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  1. I know this has been an issue for a while that you can't have two support requesters on the same side. For example two blufor either two players or different switchable playable units. This is the way it was I don't know if anything has changed or has somebody came up with a solution to allow two players or playable units to have access to it. I have a workround that the support requester modules would follow the player on any unit he was but that is more geared towards single player then co-op play. This has been on my to do list for a while. Is there any new workround that will allow the in game support modules to apply to two different playable units? If not what community scripts or mods that are very similar to function to the vanilla support modules. I just need the basic functions artillery CAS support and transport. Avibird.
  2. This has been a little pet peeve of mine but I'm sure it's a simple fix. After completing a mission or losing e mission the win or lose screen appears at mission start of the next mission attempt. Is there something I can put in the mission description to prevent this? After all these years I figure it's time to try to fix this issue in my missions lol.
  3. @Gunter Severloh I had your script for a few years in a folder of to look at scripts. I attempted to use it this weekend but did not work I was wondering if there's an updated version what is the number and when was the last time you attempted to see if the script still works after all the new engine updates?
  4. I found something really close to what I was looking for. Its called Simplex Support Services on the steam workshop its basically the vanilla support modules plus. You use like the vanilla modules and you can have multiple players or playable units have access to them if anyone else was looking for a solution but you must have ACE interaction menu enable so you need ace installed. I don't really use ace because most of my mission designs are around controllable AI/switchable units and the ace medical is a pain in the ass when you are using AI in your group I know you can turn off the medical part but I just don't use Ace. I use my own modified AIS wounding system in most of my mission. My search will continue but this is a really good option to have. Avibird.
  5. I will check it out. I am only good at splicing codes together a little but at least it gives me a start to look at. I still can't believe after all this time that Bohemia or someone has not fix or came up with a solution to allow more than one playable unit to have access. There are a few other mods that offer artillery CAS and transport but I was looking for a all in one script/mod that gives the mission designer the ability to limit how much support can be used like the vanilla modules. A lot of the issues I see with some of the other mods it's usually unlimited once enabled in a mission and can be quite Overkill for a design of a mission.
  6. @dreadpirate I believe I found the issue. There's an issue using JEBUS and using GAIA in the init function if you use GAIA zones for random waypoints patrols. If you use GAIA zones with JEBUS it will break the editor waypoints of a group once combat is initiated however the groups using GAIA are fine but editor waypoints for a group will break once they initiate contact. Wow this take me a long time to find this out. Now if Dreadpirate can look into it a fix this bug at one point it was working fine have no clue what version of The script SMH.
  7. SMH I am going to add one group at a time and one trigger game log ect one at a time to see what is causing the issue. I thought maybe it's the number of groups using jebus perhaps official download content ect. I have a working version with no waypoints disappearing the mission is pretty much stripped down now to add one by one item back into the mission a see. So much time but I am determined to figure this out it's driving me nuts!!! Could somebody please confirm that this is an issue for them as well.
  8. Well the issues is back. It's not Vcom it's not MCC4 it is something with JEBUS. It may have something to do with the number of groups using JEBUS. Because I was rebuilding three missions and in the early phases no issues whatsoever but as the mission got close to completion I started noticing waypoints disappearing again next up is to run a test with one group added at a time to see if there's something to do with a group number cap that somehow is causing the waypoint that disappear while using JEBUS SMH.
  9. Holy shit. My issues is now resolved but I still have no clue what was causing the issue using Jebus GAIA and VCOM. but after multiple re-edits of the mission with no luck I did a entire remake of this mission from scratch. I finally got the waypoints not to disappear. I don't understand what was causing the issue in my mission and why it happens on the jebs demo mission.
  10. JEBUS can't keep editor placed waypoints after contact is made in a mission. Need help please on this extremely frustrating. I tested the last four updates of this script using his demo missions. There is a group of 6 blufor units next to the spartan location ON THE SOUTH TIP OF THE DEMO MAP and its says waypoint demo. 4 move waypoints and a cycle waypoint. Play the demo all works well but NOW drop a few opfor units in the path and the blufor units will lose their waypoints once contact is made never to regain the waypoints. Units using gaia ups upmons ect will keep waypoints because the scripts will generate new ones after the combat is over. One of the great things about this script was the ability to use editor set waypoints on units that can respawn back into the game using the waypoints the mission designer wants rather then random generated waypoints in zones ect . Having the ability to keep presetup waypoints and using random waypoints in my humble opinion is the best of both worlds for a mission design. I spent the last week looking into this issues and can't find any reason way this happens. there is two files in the script folder that is for waypoints fn_applyWaypoints 2nd file in the jebus folder and fn-saveWaypoints the 16th file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The strange thing is it effects all units in the mission regardless if the group is using JEBUS or not to spawn.
