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    RH wip thread

    Awesome mate, cant wait to try them
  2. My arma 2 didnt stutter but OA did. Once i had downloaded and installed Beta Patch 17900 and used the .exe it makes in your Arma 2 directory it solved the stuttering for me. Should try it and see if it fixes it for you. Link below: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=101571 Hope it works, Good luck :)
  3. stuttering is the fps hitting 0.0 FPS and then shooting back up to 20, 30 - 40 FPS also mini-freezes. Which you can see in single player.
  4. Well im glad to report that beta patch 17900 seems to have fixed my stuttering, I tried it before and it didnt do anything but i just tried it again and this time i used the .exe shortcut that it automaticaly makes when you install the patch and tried out "Hike in the Hills" again and no stuttering what so ever, absolutely flawless. Thank god it worked cos i was ready to get all "nerd rage" on my comp and throw it thru the upstairs window...:dance: Btw BI, kudos on the weapon horizontal recoil, makes using a weapon more harder which is always good in my book :D
  5. Lol just be lucky that you can run it nevermind running it at 70 FPS. :D
  6. Mods made you remove your counter-rant? ---------- Post added at 05:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:11 PM ---------- Strange indeed. Just installed EVGA Precision tools and it made my game somewhat playable (I assume it was EVGA), Max FPS i managed to get was 35 FPS but there still was the odd stutter going on. Was only playable to the extent of being able to complete Hike in the Hills without getting WTFPWNT by stutter. On a side note is it right that OA makes my GPU Temp go from 41 at desktop to 53 at main Menu and then about 62 ingame?
  7. Lol same. :mad_o: ---------- Post added at 04:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:23 PM ---------- Lol im hooked on trading :p Anyways back ontopic does anyone remember how long it took them to fix this problem with Arma 2? I just ran Arma 2 about 10 minutes ago and its really really smooth then over to OA and its like im running it on a PC with Windows 98...
  8. Well back to playing X3:TC till this gets fixed :bored:
  9. Same, Clan is doing a few things in OA over the next few days and wont be able to join due to the unplayablility im having with this and the strangest thing is im the only person in the clan having this problem with OA :butbut:
  10. A Smed

    RH wip thread

    1. Is a M14 M1A SOCOM 16 (i posted a pic of it)
  11. A Smed

    RH wip thread

    M25 http://i38.tinypic.com/22c2ea.jpg >400kb! M1A SOCOM 16 M1A Scout http://www.impactguns.com/store/media/spr_aa9126.jpg >260kb! M1A-1 http://www.m1arifles.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/vltor_m1a1.jpg >390kb! [We have a <100kb rule for images. Please read the forum rules again. /Alex.] Hope this helps mate, If i find anymore varients i'll post them up for you. ---------- Post added at 08:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:45 PM ---------- Its the early version of the M14 (M14A1) http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/M14A1.JPG
  12. A Smed

    RH wip thread

    I will post some pics here from my other post on Armaholic for you RH. M14 Eotech M14 Shortdot [Couldnt Find Pic] M14 FLIR [Couldnt Find Pic] M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle M21
  13. This is godly. My old M24 will gather dust now this has been released :D
  14. Unfortuantly it is still the same after reverting it back to how it used to be and going to the extent of formating my PC. (Ive been meaning for awhile now to format my Hard-drive) Anyways after a full clean install of Arma 2 + 1.07 patch with ACE2 it is still doing the non visable static targets until your a stones throw from it. This is getting annoying :(
  15. Omfg, i love you RH. That would be so awesome. Will go great with your new M14's :yay: