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    18 hours ago, eriktrak said:

    In case you want to connect to a server which requires a certain DLC you can decide to download the free version or purchase the paid one. Community is not get divided and everybody is happy.

    Why would someone pay for premium 3rd party DLC if he can get all content for free? I assume the developer who spent his time to make the data will be not happy...

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  2. On 14. 2. 2018 at 4:58 PM, gossamersolid said:

    This new third party DLC should work identical to how ArmA 3's official DLC works. Everybody gets it, everybody can use it (with some restrictions), but if you don't buy it - you'll face advertisements.

    That is not true. The community creation DLCs will be optional. Only those who buy the content will download the data. Same as regular DLCs for other games on Steam.

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  3. Most of DLC data developed by BI are downloaded by all Arma users. Except for Apex Tanoa, which is big package and was not distributed for some time. We don´t plan to distribute 3rd party DLCs to all users. Only 3rd party DLC owners should download the data like regular game DLCs published for other games on Steam.

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  4. On 11/17/2017 at 10:19 PM, kilo-bravo said:

    one question i have is if a modder makes a asset  lets say a jet with a couple of camos would it be released as the jet itself  or would it be combined with other modders stuff  to make a pack of say four or three jets?

    BI will not combine packages. One can become a part of 3rd party team to develop larger package.

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  5. 8 hours ago, wiki said:

    Another question is also who would set the price of the dlc?

    And how would we buy it? Steam? BiS store? Something else?

    3rd party DLC will be available same way as already released BI DLC´s and will be labeled as "3rd party" creation (that it was not developed by BI).  The price will be individualy negotiated depending on the perticular concept and prototype data.

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  6. 45 minutes ago, POLPOX said:

    Hey, what about localization of Third-Party DLC? Same as all official contents?

    3rd party should be responsible for localisation. BI does not expect that 3rd party DLC will be localised to all languages currently available in Arma 3. Available languages for the DLC should be visible in Steam shop.

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  7. On 12. 11. 2017 at 6:21 PM, Delta Hawk said:

    1) Would an independent content developer get access to special references like how to make ArmA cloth? 

    2) legitimate encryption tools? 

    3) Would BIS legal department help developers with copyright infringement claims? 

    4) What is the time period you expect to have content pushed out?  Would you be looking at developers creating something to get pushed out to Steam in a month?  Year?  Or even two years?

    1) Example models for character model are already public. Animated flag is old legacy technology. Other than that there is no cloth simulation.

    2) 3rd party will get tools for mastering

    3) 3rd party must be sure that it has licence for all DLC content (signed contracts with all contributors). BI legal department will work on the contract between publisher and 3rd party.

    4) There is no deadline. DLC development can take many months.

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  8. On 9. 11. 2017 at 11:26 AM, eh chaser said:

    Is it just an addon like RHS or is it stuff like a single vehicle or is it terrains aswell?

    And in terms of Terrains, what about the assets? I think most terrain makers are using CUP objects atm. I think it will not be possible to release some kind of premium dlc with the usage of a free object depency, right?

    3rd party must own licence to use and sell all the content of the DLC (data inside the new addons pbo files). Also data from already released BI addons can be linked to new terrain (i.e. structures, vegetation...)

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  9. 15 hours ago, Valken said:

    I was under the assumption that if the proposal was justified, BIS would support it like Orange or Jet DLC? Those were NOT pure professional teams to start with? And look at RHS as that is near professional already!


    That is the content developers would create most of the assets in their own time, yet BIS would polish it up, add scripting and engine support, then payout based on sales.


    BIS can even "fund" it partially based on preorders alone to seed the projects?

    That is not true. BI is willing to be only publisher for 3rd party that can deliver the complete package this time. 

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  10. 9 hours ago, audiocustoms said:

    1) Who will be in charge of the final quality management?

    BI will evaluate technical quality and compare the package with already released premium content. 3rd party should be able to define content functionality, so BI can asist with QA.
    2) Many items in modifications for the armaverse are actually copyright protected (but everybody looks away). What's with new content that might, or might not be copyright protected (oshkosh, colt, vehicle and firearms trademarks in general...)?

    3rd party should be able to acqure licence to all DLC content (sign contracts with contributors and copyright owners).
    3) Who will handle legal questions if 3rd party rights beeing violated, either by the creator or the creators rights by others?

    BI legal department. 3rd party has to sign contract with BI.


  11. 13 hours ago, haleks said:


    Would a project involving only new scripts and/or new game modes have a chance to be validated?

    Arma Premium DLC protection was not designed to handle scripted features. I would recomend to think about such package that will include at least some key content that can be protected.

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  12. 19 minutes ago, xxgetbuck123 said:

    1) Does this mean, say a mod development team applies and gets approved with your program, that all their existing free content would have to be shelved? They then could only distribute said content via premium application? Or are they allowed to distribute both free and paid content? 

    No it does not. Third-party DLC we publish should never replace something which was previously free.


    2) Also how would that tie into communities? Say a community uses a well known mod, it then goes premium, what happens to the free version they have already obtained and use on their servers? 

    It will remain free.


    3) What happens if some mates (can also apply to communities) want to play some custom Ops, however some blokes have the premium modifications while some blokes don't? Would it be required everyone has the premium modding DLC, unlike the official DLC where everyone technically has it, they just cant use some features. 

    Premium 3rd party DLCs will be not automaticaly distributed to all Arma users. The instalation will be optional. 3rd party can put free version in workshop.


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