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Status Updates posted by Alex72

  1. Cannot connect to the forums atm. This through a proxy site which doesnt let me do much on the forums. Weirdest shit ever...

  2. Hi buddy! :)

    Sure, i'd love some action. Will be free 2 weeks from today so i'll keep a lookout here, CAP or my inbox for the next battle.

  3. Hey buddy! :)

    Long time man. Whats up in Paris? :D And please get back to ARMA3 at least. I miss you friend. ;)

  4. Howdy. About my avatar. I cut the soldier out with photoshop from one of the screens presented of ARMA3. Cant remember the site, but its the one where you see a few screens of a soldier stripped and with full grear. :)

  5. Congrats you moderator. :)

  6. Hi there. I know most modules but ALICE i think others know better than me. At least when it comes to configuring it etc. The other modules i should have fairly good understanding of. Send me a PM with the modules you like explained and i try to do it in the easiest way possible. ;)

  7. ***Back from vacation***

  8. ***MESSAGE***

    Everyone using the A2CIT signature please change to the below adress as soon as you can because i will remove it from my webspace. And thanks for helping spreading the word guys! :)

    New adress:

    >>Click here to get it<<

  9. I'll do my best in helping defend our fort from ze trolls. :D

    Thanks guys.

  10. LOL! Did get XP to start but im buying a new SATA DVD today after work. :) So i should be up and running tonight. Tested A2 last night with messed up system and all i can say is - finally A2 runs awesomely! Even with tons of AI. :D Catch ya later friend.

  11. Well... About my new rig... Im in BIOS's own OS right now LOL! The damn thing doesnt have IDE connector so i cant get the DVD going and install windows. However im amazed over this BIOS own OS where it looks like windows but nicer! :D So it has a toolbar bottom with flashy background and SKype plus other things. The browser is called Splashtop Browser and with Skype and this i can cry for help when the damn thing cant start LOL! :D

    Trying to get it to boot from my old XP on one of my drives but its installed for other hardware so i dont know how it will turn out. We'll see soon.

    Thanks for asking btw. :)

  12. Argh im in the BIOS atm on my brand spanking new PC and im going ONLINE from it! :D This is awesome, but not so awesome that the damn expensive mobo doesnt have IDE connector! No windows can be installed LMAO! This thing have Skype directly from BIOS. It actually have its own OS that looks like windows (but nicer :) ) so thats how i can call out right now. See if i can get this going anyway on my XP from 1 of the drives... Probably wont work.

  13. Just had to pop by and give you a huge thank you Yoma! YAS gets everything done for me and its even fun to filter servers and spy on whos on. :D

    Thank you.

  14. Nice...... indeed. :D

    Thanks for the game my friend. Too bad on my brain-slow-down-last-1-minute-on-the-battlefield-crap though.

  15. This particular sundays coop's info is here: http://forums.bistudio.com/group.php?do=discuss&group=&discussionid=175

    Check in our group from time to time. Youll get info there. http://forums.bistudio.com/group.php?groupid=20

    We use VOIP.

  16. Yeah nice bud! Internet is starting to work and tonight there is a game. Hope you can be there.

  17. Happy birthday buddy!

  18. Thanks bud. What can i say - your units rock baby. :)

  19. Sure was an adventure mate haha! Good luck with the rest of the studies my friend and drop me PM's if im not on MSN when there is a game! :)

    Have a good one and see you later.

  20. Your thread? Dont worry a moderator will do it.

    PS. Send a PM next time you need anything. ;)

  21. Finally! :) Welcome home bud.