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  1. Quite a good work you have there :) But how about some "must have" section? To lift some best addons/scripts to the top of the list? Cause now it's a very long list of so it's quite difficult to find out what content is actually good, not obselete and worth attention. For example I need some not very complicated way to: 1. Spawn ai and make them attack certain area. I've used EOS for it with it's "bastion" mode, but maybe there are better ways? 2. Attackig AI must clear buildings in the area
  2. Is there any script for random voice chat for AI? There were some for a2, but I can't find any for a3.
  3. amateur

    Helvantis Terrain

    How about some "flattening" on asphalt roads? In some places these have some weird holes, pits and mounds which - looks unnatural and complicate driving for players and AI. Same about road markings.
  4. I have this in my setSkill.sqf: // INFANTRY SKILL _InfskillSet = [ 0.05, // aimingAccuracy 0.1, // aimingShake 0.6, // aimingSpeed 1, // spotDistance 1, // spotTime 1, // courage 1, // reloadSpeed 1, // commanding 1 // general ]; And it's ok then I run it on my own local dedicated server - bots become pretty inaccurate, but then mission runs on separate (not mine) server with a bunch of real players - spawned bots became some aimbot terminators again. Is it possible somehow? Or it's just my imagination?
  5. Is there any function to make some radio broadcast with TFAR? I mean some persistent transmission with some pre-configured audio files in mission or addons? So players could choose specific channel and hear it.
  6. In fact i think author must provide some fixed version without mcc-references in the code. These are in onPlayerRespawn.sqf and specta.sqf as I remember. You can search and delete these references by "mcc" keyword manually. Another quiestion - is there any function to restart spectator after quiting with ESC? In ACE in A2 it was like then you touch the ground with the seagull - spectator restarts.
  7. Still can't get spectator to work separately from the framework. Not sure why. Again, can you, please, spent a bit of your time and provide checked(!) separate "setup" for your spectator?? Not as public release, but as something for private use. I would be very grateful :)
  8. Can you describe in more detail? I don't understand completely what do you mean.
  9. Thanks. Funny thing, then I take script from this mission - it works, spectator launches, but then I take contents of "spect" folder from the last framework version and replace the mission ones - my mission simply ends on players death. At the same time all corresponding lines in the description.ext are identical, I've checked. Maybe, mission author have made some changes in spectator scripts? Or used some old version, I don't know.
  10. I've thought it was straightforward, but I can't make it work, in fact. Could you, please, provide some instructions how to set it up separately from framework?
  11. Your spectator script looks interesting. How about releasing it as standalone script for the community? It may be useful for mission makers who don't need the whole framework functionality.
  12. amateur

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Same here, appeared after update. Pretty annoying, lol.
  13. amateur

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Did you do something with babel in a new update? Before update it worked normally but now it says: Error in expression <elect 0; _ret = false; { if(_x select 0 == _languageKey) exitWith { ACRE_CURRENT> Error position: <== _languageKey) exitWith { ACRE_CURRENT> Error ÐžÐ±Ñ‰Ð°Ñ Ð¾ÑˆÐ¸Ð±ÐºÐ° в выражении File idi\clients\acre\addons\sys_core\XEH_pre_init.sqf, line 126
  14. amateur

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    I think yes, player dies, spec launches but player still has these uncons effects on the screen.
  15. amateur

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Any reaction from devs? Is it possible to setup babel in such a way? I think it could be wonderful with some soundpack from stalker or bf.