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  1. Was wondering, do you have googles/glasses as loot as well? I never seen it from all the hours i played your mission. Since using tpw mods with the fancy new monitor tactical glasses it would be fun to come across a pair once in a while. :)

  2. I didn't mean the positioning on the screen. I meant the angle in which the data is displayed. If you look carefully on Sammael's image and Crysis', you'll notice the image is a bit curved, to reflect the fact it's projected over a curved surface such as the sun glasses'.

    Ah gotcha, sorry. ;) Isnt that more of a cool "effect" though rather than what you would actually see? Maybe cool.

  3. Good idea, but I think it's suppose to be swept to the left instead for the right, isn't it?

    A good reference might be Crysis' HUD:


    The right side is the "correct" side since thats where the screen sits on the tactical glasses in game. You can always move it where you want on the screen through the userconfig HPP.

  4. TPW, thanks for hud addon, but Could you show only spotter unit in line vision?, if you are back a wall you can see mark the unit in front, but you don´t know what is the movement this unit if you don´t see them. jajaja you aren´t a diviner.

    Tested some more and markers of enemy AI does not move behind walls for me. I could see them move behind bushes, but thats not tpw's fault. BIS didnt make bushes fully concealing in A3. Only the tall jungle grass do that me think. ;)

  5. Thanks a lot for the (quick) update, tpw! :)

    Super immersive mod one simply cant live without. Thanks for improving the ARMA series over all these years. Modders like you make ARMA so much more enjoyable. :cool:


    TPW, thanks for hud addon, but Could you show only spotter unit in line vision?, if you are back a wall you can see mark the unit in front, but you don´t know what is the movement this unit if you don´t see them. jajaja you aren´t a diviner.

    I dont see moving markers behind walls - markers stop before they go behind a wall only giving me info about how long ago he went behind the wall. Maybe it can spaz out sometimes. Im gonna check a bit more and report back.

  6. Great mod.

    Tested the HUD and its real fun and works well with A3's near future style. However, i would personally add the information down to the right side of screen (where the little monitor sits on the glasses) instead of around the crosshair. It feels a bit distracting. :cool:

    I know its more work, but would it be possible to have an entry in userconfig where we can choose maybe "middle", "bottom left", "bottom right" etc? I would appreciate that very much. :)

    Thanks for all the hard work!

    EDIT: Also another idea. Thought about AZT (azimut). if it could show N,NW,W,SW,S... together with the numbers? Since AI usually call "Specop NW, 100m" it would really make them even more functional glasses to quicker assesing direction based on AI's calls. So instead of just "AZT:180" it says "AZT:S 180".

  7. The awesome get awesomer. Thanks Rydygier. :)

    I use a few addons and notice no bad FPS with the latest caching. This is regarding previous versions. Havent tested the new yet with combat here and there. I think 1.71 got harder in itself though with larger and more AI groups. Sometimes 2 full infantry teams with vehicle support. Very hard to fight (but fun). You of course have to use guerilla tactics and run away - fool - take out one or two, run away etc. Good stuff.

    EDIT: Man, this new version sure has enemies all over. :D Cant drive between 2 towns without being shot at. The first town i looted i got contact between 2 or 3 baddies. I took out 2 of them and couldnt see the last one. After some minutes of fighting them an attack heli came and searched for me plus a combat vehicle lol! Guess what, i sat in a house surrounded by hell itself and planned to take them out 1 by 1 if they entered the house. They didnt though and maybe that was for the better because after maybe 20 minutes of me hiding and hearing them running around shouting all of a sudden kaBOOM! The other armed force came and started battling my enemies. :D In the end the other force killed my enemies and took off. So i could finally get out from the house, get into my truck and leave for the next town.

    Very cool. I would prefer a little less enemies, but i guess i can set that in the beginning. People that thought this mission wasnt action enough surely have that now. :) Good job Rydygier.

    Btw i can use NATO uniforms now when restared. Cant use other factions though. I think it would be awesome if there was some script command that let us use any unforms we find to be worn. Wonder if there is such a command.

    EDIT2: Found a little bug i think. At first when i killed some AI i can see their "+" signs on the map (where they died), but now maybe 2 hours in i dont see them anymore from my kills, but i see them all over the map where AI met eachother. So when they die by "AI hand" they are marked on map, but not when i kill them.