  11. Well after stripping down several missions and test playing I can almost possibly confirm it's something to do with JEBUS. I have no clue what will be causing the issue and unfortunately dreadedpirate is MIA from Arma. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of having just editor-based unit spawning with waypoints lol. Help. Can somebody please confirm this for me and let's try to fix this issue. Avibird
  12. Hello Vcom AI users need some help. I can't get VCOM AI not to run on a playable/switchable group. This codes only work for AI groups. If you have a playable group and you the player is in the group Vcom will not move the group to new waypoints but if you have a group of playable AI Vcom will take over that group and move them around the map. I tried disable norescue no flank commands but does not work. Can anyone suggest a way to not allow VCom AI to not run on playable units.
  13. Hello my ARMA family happy new year to all. Here is a Unlimited Ammo script that works with all mags and rocket rounds editor placed and or spawn in units. This is unlike most of the scripts and codes that gives you a continuous spray of rounds with launchers. You can control if its only for players and AI use. OFP/AMMO has always been a pain in the ass with AI management especially rearming. if you are like me who plays with a lot of AI teammates you know my pain with micromanagement of this. XxanimusxX back with ARMA2 help me develop (well my idea) but all his scripting!!! This will allow a unit one magazine of the primary and secondary weapons that is in the player or AI hands. Basically you use up all of your ammo in your inventory until the last one and when that is used one additional mag/round will be added back into the inventory . Especially useful when your squad comes across an armor vehicle and has no launcher ammo left game over. Now you can have a fighting chance. XxanimusxX updated the script for me when ARMA3 came out. Unfortunately like all things ARMA (scripting) things will get broken with ARMA updates. This script was getting a message error that was killing performance and given a message error in the debug screen in the editor that would not go away. When playing a mission not from the editor no message but definitely draining overall performance. XxanimusxX has not been on the forums since 2016. Thanks to @Harzach for suggesting to change the way the script should be called and for @opusfmspol for correcting the script and getting rid of the message error. Here is the script for anyone who would like it. A few people asked me if they could have it. ARMA is all about sharing with the community. in Init.sqf In grantUnlimitedAmmo2.sqf: in InitServer.sqf This community has gave me so much help with my desire to under stand and lean scripting for ARMA. I appreciate all the help. Happy new year to all! Avibird.
  14. grantUnlimitedAmmo2.sqf: Updated first post no more message error better overall performance with script yay.
  15. Hello I have it setup to using radio triggers very easy setup. I have a platoon with 20 man that can be broken down to two squads via radio trigger. The squad leaders can call for the entire platoon to be one group or two squads. Each squad has three team leaders that can call for specific teams with radio triggers. ie assault weapons and logistics teams for each squad. It uses the join group command. I can have anywhere from 1-6 different groups. Now my units are playable/switchable units from the editor each with variable names that you need to use to call to join and disband your groups as you need. The question is can you use set variable names how are you spawning the units into the game?
