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  1. lol, just informing Zupa....dude about your model's RL equivalent. A bit touchy are we?
  2. It's called a chest rig. If you're an assaulter you wear it over your armor, or, if you doing recon/sniper/low vis ops, over your tshirt/jacket. Before you make an authoritative statement like this, I suggest you do some research. Ardy, congrats on the release! Outstanding work!
  3. I DL'd Starky's conversion but most of the files are SQF, not PBO. Please advise on installation. Thanks.
  4. Das Attorney, Noob question: how do i implement R3F log & arty function? tnx
  5. Alex Kujo

    Getting Into OFP

    paid $10 on Ebay for OFP GOTY