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    The USMC has Abrams tanks in use. Check here: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ground/m1-intro.htm
  2. Apo-TTCC

    view mirrors on vehikles thermal, fog

    That is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard. They CAN do it and easily, they simply wont, and thats why I wont be getting ArmA II unless they start pulling their finger out and selling us what they claim. I'm not asking for the 'training' moduales that allow us to view players as they play or or USB key etc, just the useful features that we have modded into OFP and now ArmA. BIS either start listerning to the community or else the community will vote.... with our wallets. As for the cost, thats simply licensing and what they put on the cover. And I know they can do it because I have VBS1 (not every modual) and even that had more of the useful stuff them arma and it's using the older OFP version of the engine. Ah well, hope this rant is useful Then just pull out your wallet and get yourself VBS2, all inclusive... You just can't expect the same features from a software that costs way over $1000 in another one that is just $49.99, that was my point. Of course it would be nice to have as much as possible but we can't expect everything to be in ArmAII that we know from VBS2.
  3. Apo-TTCC

    view mirrors on vehikles thermal, fog

    @JgBtl292 You have to keep in mind that ArmAII is not a simple copy of VBS2. If all features from VBS2 (Military Training Sim) would be included in ArmAII (Tactical Computer Game) it would be much more expensive...
  4. Apo-TTCC

    NO DUSK ON This landscape

    I think you are talking about dust and not dusk. dust = Staub dusk = Abenddämmerung
  5. Apo-TTCC

    AimPoint Desert Weapons 1.3

    Well, adding a note to use only one of the replacement files to the readme, should at least fix the broken Mk46 Eotech reticule bug. Now looking forward to the next release and the possible surprise. Keep up the outstanding work.
  6. Apo-TTCC

    ArmA CD-Key

    In the german retail version you can go to Options > Video Options > Language Deutsch/English, restart ArmA. Should also work with the DD version. Just some of the voices in the campaign cutscenes stay german (Marian Quandt), rest is all in english.
  7. Apo-TTCC

    AimPoint Desert Weapons 1.3

    Like i said already i removed the Optics configuration .pbo and now the Eotech on the SAW works, i can directely spawn with it or take it from the default ammo crates in any mission (vanilla/custom) or buy it in Warfare mode. (I did put all 3 replacementfiles in the AimPoint folder at first, then just removed the optics one.) I've checked both readmes and i could not find anything mentioned about using just one of the replacement files. So you suggest using just one of the 3 files from the replacement folder? The replacement readme that came along with the version i've downloaded from armaholic:
  8. Apo-TTCC

    AimPoint Desert Weapons 1.3

    @AimPoint I think i found the answer. With version 1.1 you always spawned with the default ACOG reticule, the new one only showed up when using the AimPoint ammo crate. So i was used to this one. Since you now also spawn with the new one in version 1.2, while the untouched rifles keep their reticule, this was it what lead to the confusion on my end. Now i just have to get used to it. @wipman Removing the amp_deswps_replace_optics.pbo.AimPoint.bisign & amp_deswps_replace_optics.pbo from my addon folder resolved the problem (Mk 46 Mod 1 Eotech > ACOG reticule) without noticing any problems with the other rifles. Maybe one of the devs can explain what the file is exactely for and what happens when not using it.
  9. Apo-TTCC

    AimPoint Desert Weapons 1.3

    Tried it with just QG+AimPoint pack, same result. Then just ArmA+AimPoint Pack also the same. On the M16A4 the ACOG rticule looks 'normal' while on the AimPoint rifles the reticule is stretched.
  10. Apo-TTCC

    AimPoint Desert Weapons 1.3

    I have checked the bug. The bug is find when you use replacement optics and aimpoint ammocrate. So here I have to explain something: The replacement file is a replacement file, not an addon. What I mean is that the replacement file is intended to be use when you do not have access to the aimpoint ammocrate (es: in an evolution mission). If you have access to the ammocrate (es:in your mission with addon), you do not need the replacement file. Anyway I will try to find a solution to this bug. I removed the amp_deswps_replace_optics.pbo.AimPoint.bisign & amp_deswps_replace_optics.pbo from my addon folder and then ingame the Eotech works on the Mk 46. No matter if i take it from a default ammo crate or the AimPoint one, both times in the Editor. Same is when i spawn with the SAW (QG Machinegunner) or when i pick it up from a default ammo in a regular Mission (03 North Bases CTF-12). Some other thing is the stretched ACOG reticule on the AimPoint weapons, im having some problems when i have to aim at a target that is further away. Feels harder than with the default reticule. Ingame settings are 1280*960 4:3. Removing the two files mentioned above had no influence on the ACOG reticule.
  11. Apo-TTCC

    a quick note on network performance

    I've noticed in the server console that the server is trying to connect to the BattlEye server and also noticed the lag/red chain symbol while being ingame. The connect attempts are repeated over and over again because the BattlEye server is down. Not sure if this might be the cause of the poor network performance while the ping itself is pretty good.
  12. Apo-TTCC

    AimPoint Desert Weapons 1.3

    Brilliant Addon, using it for a long time now. All the new stuff looks great. One Bug: The Eotech version of the Mk 46 Mod 1 has the Acog optics. One wish: The RIS/RAS panels should be in camo too, instead of being just black. Or at least tan or olive drab. This would keep up the whole camo look of the rifle.
  13. Apo-TTCC

    ArmA: Queens Gambit Campaigns

    Jump in the nearby car as soon as the talking is over, then turn right and follow the dirt road. You should be able to see the cloud of dust the UAZ is making, so just look out for that. They drive very fast so make sure to stay on the dirt road and use shift+w to drive as fast as possible. If you got close enough they will stop and surrender. Hint: Incar use 3rdperson view and press Alt twice to get a free mouselook, so it is easier to spot them while keeping the car on the road.
  14. Apo-TTCC

    Dedicated Server Problem

    Yep, seems it was gamespy related. Works today, thanks for your reply.
  15. Apo-TTCC

    Dedicated Server Problem

    Same problem here with v1.14 now. Worked with some older versions in the past. Now it only shows up on LAN, no matter if the firewall is on or off and if i just run the pure arma_server.exe or running it combined with a server.cfg file. Also tried different filter settings in the ingame serverbrowser but no luck. Any help is much appreciated.