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    [RELEASE] Vehicle autoflip

    @piter306 the script works as intended for me. The only time the script does not work perfectly if the vehicle does not flip completely on its back or on its side. If the vehicle is vertically straight up like falling off the bridge any angle is not completely on its side or its back then the crew members sometimes will not jump out or if they do they won't get back in. This happens for a really only when it's really wood falls off a bridge and like I said it's not on its back or completely on its side. I don't know what you're talking about this was never in the vanilla game this is modification to improve some of the vanilla shortcomings of the game.
  2. avibird 1

    [RELEASE] Vehicle autoflip

    @piter306 it's works fine for me. The only issues that I see if the vehicle is on its side or angled straight up like after falling off a bridge the script does not work. But if the vehicle is on its back 100% of the time it works in seconds. There is a liability mod on steam workshop that works great. It does not allow infantry units on patrol to get killed by poor AI driving. If you are going to design a mission with vehicle patrols and vehicle patrols these two scripts/mods are need or you will have a bunch of vehicle crew members running around and a bunch of infantry patrol units with have of the units already dead on the ground from being run over. Hopefully these issues will be addressed in armA4 for it's certainly has never been addressed for arma3 with updates. Avibird
  3. Data link send Data link receive Data link position Will this only affect vehicles and not infantry units I don't full understand the practical functionality. Is the distance unlimited when link.
  4. Thanks for the input. I am using Vcom UPmons UPS and good old fashion editor guard waypoints to enhance AI combat efficiency. The AO is 1800x600 with multiple objectives and multiple side tasks that will make the mission easier. Finding the right balance between aggressiveness leaving a zone with knowledgeable information on enemy forces to allow vanilla or mod AI behavior to issue waypoints for attacking flanking and maneuvering once enemy has been spotted. Each of the AI vanilla/mods that I am using has it's only range of knowledge of enemy spotted positions. One of the many issues while using multiple combat behavior mods. Thanks hope you understand what I am saying.
  5. What I was saying use three different groups of units. JEBUS with editor placed waypoints to see if the waypoints work. Just use editor placed waypoints with no JEBUS and use JEBUS with a different patrol script. If the issues still there for all three then it's a map/terrain issue if it works then it's a Gaia issue. I stopped using Gaia unfortunately to many bugs and overall performance issues.
  6. Happy New year to all. Question for you guys. What do you think has more influence on performance of a mission ie lag. The total number of groups you have in a mission or the total number of units in the mission. For example 20 groups of 25 units = 500 or 100 groups of 5 units = 500. Since both missions has 500 units but the second has 8O more groups then the first.
  7. Hey pierremgi it was a typo it's 20 ×25 units for 500. I fix it in the original post 😃
  8. Hey JEBUS does not issue waypoints on it's on. It recalls editor placed waypoints and you can use a various number of patrol scripts to generate waypoints for you like GAIA UPmons UPS ect. It could be the map or could be a100 other things. See if JEBUS can recall the editor place waypoints. If it does then the issue is with your waypoint script. Do you use VCOM if so just place a a few groups of units next each other and let them fight. Go into Zeus and watch if the AI or issuing waypoints during the battle if it is not then the issue is with the terrain. Because Vcom will issues waypoints onn it's own. How are you calling your waypoints?
  9. The title says it's all. These objects are not groupable. I could easily group them to a bluefor units and make that unit 100% not present resulting in the units grouped switching sides. I was just wondering if there's another way to make these units switch sides.
  10. HELLO I am having a senior moment I can't combine theses two scripts together SMH. 0 = [this,"DELAY=",300,"PAUSE=",50,"EXIT=",myExitTrigger4, "INIT=", "[_proxyThis,'1','SAFE','COLUMN','LIMITED','ONROAD'] execVM'scripts\UPSMON.sqf'"] spawn jebus_fnc_main; 0 =[this,"Delay=",300,"PAUSE=",50,"EXIT=",myExitTrigger4, "INIT=", "{_x disableAI 'Path'} forEach (units _ProxyThis) ; (group _ProxyThis) setVariable ['Vcm_Disable',true]"] spawn jebus_fnc_main; 0 =[this,"Delay=",300,"PAUSE=",50,"EXIT=",myExitTrigger4, "INIT=", "[_proxyThis,'1','SAFE','COLUMN','LIMITED','ONROAD'] execVM'scripts\UPSMON.sqf'"] ; (group _ProxyThis) setVariable ['Vcm_Disable',true]"] spawn jebus_fnc_main; what am I doing wrong on this. Thanks Avibird
  11. yes I got the code to run correctly but trying to understand what you are talking about "corrupt characters in code" I don't see any when I am looking but you saisd I had some in code lines I posted.
  12. @harzach 0 = [this,"DELAY=",300,"PAUSE=",50,"EXIT=",myExitTrigger4, "INIT=", "[_proxyThis,'1','SAFE','COLUMN','LIMITED','ONROAD'] execVM'scripts\UPSMON.sqf'"] spawn jebus_fnc_main; 0 =[this,"Delay=",300,"PAUSE=",50,"EXIT=",myExitTrigger4, "INIT=", "{_x disableAI 'Path'} forEach (units _ProxyThis) ; (group _ProxyThis) setVariable ['Vcm_Disable',true]"] spawn jebus_fnc_main; 0 =[this,"Delay=",300,"PAUSE=",50,"EXIT=",myExitTrigger4, "INIT=", "[_proxyThis,'1','SAFE','COLUMN','LIMITED','ONROAD'] execVM'scripts\UPSMON.sqf'"] ; (group _ProxyThis) setVariable ['Vcm_Disable',true]"] spawn jebus_fnc_main; I don't see any key characters within the code lines using the above box. can you explain and show me what I am looking for. In your example above I see the two red dots in the code is that what you are talking about. Avibird
  13. Yes but when I use the code box. I see no extra characters like you posted above.
  14. @RCA3 your code line has an error in red at the end of the code. I will try to switch up the order of the two "INIT=", INPUTS UPMONS code then the 'Vcm_Disable' code this is your error ;"; ] spawn jebus_fnc_main; @harzach are you saying that I have invisible key characters within th code lines ?
  15. We all know the pathfinding for AI have issues in Arma. The island of tanoa has a large small road system through the jungles of the island. If you are using any random waypoint system or AI enhanced combat system Armor vehicles will attempt to use the road systems and will eventually get stuck or damage in the process of attempting to reach a location. In the editor either with Zeus or Eden enhanced mods there is a module that allows you to remove editor terrain objects like trees rocks buildings fences etc and using cup mod you could place down new roads. I am in the process making all the small road system accessible and maneuverable for armor units. Two questions. Does the module have a limited. Some times if I placed a module down objects are not deleted as expected. I wanted to use at least number of modules as possible throughout the island and Shouldn't the removal of all these objects improve FPS ?
  16. Hey pierremgi thanks for the reply and the bit of code I will definitely check it out but I don't want to take everything out of the map (area of operation) I just need to make the small trails accessible better maneuverability for AI. Vehicle The editor module for removal of objects does have a limited as far as how big of a patch it can remove at once. 100-120 by 24-30 is the sweet spot that I'm finding Any bigger parameters in the module some objects won't get deleted. My area of operation is 2000 by 1000 with random waypoints for infantry and vehicle patrols. I have it working pretty good now with no real issues with pathfinding on small trails within the jungles once I use the removal module and setup with a smaller perimeter for removal of items. Will the modules help or hurt my FPS. On One hand a lot of items are removed but I am using around 45 modules. Need to evaluate FPS and lag once I'm done.
  17. avibird 1