  16. After test playing in a real mission not just in the editor setup getting a new message error line 20 in the ammo script - true or false expected line 20 { waitUntil { Sleep 0.5; // if !(alive _unit) ExitWith {};   this is line 20  _primeWpn = currentWeapon _unit; sleep 0.01; (_primeWpn != "") };  just // LINE 20 for now. I did notice a little dip in performance with FPS ect. but not a game killer. I will try to get this all worked out!!! very frustration
  17. I been having a serious bug for a while that my editor placed waypoints would get deleted from the map once a unit gets into combat. I was blaming vanilla waypoints (not the case) I was blaming JEBUS spawning script (not the case) I was blaming AIS wounding system(not the case) basically I was blaming everything and I had no real clue what my issues was until now. I strip down multiple missions code by code line by line SMH but finally it came down to how I was setting up my CfgFunctions of JEBUS and AIS. this is AIS setup on its own //------------------------AIS INJURY---------------------------- class CfgFunctions { #include "AIS\cfgFunctions.hpp" }; #include "AIS\Effects\BarDlg.hpp" this is Jebus setup on its own class CfgFunctions { #include "gaia\cfgFunctions.hpp" #include "jebus\cfgFunctions.hpp" } This is how I had it setup with both. Both work fine but gives me the bug of deleted waypoints. //------------------------AIS INJURY---------------------------- class CfgFunctions { #include "AIS\cfgFunctions.hpp" #include "gaia\cfgFunctions.hpp" #include "jebus\cfgFunctions.hpp" }; #include "AIS\Effects\BarDlg.hpp" What is the right sequence to allow both to work correctly without this bug. This has been an issue for a while in a lot of my mission that I had no clue what was causing it. These two scripts are my breed and butter spawning/patrols and medical systems for the majority of my mission help with greatly appreciated. Avibird
  18. If I keep the groups in careless mode both scripts work and no deletion of waypoints. Does not make sense best of my knowledge Jebus does nothing to do with combat mode or behavior unless it's using Gaia and AIS certainly has nothing to do with combat mode. Perhaps this is the weird arma bug with the two scripts. Still trying to get this to work out. Unfortunately both creators of this Scripps are no longer active 😢
  19. Is there a way to call this from a gamelogic #include "jebus\cfgfunction.hop" and not from my description. Take this out it works no deleted waypoints but Jebus does not run
  20. I know but it is the case if I try arrange the code lines in any other order one or both don't work SMH. I spent 4 days ripping apart missions and it is definitely down to this issue. Could you recommend a sequence of order other than I have posted thank you
  21. Hello JEBUS uses the answer is yes you can have two init parameters in script. That was for the above question. Now I think I found a serious bug with JEBUS and unfortunately it looks like Dreadpirate is MIA for a while hopefully he comes back to arma and will continue supporting this great script with that said I need someone to confirm this. Is it a JEBUS issues and not something else. When attempting to spawn a pilot and a gunner with a waypoint of get in a helicopter then move around a AO. The pilots will skip the get in waypoint and move to the next waypoint in the list. Rookie mistake 😂 I was blaming the vanilla waypoints for doing this somebody on the fourms suggested that I remove all my mods. I never considered it was JEBUS I've been using it for years and never had any major issues with it playing well with other mods. Well it definitely does not work. I did find a workaround with the waypoint setup. I need to have the chopper fly over to the FOB land have the pilots get out then back in the chopper to continue on there waypoint search patrol around the AO. In this mission I wanted to give the players steal a chopper from a heavily fortified FOB. Having the pilots originate from the FOB from a airport control tower was.my first design choice which is located less than 25 meters from the helipad but that is not an option at this time using JEBUS with this significant bug that I found. Can somebody please set up a similar scenario and confirm that is JEBUS that is causing this issue. Thank you avibird. I still enjoy the functionality and the ease of setup using JEBUS especially I use GAIA and VCOM AI for a lot of my AI patrols and enhance combat behaviors.
  22. One of the issues I see using editor waypoints with a cycle to make a loop ie patrol is the editor waypoints will disappear if a unit enters combat mode. no issues with group patrol on careless. They will still engage units but continue on their waypoint way. Once a units breeches combat mode ie red combat mode (rules of engagement) and red behavior (behavior parameter) editor waypoints will disappear and they will never be replaced once the engagement is over. Fooling around in Zeus I can see this. Is there a way to prevent a group from ever reaching those two states behavior and combat. I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say. Sets AI group combat mode (engagement rules). For individual unit's combat mode see setUnitCombatMode. Mode may be one of the following: "BLUE" : Never fire, keep formation "GREEN" : Hold fire, keep formation "WHITE" : Hold fire, engage at will/loose formation "YELLOW" : Fire at will, keep formation "RED" : Fire at will, engage at will/loose formation. setBehaviour behaviour Parameters: groupOrUnit : Group or Object - Unit or a group behaviour: String - Can be one of: "CARELESS" "SAFE" "AWARE" "COMBAT" "STEALTH"
  23. The only mod I am using is Vcom AI but I disable the mod for these groups that I am trying to setup some kind of set patrol movements for. Let me test on a all vanilla test but I tested it before and the same thing happens.