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  1. With DR early demise, much to the shagrin of BIS it is clear that if you do not support your fan base they will not support you. Thanks BIS..... http://community.codemasters.com/forum/operation-flashpoint-dragon-rising-game-pc-113/407318-16-02-confirmation-no-further-patches-additional-dlc.html
  2. Andymc4610

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    DR on the PS3 looked the much worse than the 360, on the PC it looks the best. So if I were to chose a port for ARMA II it would be the 360, not to mention more shooter type people on the 360.
  3. Andymc4610

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    This thread makes me dizzy....So if BIS does not have a publisher they would not be working on a 360 version from the start. Or is 505 or like publisher doing it on the QT? sorry, can only keep up with bits of the info. why do it stealth like?
  4. for me i would lower my res and maybe 3d, i like a smoother frame rate.
  5. Andymc4610

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    Were they not at one time working on it for the XBOX 360? So, I guess they it part way done and are working on it on the QT? And if they do port it what's the minimum units they (505) would have to guarantee 50,000-100,000 that could might be a point of contention.
  6. "Whats the lowest dual core & Graphics Card to run Arma 2 on Normal to High settings." I interpret this as "what is the cheapest cpu and card can I buy and play Arma2." If this is not the case buy a quad core and a new Nvidia GTX 295 card
  7. Well, if someone has a better rig and is getting worse frame rate, it's not bad to find out how they are doing it. No more sad than buying the cheapest CPU and or graphics card that this game will play at 20 fps at 800x600.
  8. Andymc4610

    ARMA II on consoles?

    it took BIS years to port it, I am sure it was not easy. They had to make a stripped down version of the editor with limited capabilities.
  9. Andymc4610

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    the editor alone would be worth it's weight in gold....skip the SP campaign.
  10. Andymc4610

    ARMA II on consoles?

    The graphics of OFP to the xbox1 were improved. This from BIS (Paul)
  11. Andymc4610

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    Had to skip to the end, is the ArmA2 360 version in the works? PLEASE let it be true. DR is not a bad game, just needs an editor....I cannot believe they did not put it in on the 360.
  12. Andymc4610

    Dragon Rising has been released

    I like the game for the 360. It is a cross between AmrA and CoD and that is not always a bad thing. the PC versions I have heard are glitchy, but that is not unusual till they get patched up. Also, I have heard the editor is almost unplayable. waiting till the PC game is in the bargin bin before I buy.....
  13. I played OFP on the PC and On the Xbox1 and I played ArmA. I waited till the bugs were mostly out of ArmA 1.14 and in the end with 1.15 patch and some good mods. Don't ask me why but I own three retail versions of ArmA, didn't know they'd make a patch for no disk in the tray (sweet). What was so wrong with it? Is Arma2 that much better? Also, what's the lowest graphics setting, I have a Nv 8400GS, it should still work on low to med?
  14. ***Topic*** This is probably somewhere else but have not scene it. Will it be included up to 1.02 patch and stable or has it gone gold before in they (DVD's) are in some large warehouse in China....Czech I mean? Thanks, can't wait....
  15. Is today tomorrow? Can't wait.....is it me or is placebo getting crabier, LOL just kidding....+1:)