    MCC Sandbox ?

    @mohaki do yourself a favor don't use MCC unfortunately. It is a buggy mess and GAIA system is fucked this days. Both have not had updates in a very long time and both original creators are no longer active here. You can see I am all over GAIA and MCC pages I used them a lot they were my main two mods in most of my mission but not anymore. I needed to replace them.
  18. Yes that is the issued when you team switch to a new unit they has access to support modules it is reset. Usage does not carry over
  19. @Bad_Dad I know it can be very frustrating when you find a scripture mod that fits your needs perfectly but the script or mod is no longer working correctly. Welcome to the wonderful world of Arma. With that said the last reply on this thread was jan 3 2014 almost 9 years ago SMH and the creator of this script tryteyker has not been on the forum since 2017. I can safely assume there hasn't been no update on this. You can easily check if somebody's been on by clicking on their name and it will tell you when the last time they were active on the forums. What exactly are you looking for ? Avibird
  20. @kibaBG I have tested in game yes you can set the number let's say 3 artillery usage and you are right when I use three the artillery icon disappears from the support menu but if you switch into a new unit and then switch back or switch into a different unit that has access to the support modules they both get three again. Test in game.
  21. @Larrow thank you for finally getting this to work with team switch and with respawning in a multiplayer environment. However is there any way that the number of usage per support modules can be carried over rather than resetting the amount each time you switch into a unit that has access to the modules. To have unlimited support availability is overkill for some mission designs. Is there a way that you can put an option for mission designers to either keep it with the reset or limited the amount of usage during a mission. One again thank you this has been a long-standing issue that Bohemia should have fixed years ago. Avibird
  22. avibird 1

    =BTC= Logistic [A3] - BETA

    Hey bad_Dad lol giallustio has not been around in a long time. This post has had no action since aug 2015. Does this script/mod still work as intended. There is a simple script that I used that allows you to restore destroyed vehicles. I have not used it in years don't know if it still works I will check let you know if that's what you are looking for. You use the CRV-6e Bobcat to restore specific vehicles that you allow the script to run on. FYI that are not functional anymore due to engine and game updates and the office of the original scripts and mods no longer are active and keeping them up to date. This is one of the hard things with arma when using scripts and mods things can get broken very quickly and sometimes things don't get updated. Avibird
  23. You can easily make the massage in a trigger with hint format and have the massage display when your player group enters the trigger area.
  24. Hello I am trying to get UPMONS and UPS working a little better with infantry groups. I was just wondering if there is a code that I could but into a trigger that covers my AO that would switch particular units back into SAFE behavior and LIMITED speed for groups of units for example patrol 1 patrol 2 and patrol 3 and patrol 4 if the group is not moving after 6O seconds. This has been an issue with these two scripts for a while once a group goes into combat once contact has been made or know information of enemy units the groups will never go back into safe or limited speed again.
  25. @Harzach thanks for the correct syn text for that part. How would I call this in if the group are not actively moving ie having a waypoint generated issued or attached to it. What would I ever look at to put into the trigger condition ?