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  1. Still different loadouts bring different sprint distances before becoming ineffective. So others have to wait up to keep the team effective (i guess). I dont think we see the full reality from the presentation videos.

  2. So exactly what Six Updater does, but on a much simpler basis?

    Doesn't solve the issue that's under discussion, that joining a MP server in ArmA is a pain in the rear because of the varying mods used. What's being seeked is some solution that simplifies the process of starting ArmA (or a launcher), selecting a server you want to join, downloading the mods required automatically (or very easily) and then playing on the server with just the correct mods selected.

    Thats true. I did forget to mention that in game ARMA3 should/could (dont know how they made it now) be much clearer on what addons are used, especially for new players, and maybe point them to where they can be downloaded. And from there use the one click = download & install function of said type of program. As i mentioned though its not automatic, but its very easy. And very easy seems pretty good. At least to me.

  3. As for players: the new, tacticool movements are already a little bit more difficult to master and may take some practice - i consider this always as a good filter between "regular" and "SF"-class players.

    Sounds great. To actually be a kick ass SF dude you need practise to master all the stances and moves. You will spot noob-prey easily on the battlefield. :D

    Headbob: I think BIS said they werent taking out anything - only adding. Apart from changing the anim system and such which needs to be replaced - aka throw out the old.

  4. When closing in on for eg. a helicopter the action menu is content sensitive so you only have to press middlemouse button when in position of the pilot seat. Same with getting close to an ammobox you just need to press middle mouse and you enter the box contents. However about cycling the options in the action menu some other way someone else has to reply about that as im not on the game pc atm, and i cant remember any other way. Think it works though.

  5. So to sum it up:

    -You can host a mission yourself and set all the rules to test things out with others.

    -You can join games where there usually are less strict rules (except the one of being respectful). Try some Domination server maybe?

    -You can join a team later on if you want to get that tight brotherly feeling. :)

    The choice is yours. This game lets you do anything you want.

  6. So far, the movement and actions in this series have been clumsy, clunky, and slow--unrealistically so. It looks to me as though a great deal of the Arma fans want Arma 3 to be like this--unrealistically awkward. This is worrying. It's neither fun nor realistic, and both the "fun" and the "realism" crowd should be on board for improving this.

    We are. :)

    I have been a bit grumpy that many things taken longer time to do in game than in real life. Plus no way to move slow with a still weapon which i can do in real life (muscle control. Non existant in games). In ARMA3 videos we can now see that you can move slow with a steady weapon which im glad for. Will make us feel more like professionals instead of some random dude picking up a rifle for the first time.

  7. What about Skyrim and its Nexus Mod Manager?

    On the newspage of Armaholic and the similar sites add links that will download to this standalone program ("download with ARMA Mod Manger" link) and it will install the mod automatically. Plus the NMM have the options to exclude include addons when starting the game (which also can be done from NMM).

    I think it worked great. It installs and uninstalls mods with a single click. Armaholic and all the other sites already hosts the addons so it must be relatively easy to do this no?

    Anyone else tested NMM and know what i mean? BIS would make it of course (hopefully). :)

    EDIT: Its not automatic, but its damn easy.

    EDIT2: Clarifying:

    - Links to addons on for eg. Armaholic say: "Download mod with ARMA Mod Manager".

    - Click the link and the ARMA Mod Manager starts on your PC, downloads & installs the mod.

    - Your option now is to activate the mod or leave deactivated.

    - Start game.

  8. Any word on the render to texture and how we can control its camera movement yet?

    Thinking of what NodUnit talked about a bit back. We can see FLIR on the screen during the vehicle demonstration where Jay then goes optics mode and moves the gun/optics around, but is that gun moveable without entering optics mode you think? Maybe passangers can see where the gunner looks when he is in optics mode (camera control mode). That would be ok as it means other can help spot targets and of course understand what the gunner is talking about when calling targets etc. Maybe a modifier button + mouse (eg. shift+mouse) to turn the gun/optics without entering optics mode? But then again maybe thats too many buttons? :D

  9. Please look into that Video:

    ...all depending on carried weight, steepness of surface and actual fatigue-factor...

