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  1. Ok my images are saved at RGB at 8 bit and they crash and i tried RGB at 16 bit and still crash
  2. Photo shop wont let me put them into 24 bit for some reason.
  3. yeah thats what i had before and it was still crashing was RGB and 8 bit
  4. i cant select 24 bit with my photo shop for some reseon only 8 and 16
  5. Ok i fixed the Links should work fine now.
  6. HI i was wondering if any one can make a Leopard 2A6M with the Slat Armour attached to it. here are some pics of the Tank http://www.combatcamera.forces.gc.ca/netpu...;catalog=photos http://www.combatcamera.forces.gc.ca/netpu...;catalog=photos http://www.combatcamera.forces.gc.ca/netpu...;catalog=photos http://www.combatcamera.forces.gc.ca/netpu...;catalog=photos Thank you Very mush AASE Andrew
  7. Hi i remember seeing a while ago that there was some one working on an Alternative to Visitor 3. i have searched the forums high and low and can't find the thread on it. can some one please help thank you very much AASE
  8. Hello to all who read this, we are a small group of Canadians that want to bring Canadian units into ArmA, and since Operation North star dropped out we would like to continue. so we are looking for some talented Modelers, textures that can put stuff ingame. I hope you just don't shoot us down because we are Canadian we deserve to have our forces in the game just as anyone else. we are hoping some of you will help us out and join our team, so we can be one step closer to having the Canadians fighting on the ground and in the air in ArmA thank you for reading this the three main people so far are Please Contact us @ LCpl Edwards [15thMEU] aase_man2@hotmail.com Pvt Mcdonald [15thMEU] lt_louis69@hotmail.com Razer PFC Foster [15thMEU] Cpl Chanthasaly [15thMEU]
  9. AASE

    Canadian Forces

    Hey DK thats sweet man the pics look really good i sent you a message so check yuour inbox
  10. AASE

    Canadian Forces

    Sorry for the lack of updates guys but my computer that runs arma and the rest of my life has Crupted windows files and will not start so i am working on getting it back online to get working on the mod. the first thing that we will most likely release is Cadpat Textures on the default player models. We are still looking for any one who can help with modeling and texturing.
  11. AASE

    Canadian Forces

    not too sure i found out today and was very disappointed
  12. I was wondering if some one could make me some Canadian Forces player models i have ref pics if needed Please emailme or PM me at aase_man2@hotmail.com Thank you very much
  13. Sudbury here city with the worst roads lol and VERY large amounts of nickel. and home to INCO
  14. Ok ABS looks looking great so fare cant wait to see more.
  15. Hey ABS this mod still int he works?