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    Reload bug in tanks!!! 1.91-1.94

    MANY have read this, please EDIT your post and delete that information b4 EVERYONE knows this and cheats cheats cheats!!!!!
  2. BBSmith

    Rts-3 1.4 released

    Tis Victor! So, hows the Updating Commin on the site? My Laptops been in the shop now for 1-2 months from Alienware.. Hope to get back on the Server soon. Thinkin about addin the New NuKe Xplosion? Like: Here             (Day) PS: Alienware Tech Support.... ISNT!!!! Buncha Hillbillish Grunts who think they can chug a 6 pack faster then me!Here
  3. BBSmith

    Rts 1.0 build and conquer is out

    Hey Karr, whats the Traffic Limit on yur site? Any news on anything at all?
  4. BBSmith

    Rts 1.0 build and conquer is out

    Errors I have Experienced within the 1st RTS Ive played today. MiniMod RTS ---- Tank Fac Appears With the MCU's Hood inside. (Unable to get out) MiniMod RTS ---- Spawning inside Buildings, EXAMPLE: Now, I dont know if those were just Minimod, and it was made by Red. But, Almost all of it is based from your scripts, so I was just wondering if these were fixable. RTS (In General) ---- Spawn too far from MCU. RATIONAL Ideas: =================== RTS (In General) ---- Is it possible to quicken the amount of time it takes to get the default weapon? Or less time to have to stand there before you get your weapon. Could the user perhaps decide what the Default weapon is, so they dont have to continously go to the ammo crate to get the weapon [would have to have an ammo crate in base to have this option]) ENABLING the AI Commander has been alot of time considered "Cheating". So, is there anything that can be done to stop cheaters from enabling the AI commander, which allows the computer to build 100,000x Faster, and rebuild a 2nd base?
  5. BBSmith

    Rts 1.0 build and conquer is out

    Well, you know what I mean. They didnt have Cessna 172s in WWII ether. But a Camel makes a little more sence.
  6. BBSmith

    Rts 1.0 build and conquer is out

    What about... WWII RTS instead having the Cessna Replaced with the Camel. Makes a little sence dont it? One of the addons required it anyway so the User should have the addon, therefore. A BIS Camel is what it needs for WWII RTS!
  7. BBSmith

    Sea artillery?

    Lets say, an LST for example, could you Plop a Turrent on it, make it shoot lets say a T72 Round, and use an Ammo Cam? Ive looked, but havn't seen one made. Im sure someone had thought of this! Agh the humanity!
  8. BBSmith

    Sea artillery?

    Answer the man
  9. BBSmith

    New vietnam island

    Did your Download Link Expire? Unable to see this island m8!
  10. BBSmith

    Smoke vent

    It is possible, although I do not know how, I have played an updated version of "Andersons Gunship Deathmatch", in a server for flashpoint, but downloading the 489' mb's of downloads to get the map isnt worth it, I do not have the map on my computer and if i did i dont know the updated versions name. But, all i know is, its definitly possible. It is also to have the effect elevated off the ground for another effect, withoit falling towards the ground.
  11. BBSmith

    Can't play multiplayer

    I had that, but I had tried placing a NOCD Crack into one of my Flashpoints and it turned out, that it kicked me and my LAN Parter off, while the new player connected. So, getting a new copy of the game was my option. But, I still get the "Remember, original Games do not fade", could it be because of the Same IP Address? I dont know. (Not accusing you of Pirating, just giving you my ecperiences).
  12. Where in the string Table can i go and see the: MyName Was Killed by YourName or Myself was killed or I killled YourName? (im new with string table, a pure beginning, so if you could assist in helping me with the location I would appreacaite it) ---------- Instead of hearing that Ding Ding Ding Ding, is there something that I can maybe "download" or somthing to replace that and have maybe a Slient noise there?. THAT GIVES ME THE HIGEST HEADACHE, with headphones. Thanks alot pepz
  13. BBSmith

    Name was killed by (custom message)

    What i see is STR_KIL%%%%%%%%%%% or somthing, How can i Extend the Little Box to see the words?
  14. BBSmith

