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  1. does not work with a proxy for identity as glasses, head personal ect ...
  2. excuse me but did not understand your solution, my English is very low, you might ness a screen or two of explanation. cordially :o
  3. I get around this, including the head directly into the LOD 0 as in arma and it works. In conclusion it is not the RVMAT http://www.clan-ado.fr/images/upload/membres/5_1335304389.jpg (147 kB) http://www.clan-ado.fr/images/upload/membres/5_1335304587.jpg (171 kB) Another test profile with sunglasses, and the problem appear. I conclude that the effect of glass does not work well with one or proxy. If someone has a solution for proxy and glass I'm interested.
  4. adogmc

    hiddenSelection on weapons?

    I agree with you I have the same problem. I would add also the users action.
  5. For some time we have problems with signatures. The server accepts via the V1 and V2 in order serveur.cfg but still the addons are rejected. small example: I have five. Pbo binarized with a signature on the five and not always the same signatures are rejected by the server. I do comprent nothing. ---------- Post added at 07:19 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:18 AM ---------- problem solved Config.bin file instead of config. Cpp
  6. adogmc

    my evaluation

    vaaf_rup Can you bring your experience as a pilot in the community: 1. What procedure must be done to takes off without looking back 2. How to land properly. Course in another post ^^ Thank you for Avence
  7. adogmc

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    I would say that the new 3D engine BIS under the name you want and the game engine surment Carrier Command game of gold That Take On Helicopters saw the pictures in the galleries. http://pro.bistudio.com/images/stories/gallery/Linda/12.jpg http://pro.bistudio.com/index.php/services/linda-tree-generator/gallery.html
  8. adogmc

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    I speak of yes or Outerra because of the disturbing elements coincided. It is obviously that if it ever really was, exit and the changes will not tomorrow but in a few years. He is also on that card you it will not be as great use. This is evident even with my poor little brain and my IQ grape. Even if another engine or modification to 100% by BIS or DLC or other is fine. BIS is a dream everybody with this puzzle. And nobody should feel full and not need sexist as a skunk and mr Pufu be insulting to people. It's a nice little trip and do not eat bread.
  9. adogmc

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    as I said above it may be a decoy. But everything seems to coincide with the moment outerra. yes there is no grass for the time or desire to show anything. it's a blog, developing a 3D engine not the game.
  10. adogmc

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    after a new search ...http://outerra.blogspot.com/ in this blog there is the name or surname TODO. (Core.pbo/all/TODO.paa) logo retouve in the BIS games. I think this new 3D engine is a new ARMA ...
  11. adogmc

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    seen in the forum above, I find it very interesting but it may be a red herring ... http://outerra.com/index.html
  12. I made ​​a new compass for AO inherit the BIS, an item dedicated and I would attribute a key other than [K], how do I do. I also wish that this compass is independent via the item because right now I only replaces that of BIS. Simply put, how did I do to show my compass with key I Choose ... Sorry for the google translation
  13. I take note of your remark which is judicious Mr [APS] Gnat is I integrated it in my next update for AO. P.S: I think the only problem was that command general: Is that you can not apply this value depending on whether the diver is in water or on land (depending on environment).
  14. there are still lots of commas in hiddenSelectionsTextures
  15. adogmc

    Arma 2 Player Age

    37 :)
  16. I actually tested everything and nothing works except : _declencheur setTriggerActivation["ANY","PRESENT",false]; ago that "any" works, so there's a bug I confirm this command.
  17. iaMJW_-5RSY ADO©GMC (Clan Armée De l'Ombre) is honoured to announce the official release of his ADO units and weapons addons. Units including central Europe, desert and winter camos, women fighters and naval frogmen! Weapons including Famas and HKM5 in various versions and camos, FRF2 sniper rifle, Minimi (SAW), silenced guns... and even a crossbow! Télécharger : FRAN.bikey [ Download : ADO Unités v1.0 ] [ Download : ADO Armes v1.0 ] [ Download : ADO Objets v1.0 ]
  18. Thank you very much for your work. it remains me more than the problem of the glasses which must be similiare points in the memory. Thank you :)
  19. adogmc

    French C.O.S

    yes, it is envisaged for a next correctiv. :)
  20. adogmc

    French C.O.S

    no matter, there is no loss of life. I would change in an upcoming patch in Bluefor. ^ ^
  21. adogmc

    French C.O.S

    It is not reality, it is a game it seems to me. Reason and simple and carefully reflected. It is only for playing against a variety more important of units. In my creation there is a part of the truth as a part of imagination, of invention. Warmly GMC.
  22. I made a soldier with a hood and I would like to limit the displacement of the head not to see the head out of the hood. By which means and with which function? Cordially GMC :)