    Have there been any video showing fatigue yet? In that video the guy is running pretty far and at full speed without being (seemingly) fatigued. Maybe set to some simple level not to scare new customers away?

  10. If this is true what they write in the PcGamer and they are working on a standalone game for DayZ, why dont they sell it instead as a DLC for Arma 3 ?

    DLC is good, but if hundreds of thousands of people came over the forums for DayZ only and with the same cravings like we have for the main game then that cant be good can it? I got nothing against DayZ, i think its fun as hell, but if it makes great sales and pull tons of new players in then it might be best to have it separately. With 2 games within the same game that have a big player base each that both shout for fixes features, follow ups etc etc one can only think of compromises, and that doesnt really feel like a good thing.

    What IS good though is that BIS gets more $$ and that Rocket pulled more (many more) players into our beloved game, and that new pool of players will see ARMA3 which is enhanced over ARMA2 regarding smoother gameplay (animations), more streamlined GUI and with more eye candy so many of them surely will start playing ARMA as well (as they will see how f-ing awesome it is). And im sure backing this to a 100%.

    Im not working at BIS so i cant really say how it all will be handled, but i think all of us ARMA nuts always feel a bit scared that our game will get compromised one way or another, and when a zombie gamemode gets tons of attention then many of us get a bit shaky no matter how fun and great it is. ;)

  11. Looks like in the videos that one setting (maybe the lowest(?)) is that the FPS is cut down a great deal to give it kind of a webcam update frequency (a few FPS). Still is functionable and the performance on the videos from E3 etc all look very smooth with it on. The full (high setting) prolly will be punishing.

    My PC i had til recently (all SSD, quad, tons of RAM etc) suffered a great deal with it on in ToH. Hopefully they can optimise a few different settings for it so most people can use it. WHOT/BHOT in ARMA2 is very easy on performance so that with lower setting might not affect performance much at all (experienced guess at least). :)

  12. For the sake of it i'll write it again here. When i got SSD drives and loaded ARMA2 into one of them (one for the OS) it felt much better and the performance went "up" (not having to wait for loading in gameplay and outside). The overall feel (was for me anyway) great and it truly felt like the game ran much better. Sure its a money issue with SSD since most of you probably already got more than 2GB RAM, but they have dropped a lot in price and you only need a small one to fit ARMA3 so im sure you can get away with a small sum of cash and at least have it on a storage device that makes sense for this type of engine.

    I never look at a HDD anymore except one for storage use (film, images, music, backups etc etc).

  13. Awesome map again Nools. Big thanks for your effort, and for sharing! :)

    Just noticed as i tested this map i cant change my viewdistance anymore. However i think i added a few maps the last couple of days and i got all maps ever released (kinda) in one single folder so its hard to know which lol. :D So im not sure which map is causing it. Just thaught i pop in and ask if someone noticed the same little hickup? I will start taking them out one by one tomorrow.

  14. Good one tpw! :)

    Maybe an explanation on how to activate the script for newcomers in the first post/readme would be good?

    EDIT (How to):

    - Start the editor, and put a unit on it. Add the below line into your units "init" field:

    script = [] execVM "Simple_house_lights_script.sqf"

    - Save the "mission", and when its saved you will get a mission folder - drop the script in that folder.

    Start the mission again and voila.

    Changed the above to an even simpler method.

  15. I agree with this. Something like 24 hours = 4/6 real time hours would be more suitable though in my opinion.

    Agreed as well. I tested this 2 times now and both times were at night. I wanted to see the sun-up which would been cool. Hopefully BIS effect module/or own script made rolling mist is present. The sun coming up with mist rolling along the ground and zombies lurking... Great stuff.

  16. A small one i dont think ive seen anyone mention: Boats, especially the faster boats, shouldnt lose as much power they do now when turning if possible. Ive owned at least 3 motor boats through my life and they dont lose speed when turning. I guess it has been an engine limitation(?), but if its possible to fix this it would be great indeed especially with the physics and bigger focus on boats in nr3.

    Heavy steering does indeed lower the speed, but as it is now you lose speed even when doing a bit of turning.