    Name was killed by (custom message)

    Does anyone know of a simple Overwrite that copies over the old file, and the new file that is going to be copied would have the "ding" sount absent
  15. BBSmith

    Rts 1.0 build and conquer is out

    Это будет Victor. (This is Victor) My New name will not be allowed to post in the thread in which this was initialy my nehphews. Great work. Where is the squad creation? You said something about the HQ doing it, where? Heh, unless it has takin a league of absence for the time being? I personally havn't checked it in a few days considering the overwhelmin amount of work I get the privilige to swim in recently. Annywayz, Guten Arbeit! L8erz! Veecchhhtoor
  16. BBSmith

    Name was killed by (custom message)

    Well, when you join a server for one. The messages that pop up. For instance "Welcome to KaRRiLLioN's Server". It will make a noise. It also makes that sound once you have connected to a multiplayer server. That noise occurs so much, it makes my head want to explode inside these headphones.
  17. BBSmith

    Name was killed by (custom message)

    Danke, now for the beeping. (I put it in this thread to avoid making another topic)
  18. BBSmith

    Rts 1.0 build and conquer is out

    1. Will you be incorperating squads back into RTS? Or does it lag too much for some people? 2. Was the OLD RTS addon the cause of miscarrage of bought units? (I.e. Buying a Small bomber and receiving a B61). 3. Would it be possible to have a small counter until one of your units is done. I know that it is in mission control, but i mean from the games stand point. (Be able to see a little counter in the bottem Right side of the screen,possibly transparent and light in color). This may be unnessesary, but WTH im just throwing ideas out. 4. Could the Outro maybe circle the enemy's HQ ( Base in general), so the winner can see the damage that they involked? Or a new camera in general for the ending, instead of the water scean. 5. Allow all people on your team to see how much time is left in research. 6. Maybe a BASE Cam, if you are away from base and you want ether survalence, or just to see if the enemy attacking your base is really worth killing yourself to get back. 7. 2 Crewmen on a bike, isnt that a bit pointless? No one uses the other guy, other than to make him disembark. 8. If your AI runs out of gas, maybe give an ACTION to the AI to refuel, or some type of givin command to allow the ai get to his destination. 9. Upgraded tanks possible? Instead of combining teams money to help rush the enemy into artillery assult. ( I know the Artillery has been increased to 4000+, but people still are able to afford a quick ride). 10. Could Radar possibly give you a Satelite cam of the Radar's Range, this could fall into the Survalence category. ----------- Dont know if any of these are good, probably not, but theres a few for you to Ponder on. L8er, c u In Teh Server Veeechhttoor
  19. I got a plane flying by. That ackivated a trigger. Bu almost right ontop of that trigger, annother unit will come by, but i dont want it to use the trigger that the plane used. I want it to use the other trigger on top of the 1st one. To make it more simple: FI 25- Trigger For Flyby on Plane1 Fi 25- Trigger for Flyby on Helo1 I want plane 1 to activate his and only his trigger leaving the second trigger for the helo. How can i do this, searching in the forums is almost impossible because of the long definition of the problem and it couldn't be put into a short search feild. Thanks again. PS: If this has been asked, can I ether have a link, a quote from another topic. Or a keysearch word(s) that will directly take me to the exact idea of this topic. Otherwise an answer would be the nicest thing.
  20. BBSmith

    Rts-3 released

    Few Ideas: When it says GLOBAL UPGRADE IN PROGRESS in yellow, I think other players should have the right to see how much time they got left on it. Example: You are preparing to leave base, you want to know if you should leave base or not considering if you have advanced air done, if you have 20 seconds you may reconsider leaving base and just wait it out, on the other hand you may have to wait the whole 520 seconds. Add the new RTS addon in yur server, lol. Little reminder, so you dont forget. Allow the BMW to be created and drivin. I got to run, I have some more, but buty calles, err duty*.
  21. and......how can i group a trigger with a unit
  22. BBSmith

    Opf 2 not gonna be released at 2004.

    Perfection Takes Time