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  1. AOCbravo2004

    Pony (pink)

    Where is the Care Bear Army??? What about Papa Smurf?!?!?! Great funny addon
  2. AOCbravo2004

    Stryker Armored Vehicle

    Actually, most of the versions of the Stryker are now operational. Hell I have video of the TOW carrier version launching TOWs in Iraq. The M1128 MGS has begun LRIP, and has been in production for like over half a year now with 72 of them being produced this fiscal year alone. According to the Pentagon and the Army most of the problems with the MGS have been resolved, how true that is, I have no clue.
  3. AOCbravo2004

    Air Force Combat Uniform

    Actually it is not really temporary. Naval personnel that are attacthed to FMF units wear MarPat. As an example, Navy Corpsman, AKA Devil Docs, Chaplains, etc.
  4. AOCbravo2004


    I'd be very interested in playing those missions
  5. AOCbravo2004


  6. AOCbravo2004


    It's acoustic stealth! Swift, Silent, Deadly!
  7. AOCbravo2004


    Where are the DMA facetex??? I go in to play using forces from Chad or Generic Mid East soldiers and I get an error right into the game.
  8. AOCbravo2004

    ACU soldiers

    DELM- Just saw the picture you posted of your ACU soldiers on the combat photo thread, HOLY CHIT!!! I love it how well they blended into the wall. Great work man!
  9. AOCbravo2004

    Diesel's A-10 Addon and CTD Problem

    What version of the addon are you using, along with everyone else on the server. I have never experienced a problem with the DSL's A-10, I think the latest version was 1.2.
  10. AOCbravo2004

    Operation Code Blue release

    I love the Javelin in this pack!!!
  11. AOCbravo2004

    Llauma Head 2.0

    They're go pills
  12. AOCbravo2004

    Operation Code Blue release

    WOW! Talk about randomness! Outstanding gents! Downloading now!
  13. AOCbravo2004

    Bahadur v1.9

    I love the attention to detail on that mosque, most notably the speakers! This updated version of Bahadur has a space already reserved in my folder.
  14. AOCbravo2004

    M1A2 SEP v.2.0

    The USMC does not use the M1A2 Abrams, they only have M1A1's
  15. AOCbravo2004

    MANPADS anyone

    Wasn't someone working on a MANPADS pack??? Included west and east MANPADS, even had Redeye???
  16. AOCbravo2004

    Bahadur v1.9

    Hell yeah, realistic ops are great!
  17. AOCbravo2004

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    It's actually not that hard to do, I added sights to the M-16A4/M203, along with the camo versions of the M4/M203's, of course I did this for personal use, and managed to get them to work properly thanks to the help of Jackal via PM. Thanks again Jackal! Love your pack man!
  18. AOCbravo2004

    ACU/M16A4 or BDU/M16A2...

    Too bad you are 100% wrong Sorry, couldn't resist HAHA
  19. AOCbravo2004

    LHD1 WASP Work in Progress

    A stationary carrier? A great way of having a shot at sinking a $500.000.000 vessel. Carriers are always on the move, that is what makes carrierlandings so difficult. Aircraft carriers are on the move so that wind is produced over the deck, it assists a/c with producing lift, and with the speed an a/c has to hit the deck at. It is also difficult to land on a carrier because the deck is angled, and lets not forget that the ship can and does pitch and roll especially in rough seas.
  20. AOCbravo2004

    OH-58D Kiowa Warrior v1.0

    My only gripe is the explosvie tipped 50 cal rounds
  21. AOCbravo2004

    OH-58D Kiowa Warrior v1.0

  22. AOCbravo2004

    EDF Pack V2.1

    If I may, another suggestion for a transport/cargo plane for an island say the size of Everon is the piper cherokee, it was released seperately in a purely black camo scheme. You could just retexture that.
  23. AOCbravo2004

    Safetys Marine's V2.0

    The Marines do not use the M1A2, nor the M6 Bardley Linebacker, or HH-60H Seahawk (the only Blackhawks in svc with the Marine Corps are the VH-60's assigned to HMX-1). The M-14's the Marine Corps has taken out of storage has been accuarized by the armory at Q-town that builds the M-40A3's, and hence it is the DMR. Well actually there are two versions of the DMR in the USMC inventory. The M-14 DMR is mostly confined to 2nd MarDiv, but it is slowly making its way to West Coast units as more become available. In the mean time the West Coast units were slapping a bi-pod, and an ACOG sight on M-16A4's and giving a rifleman within the squad some additional training to employ the A4 more accurately. As I said, as more M-14 DMR's are becoming available they will also be heading out west. Unfortunately the armory at Q-town is rather small, and they can only produce so many, as they are taking in M-40A1's and converting them to M-40A3's.
  24. AOCbravo2004

    EDF Pack V2.1

    Why not the MCAR Jeep with the recoiless rifle on it???
  25. AOCbravo2004

    EDF Pack V2.1

    Damn that Texan II is might fine. Can't wait to take her up for a spin and some COIN missions