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    The relation between a man and vehicles

    Lack of new (and since eons longed for) engine features I guess yeah its a little like Madonna. Its still the same, except its got a plastic arse. I'll I had in mind for was a mission in a moving plane whilst it had been hijacked. Players would negotiate amongst eachother, a player may even be a secret air marshall that looks just like the other passengers. Another question: Can a civilian conceal a weapon without having the "safe weapon" anim place on him as seen in OFP?
  2. AngusSingle

    The relation between a man and vehicles

    thanks guys. that just put me off buying it
  3. 1. Firstly, in ArmA, can you, for example, walk into the belly of a chinook persay, then the chinook can take off with you inside it, but not sitting down as seen in OFP. 2. Secondly, can it be done above, but with a vehicle? 3. Thirdly, if number one is relevant, would you be able to simply "stroll" out the back of the chinook and deploy a parachute at your discretion? 4. Lastly, is all the above applicable with boats? Thankyou to anyone who takes the time to reply
  4. AngusSingle

    Armed Assault FAQ

    I've see it implicated in VBS1 though, some maybe by chance they may have included it. Looks like we'll have to wait for Suma on this one.
  5. AngusSingle

    Armed Assault FAQ

    Does anybody know if you can be standing free inside a moving vehicle?. Such as being able to walk around the cabin of a passenger airliner while your at 30000ft doing 900kph?
  6. AngusSingle

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA?

    The ability to not have to "GET IN" a vehicle, but have the option of doing that, but also, have the option of say being able to walk around the back of a C-130 or a 737 whilst they are flying. This could lead to some unreal scenerios, such as a mid-air hijacking, followed by a series of demands or negociations. I've seen this implemented in a VBS1 video, some I've got my fingers crossed. So what I mean is, say you were in the back of a C-130, you could either walk to the door and walk out the door and freefall until you see fit, also, you could drive out the back in a land rover and para down to the ground.
  7. Unreleased Australian SASR units (circa 1970), Unsung
  8. AngusSingle

    RAF Chinook HC.2

  9. AngusSingle

    Vespa Pack

    Its not very forgiving. If you loosing going down a hill, your basicly fornicated. Very nice, even when I got ran down by a crowd of vespas racing down the Davel Hill .
  10. AngusSingle

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA?

    The ability to walk around on ships and drive on the back of a moving vehicle or better yet, flying inside a plane, and being able to walk around in the cabin while the plane is in motion. This would make some really inresting hijack missions where one team chooses a flight to hijack then they land and demand ransoms and such and the other team can try to work things out and if they break down, the team makes a plane to storm the aircraft.
  11. RAF/RAAF Canberras, Novajev Island.
  12. AngusSingle

    Ofp moments in gameplay

    I was having very well played game of Mapfact "Escape from Nogova" with around 25-30 people one evening. I took to role of a police officer, I was to run the checkpoint on the opposite side of the bridge near Davel. We had a man in a boat on the water to keep an eye if the suspects tried to use the water to escape. All of a sudden, one of the suspects came screaming down the road and I then offered chase but I didn't need to. He clipped the front of my police jeep and got the wobbles and "bounced" over the fence and onto the boat on the water, killing the suspect and immobilizing the boat.
  13. AngusSingle

    ADF mod needs help

    Rico you still got that pic of you and that other bloke flying tandum in the F-35 inverted with you ontop?
  14. Casurina, Mechanic Cars, Avia pack, Nimrod Weather.
  15. AngusSingle

    ADF mod needs help

    I actually did that reskin and its impossible to reskin it completely as is in real life.