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  1. Okay since some people want a reason, here are three:

    Fair points indeed. I dont like that i dont have access to my games whenever, and i dont like that i cant give away for example some SP games i finished to some friend, and i surely dont like that some twat can cancel my account and take everything i paid for. Sounds damn horrible. But i guess i just dont know what to do as i do want ARMA3 and the result is i have to take it up the *** and go with it as i dont think a bunch of us here will be able to stop this process.

    I did say yes in the poll, but not because i like Steam, but because i want the only game that means something on the market of shallow bullshit games.

  2. Does this mean for example that we would only be required to activate ARMA3 on the Steamworks website once every 30 days, then could proceed to play the game without any interference from Steam for 29 day intervals?

    Only in offline mode SP. Dont know about LAN yet. MP needs Steam connection.

  3. Myke;2300538']Dwarden said that beta's are optional and that anytime you may reverse to a older patch level' date=' beta or not. So if a server doesn't use the latest patch, you can select the desired patch level and steam "downgrades" your game accordingly.[/quote']

    Thanks for that. Sounds good.

  4. Nope. Once you activate something in your account, it stays there forever.

    Thanks bud (and thanks Almanzo). That kinda (really) sucks. I would never give away one of all my BIS titles, but this one was actually quite good but with no more value to me.

  5. Lots of people here with Steam knowledge, and im wondering about something. Might be a good place to ask here.

    I baught a game in the store some 6 months ago and i had to use Steam to run it. When i finished it i thaught i give it to a friend. He called me and said that he couldnt play it as he needed login and pass. Creating a new one and using the game code wasnt enough. It wanted my login/pass.

    So is there a way to do this without giving him "my" pass/login to Steam? Im not using Steam, and i dont even have it installed atm so i dont know if theres some option in there to terminate the game for further selling it etc. And tbh i dont even remember my login, email used or pass. Too much of that goin around these days. Cant keep track of it all anymore. :D

  6. It differs from game to game, I'm able to run some games without even starting Steam, Company of Heroes, Street Fighter x Tekkon and GTA just to name a few, but then there are others that require Steam to be running.

    Cheers. Hopefully ARMA3 lets us skip that except when authenticate and patch it. We can only hope.

  7. So if you use offline mode in Steam with boxed copy and add addons the good old way - is there any reason to have Steam runnin at all except when patching etc?

    Not a Steam user as you can see. :) Cheers.

    EDIT: They did say (might change) that some countries will still probably get boxed DVD's. Since im in Sweden and every BIS title has been so far in the stores im counting on it for ARMA3 as well.

  8. Re simple and easy, the latest addition "Six Launcher" should come a lot closer, with the next-gen SU also on the horizon with similar simplicity.

    And i appreciate that SB. Six Updater is great, but i was more thinking of the whole new ARMA player base that dont know about it, and those that never visit us (always a bunch that skip forums). Something that comes out of the box. If BIS let you add your next gen SU - great. I have no idea what the solution they talked about look like maybe its a similar thing(?).