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    UEFA Champions League 2006

    We had a thread last time for the last tournament so i am guessing its ok to start a new one for this ones , even though its a bit late as the final is today in af ew minutes. So Barcelona vs Arsenal. Your thoughts people? I am Barcelona fan all the way , so hope they win. Ronaldinho's promised Goals anyway lets see if he delivers. Should be a classic final.
  2. Acecombat

    GameSpot's E3 2006 impression.

    Where did he nearly threaten BIS to death? The guy is only voicing out against the Gamespots article which is moaning about a save feature and how it was somehow very 'frustrating' for people ... it never was for me and besides there was a cheat for it out there not long after ... oh wait he never hung around long enough to know that .
  3. Acecombat

    Comp advice

    Exactly Nvidias 6 series card support Shader Model 3.0 , one of the main reasons why i bought a 6600GT instead of a Radeon 9800XT.
  4. Acecombat

    Comp advice

    Do you prefer Ati cards though? Or are you open for nvidia aswell? I know that Nvidias 6600GT and 6800GT are good for that much money in the PCI-E versions. Dunno about the Ati cards.
  5. Acecombat

    Armed Assault FAQ

    -What improvements can be confirmed? Add HDR lightning to it ? Its there right? Btw change your explanation for this: -Is ArmA the sequel to OFP? What's Game 2? ArmA* is an update to the OFP game engine , improving and adding features to it and extending the current generation simulations life. Game 2* (un named successor to OFP) is still in the works by Bohemia , it will be the true successor ro OFP in terms of expanding on the ground breaking simulation experience that OFP provided. *Reason why BIS had to swtich names was because of the termination of their relationship with Codemasters as publisher who owned the copyrights to the name.
  6. Acecombat


    OFP already has a chain of command , if people abuse it and dont use it then its only the players fault. I dont see what the problem is. Whenever i remember i use to play on CiA server we always had great co-ops because people actually bothered listening to each other and respecting the commander. The default ingame rank system is good enough for me , no need to ruin it by enforcing some crappy system of rank from battlefield bs where you have to earn guns or whatever. I like it the way it is.
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  8. Acecombat

    UEFA Champions League 2006

    Yeah but Henry wasnt quite the fountainhead of truth in his interview either , his emotions were talking more then his ownself. he kept saying i was being kicked all over the place ... err i watched the whole match , he got a few tackles on him but nothing as dramatic as that and emboue and the arsenal defence were doing the same so plz henry dont fuss about defending. The referring was shit clearly but not because he didnt get fouls in his favour but because the overall the refree was making blunderous decisions for both sides equally. First he ruined the match by throwing away the keeper then followed it up with a bunch of yellow cards and free kicks which werent on.
  9. Acecombat

    UEFA Champions League 2006

    Sorry typo . Well Henry might move to Barcelona next , with larrson leaving i am sure he can fit in there.
  10. Acecombat

    UEFA Champions League 2006

    Its over. 2-1 FC Barcelona win ... Â .
  11. Acecombat

    UEFA Champions League 2006

    MY GOD Barca score twice within 5 mins
  12. Acecombat

    UEFA Champions League 2006

    I agree the sent off was unnecessary. But then again the ref wanted to enforce the rules strictly and make sure the game was played 'fair' , too bad he missed the other chances to make fair decisions. I still dont get it why players still fake fouls in this era of cameras and slow motion tv when they know they will be caught , and why the heck doesnt fifa enforce a rule like i see in rugby when the ref utilizes the TV and playback to make his decisions in proper.
  13. Acecombat

    UEFA Champions League 2006

    Half Time 1-0 to Arsenal. I dunno how barcelona are gonna get back in to the game now. Etoo just missed again at the end there , his finishes just arent up to par anymore these days. Ronaldinho is being marked ferociously by the arsenal defence and Guily just isnt getting close to the ball. I can only see another Arsenal goal , as they seem to break often and might get another one in , the way Chelsea did in last years match against barca ...
  14. Acecombat

    UEFA Champions League 2006

    Wtf!! Thats Emboue or whatever chap got a wrong foul and he deliberately played it unfair ... and they got a goal NOW . So much for Fifa Fairplay and crap , no one bothers playing it fair. First Cole faked it now him ....
  15. Acecombat

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Well on the positive side we got something like ECP's DSAI feature built in to ArmA if i understand that statement correctly .
  16. Acecombat

    Latest screenshots available

    Sexy pic that one .
  17. Acecombat

    Armed Assault Video E3 Presentation

    From what i see at gammespot and in the shots of IDEA's booth the machine probably has SLI setup with highend geforce 7 series cards .
  18. Acecombat

    A Dictatorship and the information age

    Very interesting exchange there. But i dont understand why cant they say US ? Is it a personal dislike thingy or is it that their net is being monitored and if they say certain words they'll be under surveillance? If so then it sucks , but i have a few cousins living in the states who shy away from debating topics such as terrorism or bin laden on msn or whatever chat program they are on. Plus why do they have to pay for a yahoo account? Its free? Or does he have a paid account? Or do yahoo have only paid accounts for people in cuba? That would suck and i can only wonder why thats so . As for the PC's and games well they have infiltrated every where , if a die hard fundamentalist like laden uses them then i guess Cubans are no biggy .
  19. Acecombat

    E3 2006

    Anyone seen MGS4's trailer? If so then can anyone tell me why those robotic type things (also are they called metal gears ??, sorry i am MGS illeterate never played it) mooo like cows? They were makin sounds like animals , i was expecting more like the sounds those alien tripods made when they attacked.
  20. Acecombat

    ArmA E3 Trailer Music

    Something like what was used in MGS4's trailer would suit ArmA aswell.
  21. Acecombat

    ArmA E3 Trailer Music

    Yep awesome music have to agree there. Seventh not playing this time then eh?
  22. Acecombat

    E3 2006

    Splinter Cell looked the same way aswell , just new lightning HDR and daytime scenarios in the mission. Gameplay wise it looked the same , nothing new apart from a few new ways to kill a tango .
  23. Acecombat

    E3 Press Coverage

    Yeah kinda sad , we never saw any new screens or news about Game2 .
  24. Acecombat

    The ArmA Singleplayer experience

    Totally agree , switching yourself in a MP game with other squad mates INGAME would be cool. But i still am tentative about the GR type spawn in the SP/ Campaign. I like the old OFP way better , be careful and play it or die. No second chances. The feeling you get after completing a mission that way is more fulfilling , then say after having died and spawned 5 times ..
  25. Acecombat

    My GPU's fan broke!

    As the topic says , my 6600Gt's fan broke for some reason. My PC had been freezing while playing games for 4 days now and i had no clue until i opened my case today and found the GPU fan dangling outside its cover and the rotor and fan burnt a bit aswell. Apparently the card is stil hopefully working and the memory chips havent been burnt. Now i wanna know whats the fix? Can that fan be replaced or will i need a new heat sink as the fans integrated in to it? Also are such fans easily available or will i be hard pressed to find one? Â Help plz. P.S: Also since my mobo doesnt have any inbuilt GPU i cant unlplug the GPU or i have no display. So while i have my card still in i am playing no games so it wont heat up. I wanna know if this is feasible or will it hurt the GPU even more? Is simple windows display @ 1280x768 at 75 hz enough to tax it and over heat it? I hope it isnt.