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    Hand Animations

    After having I think find the solution there is some time for animations of the placement of hands on the weapons the problem starts again with the patch 1.05. The same animation which went in 1.04 does not go any more in 1.05. Am I it only? and somebody so does not have to you it solution? So not a programmer of BIS can it provide us the elements to avoid kind of disappointment by pretty a tutorial?. Cordially GMC.
  2. adogmc

    Hand Animations

    I have find it seems to me... it is just necessary to add in the repertory of. rtm the model.cgf of the soldiers. After several tests this technique goes very well. I hope that for you that will go, good creation the friends
  3. That come from the types of weapons or of animation because for the snipers there is no problem of distortion.
  4. how much poly max for the models 3D under ARMA2 ? vehicles ? humans ? objects ? planes ?
  5. thank you for your answer, but if a member of BIS could confirm that would be really sympatic .
  6. And yes once again with the problem at the exit of with ATI, made to you very beautiful thing armed but it is not very professional for leaders. ATI are I think sympatic with you nevertheless that twice made and not of anticipation on this kind of problem I find that damage. But an high note nevertheless your work seems very very good. Go one nevertheless loves you so per moment I “hate youâ€.
  7. adogmc

    Ado Islands, upgraded

    which units and under which condition you had the problem because after a test under the editor but not with all units OPFOR it go I do not have a problem.
  8. adogmc

    Shield of protection…

    I have to find, they are all simple… I am very idiotic ^^. I have the cabin of the truck which was nonconvex in the lod Geometrie fire. it is for that a kind of shield appears in front of my weapon.
  9. since I set up textures of destruction, when I shooting on my vehicle I have a kind of shield which appears, it is necessary a very long distance from shooting for me so that the shield does not appear, but this one does not obstruct textures of destruction to be posted. (afflicted for my English.)
  10. adogmc

    Shield of protection…

    Yes I have to create well a fire geometry in my model 3D. Various textures of destruction are mentioned in the .cpp in the “dammageHalf []†and the “dammageFull []â€. that goes very well. My problems and when I shooting on the vehicle have a very close distance, the impacts of balls appears at the end of my weapon but not on the vehicle. One would say like a chanp protection around the vehicle. it is necessary me to take large outdistances for cross-piece field and to destroy the vehicle and finally to see the two levels of destruction. Thank you still for your patience and torment for you to read me, and to include/understand me.
  11. adogmc

    Shield of protection…

    really sorry for my English I am null. I have frabric a vehicle but when, I activate the management of textures of destruction in my .CCP, I have as a shield which appears when I shooting above that have more or less short distance. example: I place myself has 20 meter of the vehicle I shooting and in front of my weapon I see the impacts of balls and are to it rebounds of the balls. In spite of that after whatever shootings the destruction appears.
  12. adogmc

    alfa problem

    RVMAT of texture. rvmat number 2 I always stick the panes at the end of the realization of the 3D bus of the phenomena bizard appears.
  13. adogmc

    Open sections

    Use the F2 key to find the faces not to close. The same function exists to close the faces but I do not walk correctly I find. Thus do it with the hands. Select has faces to find with F2 and firm the one has one with F6. however not looks at here http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Oxygen_2_-_Manual
  14. adogmc

    Avgani v1.1

    Hello, I think of having find, the error and very simple triple """. in the config .cpp of the .pbo avgani <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> class Land_tovarna2 : House { model = "\ca\buildings\tovarna2.p3d"""; }; Very good work, a superb island. Cordially ADO©GMC
  15. i have create a naval frogman, commant can one stop the animation of the soldier in water and preserve these weapons to swim or then to swim under water I have testing the setpos into negative its does not walk his bug. cordially naval frogman 1 naval frogman 2
  16. here is a Video of Corsair83 on Addon' S ADO© of the C.O.S. (French special Force) Exit June 2008 GOOD FILM ALL… Video
  17. adogmc

    .paa and .pac Photoshop addon

    Texview2 uses much faster because the plugin makes a visonneuse for error.
  18. [/url] ---------- The units: ---------- -camp: OPFOR -class: Ado Compagnie Infantryman, Infantryman Radio, Urban Sniper,Capture of elite Sniper Ghillie, Officer, Commando, Eclaireur , Driver, Anti-Char, Mitrailleur heavy, Mitrailleur leger, Nurse, Soldier NBC - Camp: Independent - Class: Ado Terrorist Soldier Arabic, Soldier Arabic AT, Rebel Soldier, Rebel civilian -camp: Empty -class: Ado Objets * Stretcher ADO© ---------- Weapons: ---------- The Snipe Rifle: * SVD Dragunov ADO© * SVD Dragunov SD ADO© * QBU88 ADO© The assault rifle: * Spas 12 ADO© * Remington 870 mcs ADO© machine gun : * QBZ-21e ADO© * HK-21E ADO© AT: * AT/GMX ADO© Mitraillette: * QBZ-95 ADO© * QBZ-95 Silencieux ADO© * HK-416 ADO© * HK-416 Silencieux ADO© * HK-MP5 ADO© * HK-MP5 Silencieux ADO© * HK-MP7 ADO© * CX4 Storm ADO© Pistol: * Desert Eagle ADO© * PX4 Strom ADO© * PX4 Strom Silencieux ADO© * Beretta M9A1 ADO© A beta version soon...
  19. And here is a version light of my let us addons. The addon contains only Famas and soldier ADO© FR and the terrorist units in V1.0, the remainder for clan ADO© for the moment. Animation position of the hands is not yet to integrate. Special dedication Spéciale dédicace ----------------------- in Occitania , Lodu , wolf51, sharko22, néréflo , naash , Anikey... 78 Mo -->Addon FamasF1. By GMC
  20. Sirs of BIS all this débas would not exist if you had provided all the documents, the assistances which fournires can professionals. I caussionnes not but you aite faulty on all the line. Begin with guard people justified instead of accroite the escape of the players towards other horizons. You have create more the big game of the world, but your fidel one it impression to be taken for imbeciles and at all listening. cordially
  21. adogmc

    ArmA 2 Press Coverage

    it is superb, but if waitings and the requests of the community are not taken into account, it is a “suicide†announced all that… It's will be strong damage nevertheless…
  22. Can be not for all of continuation.I finish initially.
  23. can be here walk not always for all the world Here
  24. thank you very much for the images. Do not think of making a version with a acog but glasses house as on the image, but I there still considered.
  25. Thx , I am alone for the moment I give some councils has people of my TEAM. Only 3 models are not ego (old of the TEAM)