  8. I could throw in a userconfig for keys, but it's my intention to add a custom key binding system, and a lot of the framework for it is written. Mostly I have to make an in-game GUI. Not having one is blocking a lot of other features, so it's relatively high on my TMR priority list.

    Happy to hear that. As it is now for some strange reason i just cant use resting and ultimately not use your great mod. So thanks for doing custom bind. :)

  9. Good job on this. :)

    Does explosives such as satchels also have a different impact with this? Dont know how many times ive tried to take out any sort of armor in A3 with either RPG or explosives and it usually resulted in nothing. Barely a scratch. Think i tried to take out the CSAT AA vehicle with 5 satchel and nothing happened in standard A3 (maybe it changed in the latest patches). But i remember shooting PCML 2 times into the AAF APC and it didnt go down. Not even broken wheels (shot from behind twice).

    Yeah, conclusion is, very strange values all around in A3. :D

  10. Thanks for continuos development on this mod. :)

    Maybe a stupid question, but i think when i was using this before i pressed TAB to deploy the weapons for stability? Tried this version and i can see the icon but no button or button combo seems to take effect. Is it automatic and only lowers recoil or is there a function to lower sway as well when resting? Tried to check your website and the tmr wiki, but came up empty for this one. I think the other guy who picked up tmr and developed it a bit further said it should work to press TAB, but im not 100% on that.


  11. Player is FIA (west) nothing changed here. In fact I can't recall any change, I made, that possibly could affect that.

    EDIT: Tested and I can wear western uniforms (NATO or FIA).

    Weeeird... Something is bugging out then i guess.

  12. I think the uniform thing is a common Arma problem. I believe you can't wear the clothes of 'enemies'.

    Kind of true yes, but in Pilgrimage previous versions you could use NATO uniforms at least. I know as i have that save still. ;) So something happened in this one. Maybe the player is set to CSAT? I think i never came across CSAT stuff, but AAF and NATO, and i couldnt wear them.

  13. Hmm. I did literally nothing with possibility of wearing army uniforms. In fact - I have no idea, how to change that via scripting, and always was able to use only uniforms predefined for my side.

    Also at camps always should be at least one soldier, so this is odd in fact. The more odd, I did nothing with the camps too... Perhaps there was someone, but he run somewhere? Shouldn't be possible too however, unless player was detected.

    Ok, so both are odd then. Weird. I could use army uniforms before as well (but not civvy clothes), but not in the new build. Came across nato uniform and csat so far and could not use any of them. I thought you maybe made the player "civilian" or something.

    And yes the camp was empty. I sneaked from far away and never saw anyone. Clear view so im 100% sure there was no one. I used TPW mods for the first time with your mission. Maybe something in that caused the issues. Not sure.

  14. Yes, it is only for Armaholic version. They are often repacking, what I send to them, and lately results are sometimes like that. With one of previous versions whole package was lacking of .7z extension after their voodoo, but was fixed fast. Try alternative links with original, not repacked 7z, or just try to rename current file by adding .pbo at the end.

    Yeah no worries, just added PBO at the end. :)

    New version was a bit different. Not being able to use army uniforms anymore for example. I get the idea, but it was fun to be able to slap on whatever you found before. The mixing was great. :) And if you can find it, then why not be able to put it on hehe.

    Also, the camp i came up to had a fire going but no enemies. Thats the first time i ever seen that. Maybe sometimes there are no soldiers at hidden camps, but then its the first time i see it, in the new build as well. So maybe bug?

    Keep it up!

  15. For some reason i cant even see Pilgrimage in the scenarios list. Didnt have that problem with any other version. Any ideas?

    EDIT: Just saw what it is. Your mission (to me at least) look like this: "sp_pilgrimage.altis". There is no .PBO in the end. :D

  16. Btw Rydygier, when paying to get vehicle and enemy activity info they are always - and i mean always - super far away from the player. Many times it says something like "info about enemy activity in a 500m radius", but when paying for the info the actual activity is on the other side of the map, miles away.

    I dont know how much coding it is to change this, and you might like it this way (and i dont REALLY have much problem with it), but it would be nice when paying for such info that it is indeed closer to you so the info gets more actual, more vital, to the player.

    Keep it up mate. Love this mission. ;)

    EDIT: When is 1.71 out (roughly)? I might hold back starting playing on the new version in favour for having fast travel and healing back. Its not so good to update the mission and load old saves i believe (better to start fresh everytime).