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  1. Hey guys i am having a bit of a prob and im tried eveything i could. i have a empty Leopard2 that i am trying to place in the editor with ACE2 running but when i hit preview it CTD every time. works fine if spwoed with crew inside. any ideas?
  2. The next update i think will be in a few days hopfully before i go on vacation.
  3. yes they Leopard 2A6 CTD if you are useing it with ACE and place it emty im not sure why it is doing this but we are looking into it.
  4. thanks CameronMcDonald. some of these error date back to when my P drive wasnt working and havent got to fix them yet.
  5. There will be an update but it takes time to even fix somthing really small as for the most part its just me working on fixing things with some else here and there from everyone else. aase
  6. i sent a PM to both of you guys :D thank you very much :D AASE
  7. Hi everybody and Happy New Years!! i would like to ask for some help to get Operation Northstar moving on a faster pace. we are looking for someone(s) to help in the fallowing areas, Modeling UV textureing O2 if any one is intersted in helping us that would be great as we are in dire need just post here and i will get back to you. thank you very much and have a happy 2010 folks AASE
  8. cant wait to see what ever progress has been made on the RG :D looking forwared to its completion ---------- Post added at 11:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:31 PM ---------- Heres a few pictures of the latest ONS under testing with the offical unit of Operation Northstar (7CMBG) http://app.onlinephotofiler.com/images/A_7/8/5/3/103587/b228a73500d3492bb368af8c51d6c2ef.1600x1200.jpg http://app.onlinephotofiler.com/images/A_7/8/5/3/103587/db880358f2d64752ae6e32bba3845028.1600x1200.jpg http://app.onlinephotofiler.com/images/A_7/8/5/3/103587/c260db16093443a6beb070bec3d6b162.1600x1200.jpg http://app.onlinephotofiler.com/images/A_7/8/5/3/103587/60fb04372dbb48f48f0ee02dd6b80180.1600x1200.jpg http://app.onlinephotofiler.com/images/A_7/8/5/3/103587/839d7b3e14284c2186ab1adff15f3b6a.1600x1200.jpg
  9. Thanks for the in put Jay, we are working on a uodate to hopfully be released soon.
  10. thats some tope notch looking stuff there Stalker. keep up the great work !!
  11. Hey everybody, I would like to put out a request for anyone who can model that is interested in Helping ONS to please post here as we are needing some help progressing more into the mod. thanks AASE
  12. im trying to add a female head to my troops but when i start the game and turn to look at them i get a instant CTD and int he RTP i get the error Error: Skeleton of the head ca\characters\heads\male\defaulthead\defaulthead.p3d doesn't match the skeleton of the corresponding body ons_infantry\ons_soldier_female.p3d Error: Skeleton of some head doesn't match the skeleton of the corresponding body thanks AASE
  13. yes with the next release will fix the CMF requiers weapons error will be fixed along with a few others
  14. just a little heads up the troops now have been fixed to hold the weapons with new animation liek the MK48mod0, and the M203 properly will have a pic soon.
  15. hey thanks i didnt see that one post bvut as soon as i posted that reply i seen the sample model was released will get to work on gettiong it to work right :D
  16. Hey guys sorry for my supper late replies as i was away to Vancouver for a week. as for that error shown in the pic i have never had that happenb to me in the 100s of hours i spent testing so not really sure whats doing on. and for the RTP im not sure about any of this at the time. The troops are kinda onhold untill a sample model of the troops are released. thanks for all the input guys :D AASE
  17. The Download is back up link is posted on the first page :D Enjoy everybody!!! ONS Team
  18. im just awaiting on one problem to be fixed then it will be released. but i am also running low on time as i leave for Vancouver for a week. so it may be released when i get back if it dosnt today.
  19. looking amazing guys keep it up :D
  20. 4 renders of our LAV III done by Young Eagle part of the NZDF.
  21. hey guys ok the link will be back up in a few days work is just keeping me away from my computer :( as for woodland units I MIGHT get some done just for use on ArmA2s island but its not high on the prioratiy list as of right now.
  22. I have released Vertion 0.4 today that include the Troops. Weapons, and the Leopard2 A6M more infomation can be found here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=82533 please visit our site at www.ons.armaholic.eu or visit our release thread here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=82533
  23. i had a binerized vertion of the troops working at one time but i also had the whole mod working in Arma2 with no mod files being loaded as well lol.
  24. some pics of the troops with the diffrent weapons. ---------- Post added at 03:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:16 PM ----------
  25. Hi Guys i would release some more pictures of the troops but i have a problem with taking pictures. when i hit print screen and past it into any photo program it just appears black :S someone please help? and for a small update all the troops but a few now have Canadian Weapons pictures to come once i get this problem fixed. AASE ONS Dev Team