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  1. Thanks for the update. :)

    Started new yesterday (previous build) and went through several villages, and when i eventually came up to a bigger one (cant remember the name, but across the water from the large airport and south a bit) and there were no loot in the whole city. Plus 2 bigger churches of 2 towns didnt save when going into them (they were not crossed off the list with hints from dead soldiers).

    So anyway, will test this new build and see if its all ok again. ;)

  2. 3. Make vas window moveable, and or be able to minimize it like a window, maybe both?

    all that comes to mind atm.

    The paper doll scripts puts the camera onto us. Is it possible to make so that when entering VAS the camera "flings" around and look at you while the VAS menu is in a corner? Maybe camera could be slightly from an angle so you see your face and can also see the backpack. The paper doll sliders etc is good, but not necessary if this would work. Obviously paper doll let you turn and twist so thats awesome too, but for a "lighter" version that would be good enough i think.

    So, enter VAS, VAS menu comes up in a corner, camera (taken from paper doll script maybe) is set to face you from the front and slightly to the right or left so you can see part of the back as well. Just so you can see if a backpack look good or not.

    Keep up the good work mate. Its appreciated. ;)

  3. This is good, thanks! :)

    VAS is an amazing script and works so good it should be intergrated into ARMA3 (with the paperdoll coded in a good combo way for stock ammobox fiddling). The only thing that bugged me was that the VAS window was in the middle of the screen and non moveable (would been ok if it was in a corner and static as well), and that you cant turn the camera when testing gear. So theres a lot of opening it and adding something and then exit - repeat. This makes it a bit easier to see so thats great - great combo.

  4. Nvm. Thought there was no option to choose new caching system, but i was using an older version. ;) Damn i wish ARMA let us save and load more than 1 save file... (saved my other one where i searched 150 churches on the side. I just cant throw it away. Too much work :D ).

    Thanks for making this better and better. ;)

    EDIT: On the "issue" of having enemies all over and still being able to hitch hike with civilians. Well i see it like this, the country had a war previously and now its got peace keeping army on it (CSAT) and i have come to collect my brothers body who was fighting against that force earlier. Obviously they let the civilians go about their business, but they do not like agressors and they do not like me coming there to loot and claim a dead body. So, its all good, and im lying down in cars and pay them good money so they take me where i want to go. Its a bit of fantasy, but it works - for me at least. :)

    EDIT again: Also had to just give you a "bravo!" on the new caching system. The performance is ultra smooth and yet i see enemies, enemy camps, more complex enemy camps (camo nets, road blocks etc). So, excellent work!

  5. Maybe also make it save when sleeping at camp? Was a bit of a bummer to go back to camp, heal and sleep, move really far and then die - back to the church miles away from camp and having to move to camp again just to sleep and heal again.

    Just a suggestion. ;)

    @Khugan, i never seen that bug and i played many hours. Maybe you are on dev branch? Not sure if its completed yet. Honestly i havent read this whole thread. Or could be a mod. Or maybe even a mission bug, but i never seen it and i cleared lots of camp.

    Which brings me to my next point that i forgot above. Seems there are no more camps spawning for me now. I logged a whole bunch of hours, slept 2 times for healing, done maybe around 200 churches. And since a whole real life day i havent seen any more camps although in the beginning they were plentiful.

  6. Alright bud, fair points. Weird on the clouds issue. Its really bright in the sky and the ground is hard to see as it gets darker. its like the HDR is back to ARMA2. Maybe it came in the latest patch, i dont know.

    Keep up the great work. ;)

  7. First off, great mission my friend! :)

    Through hours of play in this mission ive seen parts of Altis i never seen before which has been superb. The feeling of the mission is great through never knowing where enemies are and what loot to find, and you get so happy when you find useful stuff or manage to take out some enemies. Last night i had to sleep to heal up after a clash and ended up at night time. Luckily i looted NVG earlier that day so i could see. But when searching some churches i saw an armored enemy car with big guns and had to sneak around it for a long time - it was great. Great idea to make use of all the churches as well. :)

    Hitch-hiking problem

    I do have some issues though that i want to bring up. First, after aquiring a car, everytime i hitch hike i am moved into it no matter where it is on the map. And in my case its busted and got no more ammo so i left it (dont know how to get vehicle ammo, and its totally ok if we cant. Makes it funnier). But the "weird" thing is that i end up inside it even though its somewhere else on the map (i hitch hike to the right place and the car is teleported to that place and im placed inside it). Bit weird so to speak.

