making in flash.

    I was wondering will most of these missions have a place even if they didn't win? After the missions have been sent in for judging, will they be released as they were checked? Or will all missions be held in until all have been checked and released in a huge mission pack? Whattha hubub!

  6. So, how is the Uber's holding up? They still plan on making the new RTS buildings? Or has that been dicarded?

    I dont know if this is the place to ask, but when using the DxDll thing, I turn the postprocessing on, and its so blurry that I cant see what todo. Even if that off, I cannot get any reflections to work. Night vision works, and the FPS stat thing works, thats it.

  7. Beh, the websites like the others. I dont know what they are talking about, its too complex for me. Point is, I know about adobe media encoder, and the trail and error process on finding the right file size. I can get the video from 950,000kb to 26mb without taking barly any quality away. But, you must understand, when I saved the file as a large one, the sound STILL SUCKED. I cranked all the audio thing nobs as high as they would go. I dont know what to do.

  8. Here are a few questions and I will most likly add, edit questions as we go through this. That is, if your willing to help.

    1. First off, Internet Web Encoding/Exporting. I need a 30 min movie that will look good and sound good at the max limit of 250mb. I dont know how about going through this so i come to yall.

    2. Second, (Similar question), I need to figure out a way to stop the cracking noises to stop ruining my movie. I think there is a cracking noise for every sound effect put in. So it must be the encoder. The funny thing is, I exported a 2 minute portion of my movie and it is 950,000kb. And the Sound still cracks. I need to reduce this tremendously.

    IF you are willing to help, I am "Specific Illiterate" on the skamatices on programs, so if you could bare with me on this I would really appreciate it.

    I have tried 1 possible option, I have tried dragging the 2minute 950,000kb Movie File into Windows Movie maker and it looked great, exactly the way it was saved,  just now 920,000kb less. It was 950mb and now it was 30. I can deal with that, because the movie would then be 300mb as a finished product, except even the sound at 950,000 SUCKED. The sound when hearing it in the preview window was perfectly fine. But cracked up and sounded like crap after exportation ..

    So I need to know many alternatives on how to resolve this. Thanks again!

  9. When trying to play a media file, I get this error that just KEEPS popping up..

    Windows Media PLayer: wmplayer.exe - Entry Point Not Found

    The procedure entrypoint GetIUMS could not be located in the dynamic link library MSDART.DLL.

    I have uninstalled WMP, redownloaded Windows Media Player 9 from windows.com, and I still get the error. I have tried using a 3rd party media player, like realplayer, I get the same error with WMP9, but the error still comes up, just I only have to hit OK 2 times, not 200 like when I try to use WMP9. I cannot fix this problem, Alienware just keeps telling me to restore my system, but thats all they ever tell me even for simple problems, so I come to you fine geniouses biggrin_o.gif


  10. Well, That last post.. (Shadow's) As I said, I am not "with" the specifics on anything, so you lost me there.

    As for Gollum, Soz, not the drummer you thought. The band I'm in has been goin for 7 years now, and 7 years ago when we came up with Lost Horizon as a name everyone liked it. Untill recently we notice another Metal Band that made their own songs and shot up with popularity. We, on the otherhand just hang out and play a few songs on the weekends.

    Back to the Internet. I managed to push the net to start the download at 60, but it slowly progresses to a MAX of 300. And I am Corded, not wirless.

  11. Well, I have a

    3.06Ghz Alienware Laptop

    1024DDR Ram


    Thing is, I have a Router. I know what yall are going to say now, "Thats Why". But I router shouldnt take a connection capible of 3mbps to 40kbs. Its insane. I called the company (RR) and I had it connected directly. No router attached, well it hit 300kbs. But, evenso, Is there a way to speed up LinkSys Router Connectivity? Ping on games, such as flashpoint are nice and low, like 43. But Downloading is Superslow.

    RR had me do a speedtest, and well, i hate speed tests because they always give you a HIGH transferrate when you see the stats for your internet connection.

    What can I do? sad_o.gif

  12. I have just had it with DSL, only going 40kbs as a average download speed, from any ftp, or download site. Now I get RoadRunner in hopes of knocking that 40kbs to 900kbs-3mb!

    My friend has cable and he downloads at a normal from sites like "Fpscentral, gamespot, ign" at 300-500kbs, and with my dsl, I made around 43. So, I buy RoadRunner, and it is UPGRADED to 60kbs! Wow amasing.

    How can I fix this? A download acellerator isn't opt on this job. I need to fix this problem. It isn't a matter of just getting my internet to go faster, it is to make the internet just go FAST!

    Thanks crazy_o.gif