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  1. I run with dual core AMD 3800+, 8800GTS 320mb, 2GB ram and this patch initially felt very good. Still does but some weird chops/lag seems to come out of nowhere. For example, i look forward moving slightly, nothing new is loading in, no sounds are loading and yet i got chops/lag. This never happened with 1.09.

    However, i can now play domination sahrani full server with 5000 view distance without lag/chops where with 1.09 i played with about 1500 -2000 (graphic options set to high with some very high, some normal). Still though, these out of nowhere chops/lags are weird and annoying.

    One thing i liked very much was that when there is some performance hits (lots of fighting/effects etc) it didnt slow down my computer. It chops but doesnt slow down. That is very cool and other friends report this as well. So im happy with some annoyance about those "out of nowhere lags".

    Only thing i really tried vehicle wise that i didnt like is super cobra. Lift is way to power less. Tested to have some AI fly them over a mountain and back - they all crash everytime. Maybe its realistic (never flown one) but you cant hardly move it forward without losing altitude. Thaught attack helis where more agile than that. Maybe im wrong.



  2. Now we need a SA-3 yay.gif

    Shilkas hidden in forest to cover the low flying and SA-3 to cover bigger/higher areas.

    I think SA-3 is best as they can be fooled and they arent too fast, but yet very deadly if your not on your toes. And we need something to scare us in your awesome F18's... i feel like a god when im in them biggrin_o.gif



  3. Sparks at last! Awesome stuff.

    EDIT: Idea. Your sparks are yellow and fades to orange. Great work in making it looking smooth transition in the coulor. However, have you tried testing with having the sparks white smoothed out to yellow or lighter orange? Im thinking of the sparks i see on video (might be distorted by camera ofcourse) but normally sparks are metal debris burning at very high temperatures and seems white. Im wondering if making them lighter/brighter in colour also will give more dramatic effect both when they are flying in the fire balls as a vehicle get hits (sparks and fire almost same colour so the sparks disapear a bit) and also maybe lighter colour looks more dramatic when NVGs are used?

    Just an idea. Im happy as it is, just thaught it might be worth to test if its not too much work and then you see if it looks better or not.

    Thanks a bunch Matt for the effects! Really appreciate the work.



  4. I cant find a start new topic button..? So i just put it here and maybe someone can move it if needed. It concerns tactics in a way so maybe its all good.

    Anyone know if better animations/fluent/better control will be re instated in ArmA2? I do miss better handling when it comes to CQB in the cities, and i know some people that dont like arma just because the animations is a bit "slow" between doing things like crouch, hit the dirt and not be able to move (at least slow) and reload etc.

    I absolutely dont want any BF2 fantasy handling, but just more closer to real life speed when it comes down to it. Even though battles often is over large areas where this isnt needed, we do end up in cities and villages. And when we do, i want to be prepared for awesome CQB'ing. thumbs-up.gif



  5. Nice jets for sure! I love em. Now we need some better enemies though biggrin_o.gif when im in your F18 - nothing can kill me.

    Just a little heads-up. I tested your jets on 1.11 beta patch and it seems theres some strange things happening.

    CBUs seems to drop correct but some mk´s landed like 50 meters too short. Always in front of the target. I know how to drop them "fake CCIP" (awesome idea!wink_o.gif and in 109 it works perfect. Just a heads up.

    Thanks for an awesome addon!



  6. Hi there,

    I have to rethink what i just wrote to you. I tried to be helpful but i might be wrong about this.

    With 1.08, 1.09 i never had to restart arma after making some graphic settings like post processing on/off etc. It seems the huge performance hit came from me changing resolution and post processing effects and then keep playing. When i did changes and exit/restart arma it all looks fine. Ive tested this a couple of times as i dont wanna give anyone more work than nessesary confused_o.gif

    Everytime i make changes and keep playing = huge impact on performance. If i exit/restart its all very fine.

    So sorry if i made your evening suck biggrin_o.gif i guess youll notice if there is anything weird going on when you test/work on your awesome effect.

    A reminder to everyone that might feel it chops/lags more than it should after settings change - restart! wink_o.gif (maybe i achieved something good at least with these final words).



  7. Just thaught id let you know about a thing in 1.11 beta and your smoke.

    When i was on 1.09 your smoke didnt lag me much at all. Even with a lot of smoke all around. In 1.11 beta it seems to lag extremelly much when your smoke is smokin. I dont know why this is, maybe because some graphics is changed in some way due to better performance in some other parts (i dont know anything about coding). Funny thing is i can now play with 6000 view distance at high/very high with minimal lag, but when your smoke comes, it gets heavy, really heavy. Even if i go down in VD.

    Maybe its my system specs only this happens on. Just thaught it was a bit surprising when the rest is so much better performance wise. Maybe something to look into. I really cant be without your smoke inlove.gif but maybe have to rethink that until i get a monster monster computer purchased. As i understand your next release will be even more eye candy and will probably be even heavier. Maybe do a lighter version if its not too much work and if this is real for the rest of the community with 1.11?

    Thanks for a great addon never the less.



  8. Just another happy DMSmoke user here saying thank you for a truly awesome addon. notworthy.gif This is one of those adds that i cant play without, and im looking forward to what you got in store for us in the next version.

    Keep up the great work and take your time to get it right.

    Oh and please hurry. wink_o.gif



  9. Quote[/b] ]Well, as a F4AF-player, what missiles in ArmA use a radar to lock on to you? They are all IR-missiles!  wink_o.gif

    Now you made me insecure lol. Long time since i was on F4AF, but im sure there was a warning on incoming threats. I know newer F16's have a spherical missile warning system that detects threats all around. Isnt there a warning when a SAM or a AMRAM is locked to you in a F16? Must be, but i just dont remember in what way, sound or visual it was.

    Anyway, it cant be all silent and dark when someone locks/fires a missile at you, or pilots wouldnt stand a chance up there. Maybe i didnt get your answer correct either wink_o.gif However an incoming threat sound would be great as now (on all original aircrafts in arma) you just die with no chance to flare (dont have flares but... you know what i mean) or do an evasive maneuver.



  10. Really fantastic work!

    I was on Falcon 4.0 Allied Force a lot so this is a very welcomed addon.

    Sorry if this question has been asked (on work and didnt have time to read all) but will there be a LOCK/MISSILE warning later on? Really annoying to die all of a sudden. With a lock or incoming alarm there is a chance to dive/eject. Would be cool if its doable.

    Anyway - big thanks! Awesome addon.