    Color/light effects?

    The other issue im having personally is that i think you use either BIS effect module for contrast/light? Or some effect regarding light/color? Because in your mission the clouds are super white, almost like smudges and when i load up the editor they look normal. I dont know if this affects night time NVG as well, but it might be BIS problem actually, but at pitch black nights without moon when using NVG the sky is super bright and it darkens your vision a lot. I think this is BIS problem actually but maybe if you have an effect on it might make it worse. IF there is an effect in this mission i would love for a version without it.

    Disapearing AI

    Third, ive seen enemies disapear in front of my eyes. A walking patrol walking away from me maybe around 50-100 meters. Maybe you could make that distance further or make them not disapear as long as they are around the player. At the same time i can see enemies really far away so i dont know if this was a patrol that is specially spawned AI.

    Thanks for a great calm and atmospherical mission. Please keep enhance it. :bounce3: Especially if you in the future maybe do this for 2 players also. I understand that might be a whole other beast to make work, but i have been dying to play this with a friend and experience it togehter.



  8. Does this mod set the damage to a more realistic level as well? Since start we have been able to put half a mag into AI's faces before they go down. Both with assault rifles and heavy machine guns. Would be nice to get back to the earlier damage of this title.

    No idea why this is never fixed as it drags down the whole game which is otherwise good.


  9. Seeing the AI just do their "ugh!" animation 4 times as you hit it 4 times and then keep running to then turn and pop you with 1 shot is getting old. Especially when you see clearly you hit them in the side with a machinegun from 40 meters away. Hope BIS ever get to grips with this. Would be nice.

  10. I downloaded all three, put them in the same folder, but I can't get them to unzip. I tried using 7-zip and WinRAR and no dice. From what I've read, my zips are corrupted from the download? Hella lame. Anyone found a fix?

    If your zips are broken then they are broken. There is no fix but to redownload. Im downloading the torrent now and its coming down fairly fast. Well 3mbyte/s at least.

    EDIT 4Mbyte/s now. :) Faster and faster.

  11. The lea folder inside userconfig (i.e \userconfig\lea) should be generated the first time you initialize @LEA from the profile editor (Menu -> Profiles -> Initialize @LEA).

    Do you get this message : http://www.sonsofexiled.fr/wiki/images/lea2/lea_profile_initialize_success.png ?

    I didnt get that message no. And i didnt do the initialize either. Let me test that.

    Thanks. ;)

    EDIT: I was too fast. I noticed the help section in the program now. :) Gonna read that and get back to you if theres something i dont get. Thanks again guys.

  12. Fanstastic work guys!

    Im having an issue though. The folder LEA and file Loadout is not being created automatically in my userconfig folder. Dont know why? Ran the manual version (just start the EXE).

    Starting the game with the @LEA addon.

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: Separate question. Is this supposed to save the changes back to the ARMA/Missions folder instantly or does it save to LEA/Missions first and then we move it to ARMA/Missions?


  13. First off, great addon. Thanks for that. ;)

    Didn't read through the whole thread so sorry for that, but I was wondering if the insane traveling effect while lying down with bipod equipped weapons could be eliminated? Try the Lynx with SOS scope and lie down. The sway takes you all over the country side and you don't really feel like a marksman/sniper.

    With your bipods out I noticed its still there if maybe a little less. So I wondered if that's something you can get to and tone down more (or eliminate), but keep the oscillation/vibration that comes now and then? I really do like the vibrations but you might not be able to eliminate just the sway without removing that effect too.

    Keep up the great work. :)

  14. Great mod. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. :)

    I haven't had the time to test latest versions, but noticed in the latest ARMA build that new sway has been added to prone aim. The one Im referring to is the sway that move slowly back and forth all over the landscape. I hope BIS plans to remove that to all weapons with bipod since its far from realistic (nice touch with the vibrations in optics now and then though).

    But, to the question. Can you or have you been able to remove that slow moving sway when bipods used? If you have then disregard, if not then might be something to look into - if possible.

  15. Wouldn't you just have to look for grassy bits in the distance and know someones there? And if they crawl you see a patch of grass moving? Would also like a better way even though i think what we have is "ok". Well better than nothing at all. :)

    That game i forgot what it was called added grass within the scopes view only. Seemed to work great although im not sure it would work (or be too heavy) in our engine.

  16. Images from Dslyecxi's upcoming ARMA3 video on march 4th (linked from Armaholic).




    Leaving the images as links instead of compressing them regarding size rules.

    The news on the upcoming video: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18678