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  1. Quote[/b] ]Anyways... all you have to do to make a plane "Aircraft Carrier compliant" is to reinforce the plane's structure.

    you make it sound like its an easy job! it would be anything but easy, and would more than likely be more effort than its worth... the added weight would change how it handles, lessen its payload etc... rock.gif

    the C130 can/did do it because it has rough strip capabilitys... ie doesnt strictly need a runway (ie it can land in a field providing its big enough, which the RAF ones do in their training every now and then)

  2. only a reskin... it also replaces your "official" laserguided.pbo

    ruff: swooping how do you mean? if you mean diving slightly (or not as is the case) then whats wrong with that? watch footage and you will see that they dont actually need to as their onboard computers will calculate it automatically... CCIP or CCRP for example

  3. having not seen arena in action irl, i cant say for sure but i would have thought it would be so quick you would barely notice.

    as for arena ingame, im guessing it only affects the first one or two missiles? as any after that usually do damage/kill me

    whch is just as well otherwise it might turn into some invincible vehicle heh

  4. i always thought the russian voices in red hammer sounded like dodgy cockney immitations *shrugs*

    back on topic, in the prelude to Resistance campaign it actually says Troska is from Nogova wink_o.gif

    I thought they used real russian actors for the voices? rock.gif

    they may well have, but they sounded like a cockney to me (and by the way to clarify i mean the voice sets, not the sound bites like "vodka" "die american evils" etc)

  5. they are more "want" than "need" L;):

    though trains are something id love to see "officially" supported

    though some of what you mentioned could and have been quite easily made by mod makers... mechanic made loads of cars awhile back if i remember

    oh and just got to make sure these things actually fit on the map in the first place tounge_o.gif