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  1. Hi people; I just thought I'd post a link to my mod here since I'm sure there'll be someone here who doesn't browse the Lock On forums

    It's an overcast performance booster; see my thread here:


    Hope this relieves someone of some frustration about the overcast in the near future smile_o.gif

    P.S. I am BoboCop if you're confused  tounge_o.gif

    none of your images or links work for me sad_o.gif

    any mirrors for it?

    edit: nevermind, found one

  2. yeh, ive noticed that too, plus had my cockpit disapear more than a few times sad_o.gif

    what frames are people getting, i seem to be getting 7-10 at most, less when theres several other aircraft/vehicles in the vicinity with my XP2000 + Geforce 4 Ti4200 confused.gif

  3. @ Blackdog:

    I was talking about the Russian equivalent of the MM-1, which was introduced in 1.46 or some other official patch I believe. The AGS-17 is generally mounted on their vehicles then I take it then.

    Quote[/b] ] i don't think they use dedicated grenadiers anymore

    Dedicated grenadiers as in a man with the Russian RG-1 GL or a man with a GP-25 affixed underneath the barrel of his AK-74M?


    the 6G-30 came with the MM1 in the patch

  4. <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">"0" objstatus "failed"

    where failed is you can have "done", "failed", "hidden" and "active"

    so if I understand you right, you will probebly want another objective to appear, so then in the init.sqs you would have

    "1" objstatus "hidden"

    and for when the new objective is revealed where the old objective is made a failure, put also

    "1" objstatus "active"

  5. yes but its limited, you cant really do much with it, if it was like deathguy said... like paint then that would be much better, but also be able to rotate the markers, currently the arrow is pretty useless ingame as it cant be pointed (atleast not that im aware of) and so is always pointing up, also to be able to warp (ie turn the straight arrow into a curve to indicate going around something or flanking)